Hello again, getting sick & tired of this transgender crap being foisted upon our children at every turn, they’re really upping the ante at breakneck speed now eh, ‘so scared that we may actually stop them in their tracks despite them having thrown every piece of their armoury at us, GM foods, chemtrails, climate change… Read More

Hello again, sorry for my absence, ‘been quite absorbed in UN Agenda 21 (Agenda 2030,Vision 2030) it has several titles but whatever name they choose to call it they are all using the trojan horse of ‘sustainable development’ to implement the tyrannical surveillance & invasive accumulation of personal data that we are experiencing today. I… Read More

Hello like minded souls, if you read my post’s from the past you’ll know that I’ve become reluctant to write my thoughts on ‘their’ unspeakably evil war’s. The latest farcical but dangerous actions of Western Heads of State is a case in point. Having said that I would like to air my views about what… Read More

‘WE’LL KNOW OUR DISINFORMATION PROGRAMME IS COMPLETE WHEN EVERYTHING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC BELIEVES IS FALSE” William Casey CIA Well, well, well dear friends, the day has come when the establishment are throwing everything they have at us. Their hysterical reaction to alternative news outlet’s is farcical. They’ve flooded mainstream news with the utmost, blatant propaganda… Read More

Hello my fellow truth-seekers, how are you ? ’tis quite difficult to remain upbeat & positive in these times of governmental lies & deceit I know, but if we’re to make a difference we simply must soldier on eh. ‘feelin evermore disillusioned with the world we inhabit, the fabricated war in Syria wages on causing… Read More

Hello my fellow UK freedom lovers, hope you’re all bearing up under the tsunami of lies & obfuscation concerning the EU referendum. And although it’s the Remain Campaign that are guilty of this the Leave Campaign despite being truthful have failed to inform the people of the very sinister origins of the EU. It has… Read More

Hello My Wide Awake But Overwhelmed Friends…..sorry again for neglecting my duty of sharing things of importance with you, but having a rare moment of clarity it’s back to the drawing board. Where to begin ??? Here in the UK the debate about the upcoming EU Referendum gathers momentum daily. King Cameron’s is absolutely gutted… Read More

Hi Again Friends, did you see the X Files last night ? It blew me away, the level of disclosure is unprecedented. So what’s their game ??? Do they think that most people seeing it would simply view it as fiction as usual ? The law of the universe states thet ‘they’ must divulge the… Read More