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Murder of Holistic Practitioner’s – Yes Really !

Murder of Holistic Practitioners – Yes, Really
September 2, 2015Uncategorized

Hello there, this is so important to know and to share with EVERYONE you can. This is really happening people. These clips will tell you exactly how lethal big-pharma has become. It is perfectly willing to ‘disappear” anyone who has proven the link between vaccines and autism and also to silence forever the noble doctors who treat their cancer patients with alternative therapies with overwhelming success.

But of course how can this be allowed to be known to the millions of unsuspecting patients of great faith in Western orthodox treatments ? How can big-pharma jeopardize there limitless money supply through the barbaric use of chemotherapy and other deadly poisons and by forcing people to become addicted to their innocuous medicine from cradle to grave ? Perish the thought, better to do away with those who bring hope and cures for serious diseases lest their arduous work and compassion for their fellow humans be known to the masses, God forbid.


Of course there are a handful of well meaning mainstream doctors somewhere and a few modern-day pills that alleviate pain, but the far greater number of uncaring, money-grabbing doctors, consultants, and surgeons who turn a blind eye to what is happening here is a disgrace, by their silence they are complicit in this unbelievable scenario. Please watch and share, love, Janie, xxx

““Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing.” George Orwell

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Zoinism in Britain: Evan Jones

Hi my friends, I’m thankful to be pointed in the direction of this excellent write up published by a great discovery, check them out. It explains a lot as to how the British government have acquiesced to every demand from Israel and how they demonize and silence decent individuals ( Jeremy Corbyn, Ken o Keefe etc;) that dare to sympathise with the wretched souls in Palestine who have been subjected to the most inhumane treatment for decades.

The gigantic propaganda machine of the Zionists flattens any critics of their diabolically evil acts against the Palestinians by labelling them anti-semetic ! Give me a f…..g break. Have zionist not ears nor eyes to see what they have done to a once beautiful country and its people ? I just don’t get it ! Please read this excellent expose (iks-pose-ay).

There’s been an unexplained (so far) explosion at a protest in Kiev today and understandably angry citizens in Beirut, Tokyo, and Yemen are demonstrating on the streets against their opressive governments. All of this unrest and turmoil can wreak havoc with ones emotions but I read a very comforting piece by Zen Gardner yesterday which put things in perspective for me, go to his site.

Love to you all, Janie, xxx

ps added a short clip with Dr David Duke (I’m a bit disappointed as I’ve discovered he actually believes NASA’s version of the moon landings !) ah well, none of us are perfect eh ?

“We can find the genesis of the problem in an 1895 diary entry of Theodr Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism. Herzl was clearly writing a recipe for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, long before the Holocaust or any major acts of Arab violence against Jews in Palestine:
“[We Zionists will] spirit the penniless population across the border [of the Jewish state] by denying it employment … Both the process of expropriation [theft of land] and the removal [ethnic cleansing] of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.”—Theodore Herzl, founder of the World Zionist Organization, speaking of the racist expulsion of Palestinian Arabs, in his diary on June 12, 1895


AUGUST 28, 2015
Zionism in Britain: a Neglected Chronicle

By the worst means, the worst. For mine own good,
All causes shall give way: I am in blood
Stepped in so far, that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o’er.


Jeremy Corbyn is a longtime British Labour MP, hitherto little known outside Britain. Following the resignation of Labour leader Ed Miliband, Corbyn is one of four MPs who have nominated in the leadership contest, currently subject to ballot amongst Party members and supporters until 10 September.

Corbyn has been subject to a tsunami of criticism and abuse since his nomination, providing abundant evidence on the odious character of the current British political establishment and on the farce that is curiously labeled the democratic process.

Moreover, Corbyn, supporter of the Palestinian cause, has experienced full guns blazing from official British Jewry. On 12 August, the Jewish Chronicle broadsided with ‘The key questions that Jeremy Corbyn must answer’. With the emphasis on ‘must’.

Soon after, Jewish Labour MP Ivan Lewis becomes ‘the first senior Labour politician to attack Corbyn’s credentials on anti-Semitism’. And there will be more to come. How could anyone who finds Israel’s actions unacceptable imagine that they had the right to become leader of a major British political Party?


The treatment of Corbyn by the British Zionist mafia is not novel but redolent of the behavior of the British Zionist machine since its inception. Some insight into this machine can be had from a forgotten book, which a correspondent has alerted me to. The book is Publish It Not: The Middle East Cover-Up, written by Michael Adams and Christopher Mayhew, published in 1975 (Longman).

Adams (died 2005) was a journalist, Mayhew (died 1997) a Labour MP (later a Liberal) and broadcaster. Both came to be critics of Israel from a position of innocence, product of firsthand experience in their professional capacities. The hostility that they and other critics of Israel experienced on British soil led them to write the book.

The authors draw comfort from Nahum Goldmann, then President of the World Jewish Congress, reported (Jewish Chronicle, 7 June 1974) as claiming:

“… by blindly supporting the mistaken course of Israeli policy and by telling the Israelis only what they wanted to hear, Diaspora Jews had done Israel a disservice.”

Ill-informed (Adams was teaching in cut-off Finland in the late 1940s) and inexperienced, Adams found himself hired as Middle East correspondent for the Manchester Guardian in 1956. He was to remain employed until 1962, but continued to be published there until 1968. With respect to Israel:

“What I saw, in brief, was the fact of injustice; of an injustice which, it seemed, had been knowingly committed and was still being deliberately prolonged; an injustice – worst shock of all – which could be directly traced to a decision taken by a British government. I am speaking, of course, of the injustice done to the Palestinians …”

Adams notes that he could have accepted the past as spilt milk, but for two factors.

“The first of these was the realisation that the world’s ignorance of what had happened and was still happening in Palestine was not accidental: that there were plenty of people about whose primary concern it was to distort and suppress the truth about Palestine without bothering their heads with any concerns about freedom of speech. And the second factor … was the Suez crisis, which it became my duty to observe and report for The Manchester Guardian. It was a decisive experience.”

Then came the Israeli takeover of what was to become the ‘occupied territories’ following the Six Day War of June 1967. For Adams:

“There was a kind of Watergate in action … to protect those who made it their business to defend Israel and to subject to an insidious form of discrimination those who sought to expose the true aims of Israeli policy. Such non-conformists were subtly made aware that their jobs might be at risk, their books unpublishable, their preferment out of the question, their pubic reputations vulnerable, if they did not renounce the heresy of anti-Zionism. And for the most part, the merest flourish of such secret weapons was enough to reduce them to silence.”

The handful of dissenters learned that:

“… the imbalance of public opinion, in this deeply contentious area of foreign politics, was deliberately contrived and painstakingly maintained; and that those who were intent on maintaining it were not above resorting to some very dirty tricks against those who tried, as we were trying, to disturb it. I was to learn this lesson myself the hard way …”

In 1967, Adams, Mayhew and others formed the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding and the Labour Middle East Council. CAABU membership comprised well-credentialled professionals with Middle Eastern experience, but it was derided as an Arab propaganda front. The Labour Middle East Council was denied affiliation with the Labour Party. Mayhew notes:

“… we were startled by the vehemence with which … we were attacked and exposed to insult, and by the extraordinary anonymous letters which we became accustomed to receiving. In some respects these attacks were so bitter and unrestrained as to appear pathological.”

Christopher Mayhew’s first personal brush with Zionism was upon receipt of a letter dated 5 December 1946:

“We are determined this time to squash you British sons of a bitch and we declare war to the finish against the British. For every Jew you stinking British pigs kill in Palestine you will pay a thousandfold in fetid English blood. The [Lahome Herut Israel] has passed sentence of death on the British pig Mayhew. The execution will soon take place by silent and new means.”

At that time, letter bombs were received by several people. One such package was sent to an avowed anti-Zionist Roy Farran, which killed his brother.

Mayhew’s first professional exposure was as Undersecretary for Labour Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin. The Commons, 11 July 1948. It is 8 a.m., after an all night sitting. Mayhew is alone on the Government front bench. The Commons is empty. Save for:

“… behind me, wide awake, well-informed, passionate, articulate and aggressive, would be a group of twenty or thirty pro-Israeli Labour members. Most of them would be Jewish … and also Israel’s most brilliant non-Jewish supporter, Dick Crossman.”

At this ridiculous time, a debate on the recognition of Israel was initiated by a young Labour backbencher. Mayhew replied:

“Has my Honourable Friend ever heard that there is an Arab point of view? … The trouble with my Honourable Friend, as the whole of his speech shows, is that he is not sufficiently in touch with the Arab point of view on the Palestine problem.”

And thus it would be for Mayhew’s entire time in the Commons, harangued, abused, then marginalized. But the early target was Bevin himself, labelled successfully as an anti-Semite. Mayhew again:

“I remember clearly [Bevin’s] dislike of Zionist methods and tactics, and, indeed, of the Zionist philosophy itself. He was passionately and unshakably anti-Zionist. He held that Zionism was basically racialist, that it was inevitably wedded to violence and terror, that it demanded far more from the Arabs than they could or should be expected to accept peacefully, that its success would condemn the Middle East to decades of hatred and violence, and above all … that by turning the Arabs against Britain and the Western countries, it would open a highroad for Stalin into the Middle East. On all these points events proved him right …

“In 1947 and 1948 it was the political pressure on the Labour Cabinet from American Zionists, exerted through the United States government, which angered Bevin the most …. At that time, Britain was dependent on American goodwill for her economic survival [and Truman equally dependent on Zionist goodwill for his campaign funds]. As a consequence, the British government was subject to ruthless pressure from Washington to get the Arabs to accept the Zionists’ demands. It was a disgraceful abuse of power.”

By chance, Mayhew had to meet the US Ambassador, Lou Douglas, by himself. Douglas wanted British assent to admitting a hundred thousand Jewish refugees into Palestine immediately. Mayhew reiterated the government’s position – it was a prescription for war. Douglas then claimed that the President wanted it known that agreement on the intake would help him get the Marshall Aid appropriation through Congress.

“In other words, we must do as the Zionists wished – or starve. Bevin surrendered – he had to – but he was understandably bitter and angry. He felt it outrageous that the United States, which had no responsibility for law and order in Palestine (and no intention of permitting massive Jewish immigration into the United States), should, from very questionable motives, impose an impossibly burdensome and dangerous task on Britain.”

Mayhew’s first visit to the Middle East was in 1953 – as member of a Parliamentary delegation he went to a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. There he saw ‘… the refugee camps not merely as relics of a past war, but as seedbeds of future vengeance’.

Other priorities intervened, but in 1963 Mayhew was a member of an official Labour Party delegation which toured Middle Eastern countries. On that tour, the delegation met then Israeli Prime Minister Gold Meir and other Israeli leaders. He was disgusted by Meir’s mocking and patronizing attitude towards the Palestinians.

“I remembered now where I had heard it before: at parties given by British settlers in Kenya and Tanganyika before those countries gained their independence. It was the tone in which it would be explained to visitors like myself that the African was scatterbrained but essentially a ‘good chap’, loyal (meaning loyal to his white masters) but easily led astray by trouble makers (meaning those of his fellow-Africans who aspired to self-rule).”

Thus did Mayhew develop a commitment to the Palestinian cause. But Mayhew’s answering back to the Israelis had immediate consequences. When Harold Wilson, a zealous Zionist, formed government the next year in 1964, Mayhew was excluded from the Cabinet after the lobbying against him.

For Mayhew:

“The secret of the Zionists’ success has lain in the existence of a large, lively and influential Jewish community in Britain. [In the context of deliberations regarding the Balfour Declaration in 1917, s]upporters of Zionism, whether Jewish or non-Jewish …if they were not in positions of power themselves, they usually had easy access to those who were.”

Mayhew drew on Doreen Ingrams’ Palestine Papers 1917-1922, which highlights that the first drafts of the Balfour Declaration were written under the direction of Zionists (Lord Rothschild and Chaim Weizmann) on Balfour’s invitation. Weizmann had ready access to Balfour. Thus Weizmann to Balfour, 30 May 1918 (from Ingrams):

“The Arabs, who are superficially clever and quick-witted, worship one thing, and one thing only – power and success … The British authorities … knowing as they do the treacherous nature of the Arab, they have to watch carefully and constantly that nothing should happen which might give the Arabs the slightest grievance or ground of complaint. In other words, the Arabs have to be ‘nursed’ lest they should stab the army in the back. … So the English are ‘run’ by the Arabs.”

After the Balfour Declaration’s publication, the government established a special branch for Jewish propaganda in the Foreign office under a Zionist, Albert Hyamson, and a Zionist commission (led by Weizmann) was dispatched to Palestine to facilitate the Zionist agenda.


Mayhew notes the instructiveness of the diaries of Mrs Blanche Dugdale (Balfour’s niece), on ‘the intimacy of the Zionist lobby’s contracts with the Cabinet’, citing a September 1936 entry (p.32). Mayhew concludes:

“What is extraordinary about this extract – and many others in Mrs Dugdale’s revealing diaries – is that she is describing without apology (quite the contrary) a pattern of behaviour which would normally be considered scandalous, if not positively treasonable. A member of the British government was communicating Cabinet secrets to a private individual acting on behalf of a group of foreign nationals [etc] …”

Mayhew notes that the capture of the British Labour Party, even by comparison with the Liberals and Conservatives, has been a remarkable phenomenon.

“By tradition and principle the party was strongly opposed to territorial expansion, colonialism, racialism and military government; yet the Zionist lobby succeeded in committing it to a uniquely close friendship with a foreign government which [failed all these criteria].”

The Labour Party ‘welcomed Zionists most warmly to its ranks and gave the most consistent support to their aims’. Soon after Labour was elected in August 1929, riots broke out in Palestine, driven by the scale and character of Jewish immigration. A subsequent White Paper noted that Britain’s support for Jewish immigration was not formally unconditional. The lobby forced a retreat from Prime Minister MacDonald, following which Jewish immigration into Palestine escalated dramatically.

“In the 1930s and ‘40s the Zionists consolidated their grip on the Labour Party and came completely to control its policy on the Middle East.”

The Party’s National Executive Committee’s 1944 report proposed ‘Let the Arabs be encouraged to move out, as the Jews move in’, and that Jewish migration prospects might be enhanced by ‘extending the present Palestinian boundaries by agreement with Egypt, Syria or Transjordan’. Mayhew notes that the Labour Party thus ‘took on itself the role of a kind of Zionist fifth column’.

Then to the Attlee government. Professor Harold Laski, ardent Zionist, was chairman of the Party’s National Executive Committee during 1945-46, declaring that he was attempting to organize ‘an internal opposition to fight the Attlee-Bevin betrayal of the Jews’. Add the (much cited) Crossman-Strachey incident. Mayhew reproduces the fragment in Hugh Thomas’ biography of John Strachey. Strachey, Under-Secretary of State for Air and member of the government’s Defence Committee, gave Crossman tacit approval for the Haganah to engage in sabotage. Thus did Haganah blow up the bridges over the Jordan (June 1946?), cutting off the British army from its supply lines. As Mayhew notes:

“Such behaviour by supposedly responsible members of the Labour Party and Government would be inconceivable in any context other than that of Zionism.”

Mayhew neglects to add Thomas’ postscript:

“A few days later, the Foreign Office broke the Jewish Agency code. Crossman was for several days alarmed lest he and Strachey might be discovered.”

And on to the Wilson government, the Prime Minister’s contribution to the Zionist cause being unstinting. On 8 December 1972, the UN General Assembly re-affirmed the UN’s November 1967 Resolution 242 (demanding Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied Territories, respect of Palestinian rights, etc). Wilson, in Israel over Christmas, in turn reaffirmed his carte blanche support for Israel’s freedom of action.

As a Jewish newspaper reported on the 29th: ‘Tidings of comfort and joy were brought to Israel’s political leaders this week by Harold Wilson’. Mayhew’s contrary response was:

“Today it is widely recognised that the policies to whose support Mr Wilson committed himself and the British Labour Party were gravely mistaken and that they were the principal cause of the fresh outbreak of war in the Middle East in October 1973.”

The fiftieth anniversary of the affiliation of the organization Paole Zion to the Labour Party was held in September 1970. After the 1920 affiliation, Mayhew notes, ‘a steady stream of pro-Zionist questions began’, involving fraudulent propaganda that ‘greatly influenced generations of credulous Labour Party members’.

The 1970 dinner was presided over by the acting chairman of the Party, the Zionist Ian Mikardo. Mikardo attacked Ernest Bevin (an anti-Zionist and anti-Semite), the British Diplomatic Service, and the Arabs. Said Mikardo, Foreign Office officials were ‘public school boys who share with the Arabs a common tendency towards homosexuality, romanticism and enthusiasm for horses’.

Mayhew claims that the dinner probably marks the zenith of the Zionist influence. Yet the general account of Adams and Mayhew up to the time of the book’s publication highlights that nothing had changed within the Labour Party. Dissenters within the ranks were perennially howled down and abused by the Zionist chorus.

* * *

Adams and Mayhew note that the British media bore a heavy responsibility, through its partisanry and its silences, for the public’s impoverished understanding of the Middle East. Most British media Middle East correspondents were Jewish, and some outlets lazily employed Jewish Israeli residents who doubled as ‘reporters’.

In early 1968 Adams, in visiting the Middle East on invitation by the BBC, arranged with the Guardian that he would write some articles on the state of affairs in the occupied territories – then little known in Britain. Adams was appalled by what he found.

The Guardian published the initial articles, but its editor baulked at the last. It referred to the destruction of three villages (Imwas, Yalu and Beit Nuba) not far from Jerusalem, after the access road from Ramallah was cut, the rubble carted away and the remains ploughed over. Adams confirmed the details with the Israeli military. Not least because none of the rest of the media’s patsies had reported on the affair, the Guardian’s editor found Adams’ account unpalatable. That was the end of Adams’ 12-year relationship with the Guardian.

Some outlets were worse than others. The New Statesman was notable in its partisanry under ‘a succession of vehemently pro-Israeli editors (Kingsley Martin, Paul Johnson, Richard Crossman)’, until 1972; and The Economist under Alastair Burnet. Johnson was subsequently appointed by Harold Wilson to be a member of the 1974 Royal Commission on the Press.

The most influential of the ‘gentile Zionists’ in the early days was the Manchester Guardian. On Adams’ first visit to Jerusalem in 1956 he was surprised to have a distinguished Palestinian refer to his employer as ‘Ah, the Zionist paper’. Adams then discovered that C. P. Scott had ‘launched’ Chaim Weizmann into British political society, introducing Weizmann to Lloyd George and putting ‘the authority of The Manchester Guardian at the disposal of the cause of Zionism’. No doubt Jonathan Freedland, keeping the acrid flame alive, has a photo of Scott on his desk.

The BBC (both television and radio) was consistently partisan through these years. According to Mayhew, the pro-Israel bias was for the most part inbuilt and unconscious. Although management would perennially consciously cave in under pressure from the lobby.

To the media’s bias, the authors add disgust at the silence of the British churches on Israeli abuses, not least because they had representatives on the ground in Jerusalem. The authors lament, in particular, the long silence of the Church of England on the issue.

“The years of acquiescence in the Israeli fait accompli had cost the church any moral standing it might have had in the matter …”


Adams and Mayhew started Publish It Not in 1974. The text is written in hindsight following the October 1973 war. They note the relative military strength of the combatant Arab states, ‘surprising’, given the seeming invincibility of the Israeli military apparatus. They also note the atypical unity of the Arab states (with Saudi Arabia a late adherent), embodied in the oil embargo and price hike. The western media belatedly started to report Arab opinion.

From this environment the authors conclude:

“Israel’s capacity to survive without making far-reaching concessions, concessions which would severely modify the nature and potential of the Jewish state, seems very doubtful. So far, Israel has established herself, and expanded her territories, on the basis of her dominant military power. But since October 1973 the balance of power has shifted significantly against Israel and the shift seems likely to continue in the same direction.”

What a dramatically flawed prognosis! Still, they weren’t alone. They cite a contemporary, longtime journalist at The Times, (Jewish) David Spanier, 15 January 1974:

“All of a sudden it seems blindingly clear, not to all, but to many, who had somehow looked the other way, that the permanent relegation of large numbers of people as second-class citizens will bring the Zionist mission to an end and may threaten the state itself. According to some religious thinkers, far from the political arena, a policy based on occupation will ultimately corrupt the essential value of Judaism itself.”

And the aftermath? Some time ago, I unearthed a cache of Guardian Weeklys stretching over the years. Product of a hoarding mentality, their existence product of a pre-internet compulsory subscription by an antipodean colonial seeking non-provincial media exposure.

For example, late 2003, with respect to Israel. Well what do you know? Some representative headlines.

‘100,000 [Israelis remembering Yitzhak Rabin] gathered last weekend under banners denouncing occupation and demanding peace

‘A European Commission opinion poll that claims 60% of Europeans see Israel as the greatest threat to world peace has drawn outraged denunciations of anti-semitism

‘Israeli planes kill 10 people in wave of attacks on Gaza

‘The Israeli military has ordered thousands of Palestinians living near the steel and concrete ‘security fence’ that cuts through the West Bank to obtain special permits to live in their own homes

‘Rafah braced for more misery: Eight Palestinians dead and 1,500 homeless – but Israeli raids go on

‘Iran threat must be eliminated – US hawk

‘3,000 dead – yet peace remains elusive; three years of intifada

‘Bitter harvest in West Bank’s olive groves: Jewish settlers destroy fruit of centuries of toil to force out Palestinian villagers

‘Deep anxiety unsettles the Jewish community in France

Add countless letters to the Editor fueled by passion and disgust, emanating from both anti-Zionist and Zionist camps. You couldn’t make it up. Plus ça change!

That interpretative failure of Adams and Mayhew provides a significant lesson. One is forced to ask – why did their prediction so dramatically miss the trend of ensuing decades? Literally, many things have changed. But plus c’est la même chose. The more things have stayed the same. The dialectical evolution of thrust and counter thrust that produced a form of status quo has been inadequately documented and analyzed.

In culminating with the status quo, there has been non-stop turbulence. What? We have witnessed the annexation of the Golan, two invasions of Lebanon, the repression of two intifadas, the creeping appropriations of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, the perennial ravaging of Gaza, the perennial murder of Palestinians and long term incarceration of Palestinians, the wilful repulsion of Gaza-bound maritime traffic, etc. The entrenchment of an apartheid state.

Israel has never fulfilled the conditions on which it was admitted into UN membership; it has ignored myriad UN resolutions, it has attacked UN infrastructure and personnel, and has just sent a racist extremist to the UN as ambassador. Israel retains privileged access to the crucial markets of the European Union. And, of course, this state with the reputed strength of Solomon sucks voraciously on the American taxpayer teat.

Israel continues to operate with complete impunity for its crimes.


Serendipitously, a second edition of Publish It Not was published in 2006 (Signal Books). It is a desirable read, both for the insight, courage, commitment yet sobriety of the prose of Michael Adams and Christopher Mayhew, but also for the latter day complements. Jeremy Corbyn might profitably read it (for his sanity), if he has not already done so. The 2006 edition has three additions.

One. There is a 2005 sympathetic review by Shelby Tucker of John Rose’s 2004 The Myths of Zionism and of Jacqueline Rose’s 2005 The Question of Zion. Notes Tucker:

“It was only when I read Publish It Not … that I learned just how pervasive Zionist control of our media was and recognized the extent and effectiveness of its indoctrinating power. That was the moment that I changed my allegiance in this cause. It was the simple response of a man who awakened to the fact that he had been lied to.”

The Times Literary Supplement commissioned Tucker’s review, and the copy editor approved it. But the TLS editor pulled the plug (‘He doesn’t feel that the review is right for [us]’), instead publishing a dishonest Zionist review of the books. Exhibit A for the Adams/Mayhew narrative.

Two. There is an extended ‘testimony’ by Marion Woolfson of her experience as an honest reporter of Middle Eastern affairs. Woolfson’s experience is mentioned briefly by Mayhew in the 1975 text. But Woolfson’s account is harrowing.

Jewish, Woolfson moves to London following her husband’s death and visits her in-laws. She was informed over dinner that then Labour MP Christopher Mayhew was ‘evil, murderous, a Nazi and a terrible Jew-hater’. It was all downhill from then on.

Her media reports and letters lead to her being subject to (literally) non-stop harassment, brutalization, physical attacks. Endless letters and telephone calls calling her ‘a treacherous lying bitch’, receiving money from or sleeping with ‘filthy Arabs’, etc. She changes her number, made silent, but that number is readily made available to the harassers (!). The nature of the beast (in lieu of a local chapter of the vicious Jewish Defense League) deserves reproduction:

“Each evening … salesmen from a number of double-glazing firms would call and then throughout the night there would be a procession of taxis ‘to take me to the airport’. … Then lorries began arriving from early morning, laden with cement mixers, sand or gravel so that the narrow mews in which I lived was totally jammed and the lorry drivers … would be cursing. … Eventually I had to move out of my house until the harassment stopped. Not long after my return, I found a large swastika painted on my front gate. …

“Then, a huge rock was thrown through my large, plate-glass dining-room window with such force that it broke the wall opposite. … (There was a similar incident last year when the missile crashed through my bedroom window, at my present home, at 2 a.m. I tell myself that this was merely the action of a local hooligan.) Soon afterwards, a man called at my house. … A few days later … a man, who … had what looked like a metal cosh in his hand hit me on the forehead … [etc.]”

She is shut out of the media, prevented from plying her profession. She is ex-communicated from the bulk of the Jewish community. At least she should take heart from the experience of the valiant Spinoza.

Three. There is an extended foreword by longtime BBC journalist Tim Llewellyn. It is addressed specifically to the mis-judgment of Adams and Mayhew.

Llewellyn notes the changes. The Labour MP Zionist bully boys have gone. The public is far better informed, courtesy of considerable critical scholarly literature and daily internet exposés. The lies have been exposed as lies. The media acquired slightly more balance.

But the Parliamentary bully boys have been replaced by the trans-party ‘Friends of Israel’ cabals. Thus, for example, in September 2011, the Tory-Liberal Government moved to facilitate ready access of Israeli war criminals to British soil. And the public, no matter how better-informed, is ignored (witness the zero impact of the anti-Iraq invasion demonstrations). Since 2000, the BBC has backtracked, following 9/11, the second intifada, and Blair Labour’s relentless pressure for conformity. Add the organically pro-Israel Murdoch media (including The Times since 1981) and the Daily Telegraph.

More, the Zionist lobby is now better resourced, as powerful as ever. So-called representative national Jewish organizations, as in other countries, are first and foremost, pro-Israel lobby groups (have I missed a low-lying exception?). Claims Llewellyn:

“Since 1975, when the authors went into print, the official and institutional ranks of the Zionists in Britain have mounted and continue to mount campaigns of disinformation that dwarf their efforts of thirty and forty years ago. … the work goes on … not just in selling the Israeli package to the ordinary British people but also in changing the nature of British Jews’ perception of themselves and their relationship to Israel. Or, to put it another way, Israel’s alleged centrality to the life of a British Jew.”

As above, David Spanier was concerned that ‘a policy based on occupation will ultimately corrupt the essential value of Judaism itself’. Quite. The culturally unifying role of Judaism, in many families reduced to the conventionalized ritual of the Judaic calendar, has been displaced by the culturally unifying role of Israel. If less spiritual, a decidedly more muscular apparatus to be proud of (save for the hostility to this ersatz substitution by some Orthodox communities). And this even given that the majority of Jewry would never contemplate living there.

But the more does Israel perpetrate unsavory actions, the more does Israel need an effective propaganda machine. Llewelyn again, noting that the Americans arrived after 2000 to advise the British Israel Communications and Research Centre:

“The message was clear: be aggressive; pester and menace the media and the politicians in all their forms; go to court; never let up; let no adverse image or mention of Israel go unchallenged, however true, however perceived. In a word, the only story is our story: make sure everyone knows that.

“If Adams and Mayhew had been appalled at the Zionist intrusions they suffered in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, they would have been paralysed by the sheer aggression of the Zionist movement here, especially concerning the media after 2000 and the success it achieved with its tactics …”

Thus the Zionist messiah, political version, is now made flesh. But in its nurturing of human nature at its worst, it requires a most unholy propaganda and lobbying edifice to keep its yet incomplete pursuit of purity of spirit on track. The exercise, with its inevitable criminality, is fundamentally dependent upon the ‘dual loyalty’ (singular?) of the so-called Diaspora. And woe to the ‘self-hating’ Jews who dissent from the rule, saying ‘not in my name’.

In short, tribalism trumps reason, humanity and moral integrity. Can the evidence allow any other inference? Reason, humanity and moral integrity aside, what a brilliant success story.

* * *

Of the propaganda armory, the very rusty ‘anti-Semitism’ sword is still being brandished, and still to good effect. Here is Adams and Mayhew on the long silence of the churches:

“Nor was the situation any better in other western countries: the damaging accusation of anti-Semitism was held like a sword over the head of anyone rash enough to criticise Israel, from a moral or a spiritual standpoint, as from a political one.”

And Llewellyn on the BBC as highly-exposed public broadcaster:

“In institutional broadcasting there is a climate of fear. Executives do not like to be accused of anti-Semitism, which is the ready-to-hand smear the Zionists and their friends have available if they think Israel is receiving a bad press.”

It’s staggering to think that this canard still carries leverage, not least because it shits on the substantive anti-Semitism that has been central to the Jewish experience for centuries.

Thus the pro-Palestinian Jeremy Corbyn is naturally a target of this trusty weapon. Frankly, I don’t like his chances. If he manages to transcend the slur and its baggage, it will be a new day.

On the subject of this crime by Zionism against Jewry itself, one is perennially drawn to the stance of the philosopher Michael Neumann, outlined in Cockburn and St. Clair’s 2003 The Politics of Anti-Semitism. Neumann notes that definitional inflation cheapens the currency. (One might add that, as in Gresham’s Law in economics, ‘bad money drives out good’.)

With respect to the growth of Arab anti-Semitism, Neumann notes:

“… its chief cause is not anti-Semitic propaganda but the decades’ old (sic), systematic and unrelenting efforts of Israel to implicate all Jews in its crimes.”

Is opposition to the settlements (the Jews’ claimed historic right to Eretz Israel?) anti-Semitic? Claims Neumann:

“… since we are obliged to oppose the settlements, we are obliged to be anti-Semitic. Through definitional inflation, some form of anti-Semitism becomes morally obligatory.

“… anti-Zionism is a moral obligation, so, if anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism is a moral obligation.”

The Zionist armory, if one can be excused a mixed metaphor, has no clothes. It is long overdue that Zionism and its incarnation in the state of Israel be subject to the supposedly universal standards of reason, humanity and moral integrity.

Evan Jones is a retired political economist from the University of Sydney. He can be reached

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Why We’re In Such an Unprecented Mess – Dr David Duke

Hello there, this is my new, favourite person, Dr David Duke, yes he’s a tad too religious for some but boy does he tell it like it is ! You’ve gotta admire him for that eh. When you listen to him, no matter what country you’re from you’ll clearly recognize that everything he says is exactly what is occuring around you. He informs us precisely what we are up against and I truly believe him.

In the alternative fraternity you get fed so much misinformation which is often very convincing and it becomes almost impossible at times to be able to differentiate between truth and lies and I sincerely hope that Dr David Duke proves to be genuine, my heart tells me he is and that’s a good start.


The UK is in complete and utter turmoil though the smiling, media stooges delivering the official version of daily events on TV tell another story. No mention that our obscene interventions in the Middle East have caused the relentless stream of immigrants to our shores, complete denial that the 2,600 souls that have died since their benefits were cut had anything to do with ‘austerity’, perverts, liars and thieves given a seat in the House of Lords today !!! Douglas Hogg, an old Etonian who charged the British taxpayer £ 2,200 for clearing the MOAT of his country estate in Linconshire is but one, he also claimed £ 670 for the services of a mole catcher ! is he having a laugh on us do you think ?

Also, Jeremy Corbyn, a rare, peace-making MP is experiencing a serious character assassination at the hands of the press, journalist Ryan Sabey wrote yesterday that Ken O Keefe was a “nutter”, (he shared a stage with jeremy Corbyn awhile back). Now as we know Ken is an extremely caring man, he’s very passionate about helping those in need and exposing the evil perpetrators of murder and torture and his beliefs are along the same lines as Dr David Duke. Please watch below, love to you all, Janie, xxx

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

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September 2015 – World Events

Hi there friends, we seem to have got ourselves into a bit of a pickle wouldn’t you say ? The drums of world war 3 beating louder, the elite behaving like wounded, cornered animals thrashing out more laws curtailing our freedom (oh but it’s for your own good, to protect you from “terrorism”) give me a break !… fracking to be rolled out across Englands pristine countryside very soon…financial system about to crash at any moment…well you don’t really need me to point these things out and I certainly don’t mean to add to your woes because as I’ve said on many occasions I honestly believe that we are going to get through this and that the masks of the satanic few running the show are about to slip to reveal their true identity to the masses. They will be removed from their positions of power overnight.

Today’s post gives us further hope, it’s a very good article by Makia Freeman. It includes information on CERN which I thought quite interesting. Love to you all, Janie, xxx

PS you MUST go to Northerntruthseeker blog 24th August, he’s done a superb job on covering the latest false flag that occured in France last Friday, brilliant.

““Mind easily mesmerized when frightened.” Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

September 2015 Convergence – Is There Any Connection Between These Events

25th August 2015


By Makia Freeman

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The end of September 2015, or more precisely the period from around September 15th to September 28th 2015, has become the subject of much attention, apprehension and prediction. As usual, this involves a certain amount of fear-mongering, sensationalism, biblical prophecies and other dire warnings, which are best to take with a grain of salt. However, despite all of that, one has to wonder whether the world events converging in September 2015 are connected – and whether they are a response by the New World Order elite to the rapidly rising consciousness of humanity.

This rising consciousness is exciting; it’s fast and it’s palpable. You can feel the quickened energy as people all over the world are beginning to wake up, ask questions, think about things they had never thought about before, challenge authorities, dig deeper and decide to invest time and energy into discovering things for themselves – rather than being spoonfed propaganda by the Mainstream Media which relies on people being too lazy, comfortable or complacent to check the facts.

People are really starting to catch on to the truer narrative and deeper meaning of news events very quickly. Just look at the rapidity with which people are latching on to false flag shootings and bombings. Big time elite insider and Obama-handler Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that the elite’s “capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low” and that it was “easier to kill than to control” the masses. Hillary Clinton, the Queen of cover-ups, confessed that the elite were “losing the information war” when she appealed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for increased propaganda funding. And just look how the orchestrated ebola pandemic flopped and ran out of steam all of a sudden last year.

Are the Elite Getting Desperate in the Face of Such Obvious Rising Consciousness?

In light of this tangible rising consciousness, it is probable that the elite are worried and afraid of the power of We the People … but they are not going to give up without a fight. If they feel threatened or backed into a corner, knowing their personality traits, they are likely to become desperate, act with more aggression and speed up the agenda. They probably reason that if they can accelerate humanity towards transhumanism, a cashless society and a microchipped population fast enough, they will have enough power to quell any rebellion or rising consciousness through electromagnetic mind control. Their latest move in California of pushing for mandatory vaccinations reeks of desperation.

The question is: are the events slated for September 2015 also designed to dampen the rising consciousness before it becomes irresistible? One thing we know for sure is that the elite are not going to lay down, do nothing and watch their power base get eroded. They will distract, divert, and divide in an attempt to conquer.

With that in mind, here is a brief overview of the various events converging at the end of September 2015. Thanks to Michael Snyder for first compiling most of this list:

Event #1: Jade Helm 15 (Ending Sept. 15th)


Thanks to the fantastic research of DJ (who appeared on this Caravan to Midnight interview), we know that Operation Jade Helm 15 is about the advancement of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). It is ultimately about placing a machine at the helm of command – a machine that is self-aware, which rapidly changes and responds to incoming data and which can predict human behavior through close monitoring of all human action – to literally master the human domain as the operation boasts in its logo.

September 2015 Convergence – Operation Jade Helm

Of course, there are many other facets and disturbing implications to Jade Helm, including the violation of principle of Posse Comitatus by placing US troops directly on US soil deployed among US citizens, the declaring of certain US states as hostile, and the US military training for martial law, squashing domestic insurrection, spying on Americans and practicing to operate undetected among them. The question is: why was Jade Helm planned to end in September 2015?

Event #2: UN General Assembly (Starting Sept. 15th)

The UN (United Nations) is meeting on September 15th, 2015, for its 70th General Assembly. As I wrote about earlier, the main thrust of this convention will be pushing for more centralization of power under the pretext of sustainable development. Is France about to propose that the UN formally recognize the Palestinian State? Is the UN about to push through more legislation and regulation based on the man-made global warming/climate change scam? Will the “post-2015 development agenda” continue grabbing national land under the guise of saving the environment, forcing people off their land into tiny apartments in Smart Cities? Will the UN try to impose the ICC (International Criminal Court) upon all countries, even those who have not signed on to it?

Event #3: Fabius’ Comment “500 Days to Climate Chaos” (Sept. 24th)

This one is a comment not an event – at least at this stage. On May 13th, 2014, French Foreign Minister and member of the Bilderberg conferences, Laurent Fabius, made an interesting remark during a speech at the Brookings Institute (an elite ‘think tank’). He made the exact same comment later at a press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Fabius clearly stated: “We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos”.

500 days from May 13th, 2014 brings you to the end September of 2015 – September 24th to be exact.

What is Fabius referring to? What does he know that we don’t? It is certainly a strangely specific prediction. Is he suggesting that some political solution must be in place regarding climate change by September 24th? Or is he predicting some kind of environmental catastrophe?

Is The Pope Being Positioned as the Head of a Planned ”One World” Religion 2


Event #4: Pope to Address U.S. Congress (Sept. 24th)

In an absolutely unprecedented move, Pope Francis will be addressing the U.S. Congress on September 24th 2015. Why? In his previous Encyclical, he jumped into the political arena big time by getting behind the UN’s climate change agenda, i.e. the false idea of anthropogenic global warming/climate change, which completely ignores the realities of “Climate remediation”, a new Orwellian phrase adopted by governments for their recently-outed, long-term geoengineering programs.

I suspect this is the first of several future steps to make the Pope the head of a One World Religion. Will the Pope merely reiterate the same message of the Encyclical? Or will he focus on Foreign Policy (international refugees especially in Middle East)? Or the role of superpower nations in humanity’s future? Or the U.S. hogging the world’s resources?

Event #5: Blood Moon (Sept. 28th)

To those who don’t give much credence to astrology, this event may carry little importance, but it is still worth mentioning. A lunar tetrad of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses or blood moons is going to be completed on September 28th with the 4th consecutive eclipse. According to some, the blood moon is significant:

“The last three times this phenomenon occurred were right around seminal moments in Jewish history. For example, when it happened in 1493 and 1494 Jews were expelled from Spain. The blood moons in 1949 and 1950 came right after the nation of Israel was assembled, giving the Jews a homeland for the first time in thousands of years. And in 1967 and 1968 it was linked to the Six-Day War.”

Event #6: Reactivation of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (Sept. 23rd?)

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, is reactivating its massive underground particle accelerator known as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). There are claims all over the internet that the reactivation date is September 23rd, but nothing on CERN’s official site about this date or the end of September 2015 in general. However, it has been known for some time that CERN is yet another organization with an occult corporate logo (containing 666), as well as sporting a statue of dancing Shiva (the Hindu God of Destruction) at their headquarters. Now CERN employees have been filmed doing a bizarre “Shiva Dance”, a dance of destruction, inside the LHC itself. Why?

September 2015 Convergence – CERN Headquarters – Dancing Shiva, The Destroyer God – 666 Logo inset


Very very few people are privy to what CERN is really doing with all their equipment. Some like Bret Bernhoft have theorized the LHC can actually rip the fabric of space-time, and open portals into other dimensions. Bernhoft reports that respected ET contactee Alex Collier has suggested CERN’s technology is intended (at least in part) to fuse two realities or timelines together. If this is true, it could well be in response to humanity’s rising consciousness.

Perhaps the elite are using highly advanced technology to keep us on a more “negative timeline” where tyranny rather than freedom prevails?

Event #7: Asteroid (Sept. 24th)

There are predictions of an asteroid hitting Earth on September 24th 2015, but they don’t appear to be backed by solid evidence.

In this context, however, it is useful to recall the words of Dr. Carol Rosin, a former NASA scientist turned Disclosure Project witness, who has spoken on numerous occasions of her association with former Nazi, NASA rocket scientist and elite insider Werner von Braun. She recounts how von Braun told her that the New World Order would use a series of invented threats or false flag events to trick people into accepting an authoritarian One World Government. In 2000, well before the 9/11 false flag event, Dr. Rosin specifically stated that von Braun told her in 1974 that the elite power structure would use 5 key threats to trick and scare people into submission – in this order:

the exaggerated threat of Russia/communism
the invented threat of terrorism
the invented threat of rogue states (3rd world nation enemies)
a staged event of an asteroid hitting Earth
a staged alien invasion event (a la Project Bluebeam)
Von Braun said the asteroid card would be played in order to justify space-based weapons. The first 3 have already happened as predicted. Are we about to witness the further unfolding of this plan in September 2015?

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Be Con-CERN-ed

Hi My Fellow Traveller’s, wow what a world we live in eh ! Obfuscation abounds sending many people over the edge. The avalanche of bureaucratic bullshit around every corner adds to our mental confusion, all by design of course.
I was quite the optimist when I began blogging but the deeper one is forced to go down the proverbial rabbit hole in search of the seemingly ethereal truth the harder it becomes to see ‘Happy Endings’.
But generally things are good, as you know, my health is of the utmost importance to me and by staying in control and practising yoga and meditation regularly helps to offset the negative crap we see and hear from the mainstream media on a daily basis.


‘Thought you’d like to peruse these videos about the project the elite have been running for many years located on the Franco-Swiss border called CERN derived from the name “Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire”. We are told that its main function is to provide the particle accelerators and other infrastructure needed for high-energy physics research..(Wikipedia) But delving further it has become apparent to many that there is so much more to this than meets the eye. As per usual we are being kept in the dark as to its true purpose. The videos below tell another story. You’d think that with all that needs repairing here on Earth that outer space would take a back seat, off planet exploration cost’s untold TRILLIONS of dollars that the majority of people would prefer to be spent on making life better here. love to you all, Janie, xxx

““The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN in Geneva is largely a fraud.”
? Khalid Masood

Opening The Portal Cern (short explanation)

CERN Scientists Disappear (Audio version)


Cern Scientists Disappear (Audio version)

You Are Inside of a CERN Portal

End Times

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Question Everything Especially Authority

Hi There my friends ( yes I’ve changed my intro; will in future just say what I feel on any given day) I have just returned from the worse talk I have every attended, what a waste of precious time, they called it a truth movement exposing those in control, well if they’re representative of the opposition to the control freaks in power than God help us all !!!

The Uk is becoming more farcical by the minute, the appearance of Lord Janner at the Magistrates Court, Westminster to face 22 charges of child abuse is a case in point. Upon entering the court he said “ooh this is wonderful” …maybe he mistook it for the House of Lords where he has collected £ 300 a day for just showing up until recently. It is said he is suffering from dementia, yawn, yawn.

And the pathetic attempts to denounce Jeremy Corbyn who has risen from the ashes to be the strongest contender to lead the Labour Party. The status quo and corporations are shaking in their boots as this would mean an end to so many of their perks. Talk about character assassination ! it’s gone through the roof, so far to no avail. You’ve got to laugh.

But today’s post is concerned with the pernicious escalation of the surveillance industry. Who gave them the power to infiltrate every aspect of every person’s life ??? I know I didn’t. And anyone who believed the official version of the events of 9/11 are as equally to blame for our total lack of privacy as the MI5 and the NSA. For it was immediately after that blatant false flag incident that they rolled out new laws (that had been waiting in the wings) to stifle all and every civil discussion on what really occured that day, under the pretext of “Terrorism” what a joke.
So take a look at these youtubes and also look up RT Today’s Whistleblower Documentary, very good. Love to you all, Janie, xxx

“Governmental surveillance is not about the government collecting the information you’re sharing publicly and willingly; it’s about collecting the information you don’t think you’re sharing at all, such as the online searches you do on search engines… or private emails or text messages… or the location of your mobile phone at any time. Mikko Hypponen



What a travesty !

Glenn Greenwald running rings around UK government stooge, priceless

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Ian R Crane – Humanity vs Insanity

Hello Dear Reader, I’m still in a state of confusion over the flat earth V the sphere and am unable to uncover much more information. When I search for ‘flat earth’ beliefs connected to my favourite thinkers, there are none ! They just don’t mention the subject in their work ! So what’s going on here ??? I will continue to delve deeper into this as I have become totally fascinated with it, I mean the magnitude of this beggars belief, if they’re lying about the shape of our planet (or plane, as Eric Dubay calls it) all else just pales into absolute insignificance and I can’t seem to get fired up about anything else, this is just too big.

Having said that, as you know I am a huge fan of Ian R Crane who is doing an incredible job of exposing all that is wrong with our world, amazing man, please support him if you can It takes a certain level of bravery to voice alternative opinions amidst the unprecedented suppression of free speech in place today. So I’m posting a very good youtube of Ian talking to the equally amazing human being Ken O’ Keefe the ‘genocidal agenda’. It’s a few months old but an eye opener especially to our friends overseas who have been led to believe that all Westerner’s are the enemy, let me assure you there are hundreds of thousands of people like myself, Ian and Ken who do not believe a word we are told by our disgraceful members of parliament, they’re a joke, a laughing stock, their time is coming to an end, ordinary folk have awakened to their treacherous lies and deceit.


The Chilcot enquiry into the illegal war on Iraq is a case in point. Costing £ 10.000.000 and taking 6 years (so far) and still no date has been set for the hearing. Most of the information will have been redacted or forbidden to be seen anyway, but I think that Jeremy Heywood, of which we hardly hear a peep from, will play a major part in disclosure of this heinous crime that has affected the entire world. He is second in command to King Cameron and was also at the side of Tony Blair during the entire debacle of the Iraq war. Watch this space !

The fracking company’s are chomping on the bit to get their earth shattering machinery out of storage and their chums in office have now made it illegal for local councils to vote aginst them ! Eh ? how does that work in a democracy ? lol. Again Ian R Crane is an expert on the fracking industry so look him up, love to you all, Janie, xxx

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” “William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987 William_Casey

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The Truth Will Set You Free – Finding It’s The Problem !!!

Hello Dear Reader, my brain has been well and truly fried over the past few days delving into this ‘flat earth’ information. Ever felt as if your treading treacle ??? If so you’ll have some understanding as to how I’m feeling right now. Everything I write about is all connected to one thing and that is that someone somewhere wants absolute control of our minds, bodies and our consciousness, who the f..k is it or are they ??? That is the top question., and the more I uncover the more confused I become ! ‘They’ have done a brilliant job eh ? Is it the Jesuit Priest’s, The Illuminati, The Zionist’s ??? There’s a few more suspects as you well know but as I’ve just stated they are all connected, (the bastards) hee hee.

And what about the massive divide between ‘them’ and ‘us’ ? It’s too ridiculous that we’ve allowed them to amass such unimaginable wealth by literally stealing from the poor (pension pots, zero hours, minimum wage, unprecented low interest rates, austerity…) it’s beyond a joke people, they’re the only one’s laughing, it really can’t go on, everyone must do their bit to prevent the horrendous nightmare of complete enslavement that ‘they’ have in store for us. We all have a role to play in bringing our natural right of true freedom into fruition, we are responsible for our children’s future, they are too propagandanized to realise the extent of their imprisonment, we have to help.

Would you like to own a property like this (must be an arms dealer)


or this ? an abode that the peasants are expected to and do occupy !!! It beggars belief eh.


Anyway, I was very excited to come across this revival of beliefs held centuries ago that our planet is not in fact a planet but a plane and was very impressed with what Eric Dubay has to say on the subject. And do look up more of his work.

But of course we have to then look at the debunkers of such an outrageous (to some) view and in doing so I listened to a youtube by Russianvids which professes to know that it’s just another psyop mind game, and when you think that discusssion of the flat earth has appeared quite suddenly from nowhere (like LSD in the 60’s & the New Age dictates of the 70’s) it does make you question what exactly lies behind this seemingly amazing re-discovery. It’s the last youtube here, have a listen. Love to you all, Janie, xxx

““The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us; but he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. His attack is psychological, Damien. And powerful.” William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist


This is a little boring but yet further proof of that we are deliberately being prevented from crossing or traversing Antartica !

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The Flat Earth Masonic Matrix Manipulators

Hello Dear Reader, in these extremely avaricious times dominated by complete and utter mad men it’s quite difficult to be shocked about much. However this amazing youtube has completely brought me out of MY comfort zone and I’m having to rethink MY belief systems for the first time in a very long while. It’s telling us that the earth is indeed flat ! I know it sounds amusing but trust me it’ll really cause you to think twice about yet another load of bollox we’ve been fed for centuries.
It questions why the military will always prevent anyone from venturing too far towards both the North & South Poles as if we’re deliberately being held nearer the centre of the earth. It further postulates that we have only ever had NASA’s pictures of earth from above as evidence that the world is round…and we all know what NASA’s about eh.


Anyway, whatever your view on this subject it will definitely make you think twice about what you’ve previously been told, which in my book is always a good thing, please watch, love to you all, Janie, xxx

PS I’ve since come across these other youtubes but haven’t had time to listen to them fully but my interest is piqued and I can’t wait to know more, very exciting eh.

“I’ll follow him to the ends of the earth,’ she sobbed. Yes, darling. But the earth doesn’t have any ends. Columbus fixed that.”
? Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker

Flat Earth Clues ? Full Documentary Movie 2015

They’re Hiding Land – Flat Earth Explained Documentary

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Climate Change & Geoengineering – Just Another Scam Devised By The Usual Suspects ?

Hello Dear Reader, received the following from The Millenium Report, very good. I mean what’s more important than the very air we breathe ? It’s all very well meditating, protecting ourselves with organite objects, avoiding Monsanto contaminated food, filtering our water BUT if our air is being contaminated with substances possessing abilities to restructure human DNA and to programme us to be ever more compliant what chance do we have ??? Seriously friends this geoengineering experiment just has to be stopped NOW.
But the thing I find more scary than this evil project is the fact that the majority of people don’t even look up to the sky and question what they can obviously see, the skies no longer resemble the skies of yesterday, they are being manipulated to such an extent that everyone thinks this is normal ! They’ve even begun to include chemtrails in children’s cartoons just to ensure they too think that the criss-crossing patterns covering the entire sky are normal !
Here in the UK our Dear leader is on holiday whilst the entire haulage system in the South East has come to a halt due to the chaos at Calias port causing millions of pounds worth of perishable goods to be destroyed every day £ 250.000.000 daily to be exact. But hey he deserves a break from his serfs.
Please enjoy (perhaps not the right word !) the following, love to you all, janie, xxx

“Anyone’s life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit.
Lillie Langtry

Citizens Worldwide COMPEL Pope Francis To Disclose Geoengineering Impacts On Global Climate Change

Geoengineering Agenda Exposed, Pope Francis Compelled To Disclose Climate Change Truth

The Geoengineering Component of
Global Climate Change MUST be
Acknowledged and Eliminated

An OPEN LETTER To Pope Francis Regarding Global Climate Change

by Concerned Residents of Planet Earth
Originally published at The Millennium Report

Dear Pope Francis, Your Holiness:

We sincerely applaud your efforts to bring the world’s attention to the dire predicament known as Global Climate Change. Truly, Global Climate Change (GCC) is the most challenging existential threat of our times. Some even describe it as a slow-motion ELE (Extinction Level Event). Therefore, the true causes of such a demanding and unrelenting planetary crisis must be properly investigated.

Only when high integrity research produces irrefutable conclusions, should the accurately determined results and scientific consensus be distributed to all concerned stakeholders. Likewise, the final product of this GCC fact-finding mission ought to be disseminated via the internet to every concerned resident of Planet Earth.


Geoengineering often utilizes Chemtrails for weather modification and climate manipulation
Which brings us to the urgent purpose of this open letter. According to hard scientific evidence, some of which has been submitted to Governor Jerry Brown of California, it appears that the regular IPCC research and reporting on this matter has ignored a major component of GCC. As the subject title of this letter indicates, that component is GEOENGINEERING. In fact, there are those GCC investigators who now assert that geoengineering may be the primary anthropogenic component of Global Climate Change, not CO2.

Governor Jerry Brown BETRAYS California Residents, Ignores Geoengineering Causes Of Historic California Drought

We feel it is well worth repeating that, only when the true root causes of GCC have been scientifically proven and received a sufficient consensus, should they be used to formulate an official response. However, all of the most essential conclusions must be first acknowledged and agreed upon by the world community of nations. Only when the profound and pervasive causes of GCC, such as the now ubiquitous geoengineering program utilizing chemtrails, are eliminated by every reasonable means necessary will the planet move in the right direction.


Special Note
The current global geoengineering regime can only exist with the tacit approval of a large majority of nations. Obviously, the world’s most experienced geoengineers have been enlisted by those who rule the realm to implement this quite purposeful endeavor. Hence, these covert military chemtrailing operations can only proceed with the full knowledge and acquiescence of thousands of government officials and political leaders the world over. In the USA alone, there are those many NASA administrators, NOAA scientists, NWS meteorologists, FEMA directors and University-based geoengineers who play substantial roles in this ongoing climate engineering drama. Therefore, it is self-evident that Italy has also permitted these unlawful operations to be conducted overhead. Perhaps the appropriate Italian officials can be consulted by Your Holiness for further edification.

Incidentally, Italian environmental activist and health advocacy groups have been leading the way throughout Europe where it concerns raising chemtrail and geoengineering awareness. For example, the following Italian Facebook site will enable you to follow geoengineering developments in Romagna, Italy. The photo shown below comes from the same FB page.

SCIE Chimiche Romagna (chemtrails Romagna-Italy)


One of the most authoritative websites on the internet concerning chemtrails and geoengineering has been created by two Italian activists. Tanker Enemy, as it is known, has different platforms which can be accessed to view some of the best material on the geoengineeering/chemtrail phenomenon. As follows:

(Tanker Enemy has produced the first Italian professional documentary on the theme of illegal geoengineering aka chemtrails)

Here’s an article that presents some excellent scientific evidence on chemtrails which originated from the same Italian website:

Geoengineering Video Exposes The SCIENTIFIC Truth Regarding Chemtrail Chemical Composition

We don’t mean to be presumptuous, but surely you must know ….

Pope Francis, certainly you have been informed by now that the intensity of the most recent phase of GCC has been the direct result of this secret, ongoing, multinational geoengineering initiative. Only such a coordinated international implementation plan to systematically conduct ‘solar radiation management’ could have produced our current chaotic state of affairs. The standard stratospheric engineering techniques, such as sky chemtrailing, are now so apparent that it is impossible to not witness them occurring in real time virtually anywhere around the globe.

In the event, however, that you are somehow unfamiliar with geoengineering and/or chemtrails, the following photo-documentary will quickly bring you up to speed. You might also google either term to learn much more about these climate-altering technologies and weather-changing aerosols. Please do understand that the photographs posted in the link below are chemtrails, NOT the normal jet exhaust known as contrails.

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

Upon viewing the numerous photos of chemtrails it is now impossible for anyone to deny their existence. Many now see them in the skies all over the world. The photo below of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome shows a few chemtrails that had been recently sprayed. Those particular chemtrails are just beginning to spread out as they usually do just before they form full-blown chemclouds.

Piazza di San Pietro

St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome with CHEMTRAILS crisscrossing above
Given your master’s degree in chemistry it ought to be fairly easy for you to understand the science and technology which are routinely utilized in most of these geoengineering programs. Not only are chemtrails now being laid down in the skies across the planet more frequently, since January of 2015 chemtrailing operations have intensified considerably with greater purpose so the world has been told. The following article offers some unique and valuable insights into this clandestine geoengineering regime that has been in place for decades.

OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Operation In World History

For your further edification on this matter, what follows is a definitive video presentation with Italian subtitles which can be circulated around the Vatican. It portrays irrefutable evidence of jet airliners spraying chemtrail aerosols at will. This particular video captures the chemtrailing airliners in the act of turning on and off their specialized chemtrail aerosol equipment. It’s a very short video which we hope the entire Roman Curia will watch before any future climate change conferences that are sponsored by Your Holiness.

Vatican City, as you know, is by no means immune to chemtrail contamination, particularly when they conduct intensive spraying operations over Rome, as they often do over major cities everywhere. In view of this relatively new reality of living on Planet Earth, we would respectfully recommend that you review the various medical conditions and health impacts which are caused by consistent exposure to the chemical toxicities associated with chemtrails. The following article was written by a health professional with much experience concerning a novel illness known as Chemtrail syndrome.

CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

CO2 Emissions and Carbon Footprints are only part of the Anthropogenic Component of Global Climate Change

Before we reiterate the central point of this open letter, the following statements must be considered in any comprehensive discussion of GCC.
— That Global Climate Change actually has multiple causes.
— Those causes range from unprecedented changes in the Sun’s behavior to the Earth’s core spinning faster.
— The anthropogenic component also has various sub-components.
— An increase in CO2 emissions since the advent of the Industrial Revolution cannot be minimized. Neither can the carbon footprint of every person, family, community and business on the planet.
— Geoengineering has altered the Earth’s climate patterns in profound and fundamental ways

Nonetheless, those universities and research institutions, governments and corporations, which have conducted the most frequently referenced research studies, have conveniently ignored the influence of geoengineering on climate trends and weather patterns. This well-established record of intellectual negligence is very similar to the local meteorologist who unfailingly neglects to mention why his weather forecast for the previous day was 100% wrong … because he could not factor in the ‘nonexistent’ chemtrailing activity throughout his local reporting area which made his predictions look ridiculous and flawed.

Because the “pink elephant in the living room” known as geoengineering has been ignored for so many years, its imposed ‘non-existence’ has become a politically correct fact of life. Clearly, that’s exactly how those who control the weather want it to be. In this way, quite unfortunately, has the phenomenon of Global Climate Change been grossly exacerbated since it first began to reveal itself a number of decades ago.


Weather Controllers Knew Global Climate Trends Were Changing in 1940s,
Implemented a ‘Pharmaceutical’ Approach to Fix Which Made Things Worse

The following excerpt comes from an article written by the Cosmic Convergence Research Group published in June of this year. This insightful exposé well explains “The Back Story” to our current climate change plight.

The Back Story:
This is what TPTB* did. They saw that the planet had entered a period of global warming. This occurred during World War II when they had to track the weather very closely for wartime purposes. The steady warming of the planet paralleled the same period when the Oil & Gas Industry really began to take off and the global population explosion first began. At the time when the data really started to pour in, the warming was just a small campfire … this was early on, right after World War II. Soon after they first made those observations about the slow warming of the planet, the decision was made to turn the campfire into a wildfire. They experimented with HAARP and used Chemtrails and other geoengineering technologies to ramp up the heat. Eventually the wildfire of global warming was stoked sufficiently so that full-blown forest fires, brush fires and grass fires were jumping off anywhere and everywhere. In this way the synthetic anthropogenic component Global Warming was fabricated on top of a very real phase of planetary heating.
*TPTB = The Powers That Be
(Source: New World Order: Where Geoengineering Via Chemtrails Meets The Global Carbon Control Matrix)

It’s extremely important to understand what really happened here. Rather than address the root causes of GCC, those in charge attempted to control the increasingly erratic weather much like an oncologist who prescribes surgery, radiation and chemo to treat a raging case of pancreatic cancer. You know, if the pancreatic cancer doesn’t first kill the patient the allopathic treatment(s) probably will.

The weather controllers certainly possess the technology through a variety of installations similar to HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska, as well as an enormous military jet capability that are retrofitted to deliver chemtrails 24/7 virtually anywhere. The military component of this ultra-secret geoengineering program basically has access to every civilian airport, Air Force base, Air National Guard airfield and private corporate runway in the Western world. That’s how they have been able to deliver so many tons of aerosol chemicals into the stratosphere for many years.

The explanation above (The Back Story) does speak directly to the exploitation of an evolving global climate catastrophe. Where at first it does appear that they intended to alleviate and slow down the GCC, they appear to have finally taken full advantage of it in order to advance various schemes such as U.N. Agenda 21. TPTB were not content to wait for the natural climate changes that had already been set in motion. Rather, they took full advantage of the worsening predicament in order to impose a whole New World Order complete with its own evolving One World Government.

Please understand that we are all for sustainable development in a world that is not assaulted and assailed at every turn by extreme weather events. However, to construct a new Global Carbon Control Matrix based on an overarching climate change prediction model — which excludes geoengineering — is fatally flawed, and therefore destined to fail. It is for this reason that we are writing this letter. GEOENGINEERING must be acknowledged by every institutional stakeholder and then removed altogether from the mix, if GCC is to be correctly dissected, understood and responded to effectively.

It is also for this reason that we implore you to take a close look at the volumes of new scientific evidence that now exist on the internet which correlates regional climate changes to relentless geoengineering operations. The two most recent catastrophic weather events in the USA bear remarkable testimony to these now common correlations. What follows are two essays that further elaborate the key point we are making with this letter.

Was the California drought geoengineered to pass future ‘climate change’ legislation?


TEXAS DELUGE: Was it a geoengineered weather event to enforce compliance with Agenda 21?


In Dallas, above, the Trinity River overflowed its banks. Credit Louis Deluca/The Dallas Morning News, via Associated Press

What else can be concluded from a letter like this except that all future climate change conferences must include a decisive discussion of geoengineering if they are to be taken seriously? Also, that all atmospheric engineering must be terminated post-haste, if the world is to experience the most natural weather patterns and genuine climate trends. Otherwise, all the much-needed discussion is leaving out what may be one of the biggest causes of Global Climate Change.

Your Holiness, it appears that you really want to do what is right for all of humanity. Your sincerity of purpose in addressing the climate change dilemma is likewise much appreciated by the peoples the Earth. However, given your M.S. in chemistry you know full well that the universe is a divinely ordered one. It strictly adheres to numerous natural laws and universal statutes, just as it abides by countless scientific formulas and mathematical equations.

Therefore, we beseech you to take a hard look at GEOENGINEERING, particularly as it has impacted Global Climate Change. Failure to do so will inevitably sabotage any and all efforts to respond to GCC in any meaningful or successful way.

May God Almighty shine much grace and shower many blessings upon you.


Concerned Residents of Planet Earth

P.S. The exclusive emphasis on CO2 limits and carbon emissions has done a great disservice to the public discourse which strives to address the root causes of GCC. Those who have pushed that agenda appear to represent the same interests who advocate a surreptitious geoengineering regime. There can be no trust from the people of the planet until this situation is legitimately remedied.

P.P.S. Your Holiness, on May 24th of this year you issued the unprecedented encyclical letter LAUDATO SI’ — ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME. This extremely urgent papal call to action was both inspired and inspiring. May we suggest that there is no greater initiative, that the entire planetary civilization can take at this critical moment of human history, than removing the geoengineering component from the unfolding Global Climate Change calamity. After all, geoengineering is by far the easiest of all the GCC anthropogenic factors to control, as well as to terminate. In so doing, you can be highly instrumental in assisting the world community of nations to “Care For Our Common Home”.


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