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GcMAF the Proven Cure for Cancer

Hello Dear Reader, I’m off for a few days, be back next Fiday 29th May. The ridiculous rise in cancer is completely abhorrent and unnecessary and the demonic, satanic, masonic entities that head Big-Pharma know this. It’s pure evil to insist that the only treatment for this escalating disease is the very punitive chemotherapy route. It’s all lies, people have got to wake up to the fact their doctors DO NOT know best when it comes to cancer.

If they were to offer you an alternative they’d be struck off overnight, shame on them for only being concerned about their personal position when they should be doing what they took an oath to do, “To Do No Harm.”

Today’s article is from David Noakes and as usual I came across this quite unexpectedly, I was actually looking for his amazing work on revealing the corruption that’s rife within the EU, calling it a ‘Military Dictatorship’ ( David Noakes youtubes are here on an older post) anyway, I wanted to find a more recent video of his work and discovered that he’s now putting his energies into fighting the pharmaceutical corporations and healing people at his newly established clinics. Then I was further amazed when I checked out this years AV6 conference which took place last weekend and I was unable to attend as I was at a yoga workshop on the South coast, David Noakes was one of the phenomenal guest’s speaking about ‘GcMAF’ a proven cure for cancer !

It’s appalling beyond belief that there exists such beings that willingly inflict such suffering on others, surely something’s got to give ? Where are the whistleblowers ? Please come forward.

On the political front Cameron has predictably brought in yet more sweeping powers to crush any form of dissent either via the internet or protests under the threat of (all together now) ‘terrorism’ the water cannons purchased last year are being prepared as I write (though they tell you they will not be used !) But total silence from him about the paedophiles he works alongside at the houses of parliament, but what does the pain and torture of young children matter when there’s loftier aspirations to occupy ones mind ? Total insanity rules eh !

Also here is Dr Lorraine Day on how she beat cancer naturally, and a great interview with Rick Simpson who used hemp oil to cure himself and others of cancer. Love to you all, Janie, xxx

“A solution to cancer would mean the termination of research programme, the obscelescence of skills, the end of dreams of glory, triumph over cancer would dry up contributions to self-perpetuating charities…It would mortally threatenthe clinical establishments by rendering obsolete the the expensive radiological and chemotherapeutic treatments inwhich so much money, training and equipment is invested…The new therapy be disbelieved, denied, discouraged and disallowed at all cost regardless of actual testing results, and preferably without any testing at all.” Robert Houston and Gary Null

Big Pharma & the Cancer Scam

“You are nothing more than a Revenue Stream!”

David Noakes

David Noakes_2

In the spring of 2009, David Noakes listened to presentation in Ghent, Belgium on Codex Alimentarius by some guy called Ian R Crane. During the course of his presentation, Ian stated there was a little-know cure for cancer called GcMAF. After the talk David went home and put it into Google. In those days it was just 32 research papers by scientists; all of which claimed that GcMAF had produced remarkable results. David was horrified that, after 20 years, no one was making this remarkable product available to the general public. He resolved to stop fighting the EU, and attack cancer. With his four scientists and 7 doctors he has now supplied 9,000 patients, and 350 independent doctors and clinics.


GcMAF is a human protein all healthy people make that has 21 brilliant effects in the body including the most powerful 7 attacks on cancer known to man. Needless to say, it has no side effects.

David’s little company, Immuno Biotech Ltd, has now also written 31 research papers, peer reviewed and published in prestigious scientific journals. His results are truly astonishing!

Needless to say, David and Immuno Biotech Ltd have been under sustained attack from Big Pharma. The problem is that this protein, which is a human body part and a Human Right for all of us, is inexpensive, effective and a threat to, for example, the poison of chemotherapy, which costs £40,000 a round.

Its the fact it works that makes it a target.



Dr Lorraine Day

Rick Simpson

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Cameron’s Kingdom Cometh

Hello Dear Reader, where to begin ??? This is definitely Alice In Wonderland’ territory here in the UK, neither myself or anyone I know can identify with a word that this government is saying ! We are not all elated with the present standard of living, we are far from benefitting from the harsh austerity measures (stealing from the poor to give to the rich), the quality of life has, for most, become unrecognizable from the time before mass immigration was forced upon us with one of the intentions being to bring about slave labour with 2,000,000 extra people vying for the jobs originally held by local people.
Also to cause unrest and squabbling amongst ourselves so that we don’t notice the evil actions of the elite few as they enshrine ever more draconian laws onto the statute books, destroying our rights and freedoms as never before.
Strange how quick they can act when it suits them, you’d think they had it planned all along !!!

Todays post consists of two very good articles close to my heart, the exposing of corruption at the top and the unnacceptable silence on the paedophile’s lurking about in parliament. Cameron has not uttered one word on what he intends to do about getting to the truth of paedophilia, no suprise really as most of them are his friends. The first article is from RT Today and the second is from ‘Before It’s News Inc’.

Also, listen to what Cameron’s Aussie election chief Lynton Crosby had to say when Cameron was accused of ‘lacking passion’ on the rise of food banks and zero-hours contracts (slave labour) he said” Some people may get passionate about food banks and zero hours contracts, but they are not experienced by most people.” !!! Oh yes they are Mr; Crosby, but how would you know ?
(there’s more about this conniving svengali and his tax avoidance skulduggery below)

So we can expect a huge escalation of surveillance and spying, increased violence from the police at peaceful protests, Cameron’s chums in the fracking industry to get clearance to dig deep into the bowels of our land and to poison the water supply, , more cash being sucked out of the system making it easier to track every transaction made, enforced vaccinations, GM foods galore and the massive proliferation of all neurological diseases ( autism, dementia, motor neuron disease, alzheimer) and cancer caused mostly by the prolonged geo-engineering project taking place in our once blue skies.

But life goes on eh, we must not despair and continue to expose injustice, love to you all, Janie, xxx

“A good deal of tyranny goes by the name of protection.” Crystal Eastman

MPs’ wages are set to rise from £67,000 to £74,000 – many times the national average – as it’s revealed that 60 of them went on a spending spree, buying up iPhones, iPads and personal computers before the general election.


The pay hike, which was opposed by both Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg during the coalition era, was revealed by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA).

The PM has not publicly reneged on his position, but reportedly lacks the power to change the ruling without first altering the law – a move which would anger backbenchers keen on the rise.

?UK MPs to receive 11% pay rise amid rise in malnutrition and mental health cuts

The increase of £7,000 per year would also be backdated to May 8, the day after the general election.

“In December 2013 we reached a decision that, there should be a package of changes, including pension reform, ending resettlement payments and increasing MP’s pay to £74,000,” an IPSA spokesman told the Daily Telegraph.

“The pay rise was not implemented immediately. Any subsequent pay rise would be back-dated to 8 May 2015. IPSA was created by law to determine MPs’ pay independent of parliament and government.”

IPSA also reported that in the run up to the election a number of MPs bought substantial amounts of IT equipment on their taxpayer-funded expenses.

Sixty MPs ordered equipment – including iPhones, iPads and personal computers – worth over £70,000 and claimed back the expenses just six months before the election deadline.

The watchdog was concerned enough to write to them asking for assurances the equipment would be used for their work in parliament.

House of Perks: MPs claim record £103mn in expenses


Some MPs responded by saying they took exception to the request.

“Having looked into these claims, we are satisfied that they are within the rules,” a spokesman for the watchdog said.

“This covers purchases made during September 2014, as the restrictions on capital purchases began on 30 September 2014.

“The total value of the purchases for all MPs in September amounts to £71,216.48. We have issued guidance to MPs that they should transfer these items to a successor, another MP or donate the equipment to charity.”

IPSA has no authority to ensure that the equipment is given to charity.



David Cameron disappears Kengate Tapes whilst Head of Corporate Communications for Carlton Television during the “Cash for Questions” scandal back in 1994. Will he be above the law as well?
The Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit confirmed this week to me personally that there was indeed a government and Carlton Television conspiracy over the Kengate Tapes. The police confirmed that Ian Greer along with Carlton Television conspired to cover up the “Cash for Questions” scandal for John Major’s government back in 1994. So the Prime Minster David Cameron covered up a scandal of paedophilia in 1994 as a corporate “sleaze fixer” for Carlton Television, on behalf of John Major’s Conservative Government, through Ian Greer. Now as Prime Minister, David Cameron is preventing the Metropolitan Police from investigating my case against Kenneth Clarke MP, who was involved in the scandal of sexually assaulting me in Ian Greer’s office, which Cameron helped cover up!

Okay, let’s just take a breath…

A number of political scandals in the 1980s and 1990s created the impression of what was described in the British press as “sleaze”: a perception that the then Conservative Government was associated with political corruption and hypocrisy. In particular, the successful entrapment of Graham Riddick and David Tredinnick in the “Cash for Questions” scandal of 1994, the contemporaneous misconduct as ministers by Neil Hamilton, Tim Smith, and the convictions of former Cabinet Member Jonathan Aitken and former party deputy chairman Jeffrey Archer for perjury in two separate cases leading to custodial sentences damaged the Conservatives’ public reputation. Persistent rumours about the activities of the party treasurer Michael Ashcroft furthered this impression. At the same time, a series of revelations about the private lives of various Conservative politicians such as Hague, Portillo, etc, etc., made the headlines. Scallywag Magazine even accused Lord McAlpine of being a paedophile. However the investigation was stopped but McAlpine didn’t sue Scallywag Magazine as they had photographic evidence apparently which then subsequently disappeared. See the pattern? Paedophile rings all operate in the same way.

ken clarke

Kenneth Clarke MP who is above the law according to the Metropolitan Police

Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit told me that Central Television had been bought by Carlton Television in order to shut down the Cook Report and control the now infamous Kengate Tapes. DC Lambskin said, “The possible location for the tapes is that it was taken away by a Carlton Television lawyer who was dealing with the Cook Report and that was the last time it was seen” However I have discovered that the lawyer who took the tapes was indeed operating under the direct orders of our now Prime Minister David Cameron.

Is it possible that in order to protect the Major Government from a scandal of both parliamentary corruption and paedophilia at the heart of government David Cameron, then working at Carlton Television, conspired to mislead the British public, hide evidence that is in the public interest and pervert the course of justice in order to protect paedophiles by disappearing the Kengate Tapes. David Cameron was rewarded by being made Prime Minister nominated at Bilderberg by, now Minister Without Portfolio and Chairman of the Bilderberg Steering Committee – Kenneth Clarke MP. In fact this year Kenneth Clarke MP is taking Prime Minister David Cameron to Bilderberg.

We know that Kenneth Clarke MP was in Ian Greer’s office because of the Kengate Tapes. Clarke joked that he was there so often Greer should put a parliamentary bell in his office, so he’d know when it was time to go and vote.

So now it starts to become clear how far reaching the Kengate scandal goes. It appears that the paedophile ring in Westminster is now also connected to the monarchy by Prince Charles, who had a close and intimate relationship with Jimmy Savile. Of course, if Kenneth Clarke cannot be spoken to by the Police then Prince Charles isn’t going to be spoken to about what exactly his relationship with Savile was. We know now that – “your lovely ladies in Scotland” in a note Prince Charles wrote to Jimmy Savile was actually referring to children.

The Palace is speeding up plans for the Queen to abdicate within the next few months in order to make Charles King to protect him against the Savile scandal. Originally it was planned for the Queen to abdicate before the unveiling of the Ministry of Defence’s release of the World War 2 records of the Royal’s connection to the Nazis. However, the Queen has to allow the Police to question Prince Charles now in order to keep up the pretence of democracy.

On an even more serious note; there is no separation of government and monarch if the Prime Minster is a direct relation to HRH Queen Elizabeth II, which David Cameron is. The fact that the Queen sat in on a cabinet meeting last year was indication enough of the lack of separation. So we’re not living in the democracy we thought, if the Queen can pick up the telephone to the Prime Minister and have her wishes enacted by her relative, the Prime Minister David Cameron.

HRH Prince Charles has questions to answer over the Jimmy Savile scandle


We know that HRH Prince Charles was friends with known paedophile Jimmy Savile. In fact Jimmy Savile was the Prince’s unofficial social secretary. We also know that last year for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations the Royals invited a known convicted paedophile onto their Thames Barge. We know that Kenneth Clarke allowed Jimmy Savile access to Broadmoor, by literally giving him a set of keys to enter the maximum security prison, in order for Savile to abuse patients and associate with imprisoned paedophiles and serial killers. Kenneth Clarke and David Cameron are obviously connected to Ian Greer as Ian Greer Associates had Carlton Television, where David Cameron was Head of Communications, as a major client in the 1990s.

So for the circle to be complete how is Prime Minister David Cameron connected to Prince Charles?

Well, it’s very simple if we understand who David Cameron is. David Cameron, is related to the Queen. He is the first Eton-educated Conservative leader since Sir Alec Douglas-Home in the early 1960s. David Cameron, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry are all members of ‘Whites’ a private members gentlemen’s club in Mayfair – they get a family discount I guess!

David Cameron’s headmaster at Eton was Eric Anderson, who had also been Tony Blair’s housemaster at Fettes Public School, which is dubbed the Scottish Eton. After University Cameron’s first job was in the Conservative Research Department. He progressed quickly through the ranks and was soon briefing ministers such as Kenneth Clarke etc. for their media appearances. He worked with David Davis on the team briefing John Major for Prime Minister’s Questions, and also hooked up with George Osborne, who would go on to be shadow chancellor and his leadership campaign manager.

File photo dated 03/02/1999 of Sir Jimmy Savile, as the BBC revealed it is investigating nine allegations of "sexual harassment, assault or inappropriate conduct" among current staff and contributors as the fallout from the Jimmy Savile scandal continues. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday October 24, 2012. The disclosure came after director general George Entwistle was urged to "get a grip" on his organisation during a hostile grilling by MPs about the broadcaster's handling of claims of sexual abuse by the presenter over several decades. See PA story POLITICS Savile. Photo credit should read: Peter Jordan/PA Wire

File photo dated 03/02/1999 of Sir Jimmy Savile, as the BBC revealed it is investigating nine allegations of “sexual harassment, assault or inappropriate conduct” among current staff and contributors as the fallout from the Jimmy Savile scandal continues. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday October 24, 2012. The disclosure came after director general George Entwistle was urged to “get a grip” on his organisation during a hostile grilling by MPs about the broadcaster’s handling of claims of sexual abuse by the presenter over several decades. See PA story POLITICS Savile. Photo credit should read: Peter Jordan/PA Wire

Cameron spent seven years at Carlton, as Head of Corporate Communications, travelling the world with the firm’s boss Michael Green. But Mr Cameron’s period at Carlton is not remembered so fondly by some of the journalists who had to deal with him. Jeff Randall, writing in The Daily Telegraph where he is a senior executive, said he would not trust Mr Cameron “with my daughter’s pocket money”. “To describe Cameron’s approach to corporate PR as unhelpful and evasive overstates by a widish margin the clarity and plain-speaking that he brought to the job of being Michael Green’s mouthpiece,” wrote the ex-BBC business editor. “In my experience, Cameron never gave a straight answer when dissemblance was a plausible alternative, which probably makes him perfectly suited for the role he now seeks: the next Tony Blair,” Mr Randall wrote. The Sun newspaper’s Business Editor Ian King, recalling the same era, described Mr Cameron as a “poisonous, slippery individual”.

Prime Minster David Cameron needs to answer questions regarding his direct involvement in the Kengate Tapes disappearance, the purchasing of Central Television by Carlton which he oversaw and why is he protecting what appears to be the lead players in an elite paedophile circle.

So all we need to do now is take bets on which “Clarkian” response he will give to these allegations.

A) I have no recollection of those events, what tapes? Etc, etc,.


B) It wasn’t me. They made me do it. I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement. It’s not my fault. I’ll have to look in to it. It a case of mistaken identity.

What is clear is that the Kengate scandal, whilst perhaps having a small seemingly insignificant start, is set to rock the very foundations of our society as the breakdown of this corrupt civilisation goes to the heart of government. To say what’s happening is biblical is an understatement!

What will the Police do now? Will they be investigating and talking to Prime Minister David Cameron about his involvement in hiding the truth from the British public which was in their interest to know? What will Parliament do now?

There needs to be a General Election. Prime Minister David Cameron’s position is untenable. He needs to do the honourable thing and resign his post in order for an investigation into his personal involvement with the disappearances of the Kengate tapes and the obvious paedophile ring involving politicians and members of the Royal Family to be investigated.

Paedophile Jimmy Savile

It is clear that Prince Charles, Jimmy Savile, Kenneth Clarke MP and Prime Minister David Cameron are simply the Heads of Department for the paedophile ring and it obviously involves many more people. We now know for a fact that it involves Parliament, the Royal Family, the entertainment industry and the Metropolitan Police who are all involved in protecting paedophiles, procuring children for paedophiles or being paedophiles.

When is enough, enough?

This whole situation can easily be resolved. It’s just about the Kengate tapes and there whereabouts? Find the tapes and this matter will be cleared up once and for all. The very fact that the tapes have been disappeared and the person in Carlton Television who did it just so happens to be now Prime Minister David Cameron who conducted a billion pound corporate takeover of Central Television in order to get hold of the tapes in the first place, speaks for itself.

It appears that David Cameron becoming Prime Minister was a reward by the Bilderberg elite for covering up the paedophile and “Cash for Questions” scandal in the 1990?s.

If once you’ve read this and you still think you live in a democracy…wake up and welcome to the real world.

I’ll leave you with a final word from Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit, in attempting to explain the disappearance of the Kengate Tapes, he said “You wouldn’t want that kind of thing out there” .

Firm run by David Cameron’s election guru Lynton Crosby lost £1 million in two years, as pressure mounts on unanswered tax questions

Mr Crosby’s financial affairs have increasingly come under the spotlight as Tories harden their opposition to Labour’s crackdown on non-doms


A British company run by the Conservative’s election guru Lynton Crosby lost more than £1 million in two years, public records show.

Accounts filed by Crosby Textor Ltd reveal that the firm, owned by Mr Crosby and his business partner Mark Textor made losses of £511,000 in 2014 and £510,000 in 2013.

Another company also owned by Mr Textor and Mr Crosby is recorded a making a profit of £449,000 over the same period.


The filings would seem to suggest that overall Mr Crosby’s operations in the UK have been loss making over the period – despite the substantial contract with the Conservatives to run the party’s election campaign which was agreed in 2012.

Lynton Crosby, right, is the mastermind behind David Cameron’s General Election strategy Lynton Crosby, right, is the mastermind behind David Cameron’s General Election strategy Mr Crosby’s financial affairs have come under a spotlight after it emerged that Mr Crosby is a director and a shareholder of firms based in the tax haven of Malta.

One of the companies – Rutland Ltd – was set up by Bentley Trust, a firm specialising in “wealth management” and “legitimate mitigation” of tax.

Rutland Ltd did not file its 2014 accounts and earlier this year it filed for an 18-month “extension of period allowed for laying accounts”. Despite being based in the tax haven of Malta, 90 per cent of its interest are understood to lie outside Malta.

The firm is part-owned by Catherine Place Investments, a company that is itself owned by APG Ltd, which is based in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands.

Richard Murphy, a chartered accountant and author of the Tax Research UK blog, said there were questions over whether the Conservative party were paying Mr Crosby directly or through his consultancy firms, which he said could allow him to avoid or reduce the UK tax on the work he is doing to help the Conservative party win the election.

“He could end up effectively working here and paying little or no UK tax, despite the fact that he is present in the UK,” he said.

“Certainly there is evidence that he is putting structures in place that are tax driven and tax motivated and they are being managed by firms that say they are in the business of tax mitigations, in which case there does appear to be some tax motive in his business arrangements.”

Margaret Hodge, who has played a key role in challenging multinational corporations such as Google and Starbucks over tax avoidance in her role as chair of the Public Accounts Committee, called on David Cameron to “come clean” over whether Mr Crosby’s personal tax affairs had influenced the party’s decision to oppose Labour’s crack down on tax avoidance.

“It is a matter of public interest, in light of his tax status and offshore interests, whether Lynton Crosby has influenced the Tories’ policy positions,” she said.

“What discussions has Mr Crosby had with David Cameron about policy surrounding tax avoidance and non-dom status?

“In light of the public policy implications, it is important to know whether David Cameron is aware, and is comfortable with, his campaign manager’s personal tax arrangements. So, is David Cameron aware of Lynton Crosby’s personal finance arrangements?”

Mr Crosby’s spokesman told The Independent in a statement that he had never avoided or attempted to avoid paying his full tax obligations in the UK.

It stated: “It has been a matter of public record since 2013… that Lynton Crosby pays tax in the UK, on his UK earnings, at exactly the same rate as any UK citizen. There is no public interest in publishing false allegations about the financial affairs of a private individual.

“There is nothing new in this. It is simply a gratuitous attempt to re-publish year-and-a-half-old, unfounded allegations. This information has been public for years, even before it was reported back in 2013,” the spokesman added.

“Rutland is a perfectly legitimate Malta-based company that fulfils all of its tax obligations in Malta and its fully audited accounts and directorships have been public for years.

“Rutland has never done any business in the UK, nor paid wages nor dividends to anyone in the UK. It has not received fees from any UK company, body, entity or individual.

“Any claim, or attempt to claim, that Mr Crosby avoids, or attempts to avoid, paying anything but his full tax obligations is categorically wrong and defamatory and will rightly be treated as such. Further, any claim, or attempt to claim, that Rutland was set up, or is used, to avoid paying UK tax is also categorically wrong and defamatory.”

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Russia to Disclose Knowledge of Alien Visitors

Hello Dear Reader, ‘was gonna write about ‘Cameron’ and his wonderful plans for the future of all UK citizens ! but I’ll tell you another time. Because, today I saw this fantastic bit of info; on philosophersstoneviewsfromtheboat and just know you’ll love it.

I can’t quite believe it’ll happen but who knows eh ?
Dr Chiappalone has said that Vladimir Putin is a being of light ! wouldn’t surprise me, but then again, there’s always opposing and conflicting opinions from the very people who’s work I enjoy immensely, i.e. Eric Phelps calls Putin a Masonic, Jesuit priest, well maybe he’s those things too ? I’ve confused myself now so God knows how you’re feeling ? Anyway, please enjoy today’s post and I’ll be back to enlighten you on our Dear Leader of the UK; Mr; David ‘Bilderberg’ Cameron…bet you can’t wait ! love to you all, Janie, xxx

While experimenting on his electrical apparatus Tesla reported the following:


“I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when it dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind. I felt as though I were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth. My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night; but at that time the idea of these disturbances being intelligently controlled signals did not yet present itself to me.“ “The changes I noted were taking place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable to any cause known to me. I was familiar, of course, with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis, and earth currents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of these causes.“ “The nature of my experiments precluded the possibility of the changes being produced by atmospheric disturbances, as has been rashly asserted by some. It was sometime afterward when the thought flashed upon my mind that the disturbances I had observed might be due to an intelligent control. “Although I could not at the time decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another. A purpose was behind these electrical signals.”

Russia Orders US: Tell The World About Aliens, Or We Will


A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report on Prime Minister Medvedev’s agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week states that Russia will warn US that the “time has come” for the world to know the truth about aliens, and if the United States won’t participate in the announcement, the Kremlin will do so on its own.


The WEF (The Forum) is a Swiss non-profit foundation, based in Cologny, Geneva and describes itself as an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

The Forum is best known for its annual meeting in Davos, a mountain resort in Graubünden, in the eastern Alps region of Switzerland. The meeting brings together some 2,500 top business leaders, international political leaders, selected intellectuals and journalists to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world, including health and the environment.

Critical to note about this years Forum is that the WEF, in their 2013 Executive Summary, scheduled for debate and discussion a number of items under their X Factors from Nature category, and which includes the “discovery of alien life” of which they state: “Proof of life elsewhere in the universe could have profound psychological implications for human belief systems.”

Equally critical to note is that Medvedev, after completing a 7 December 2012 on-camera interview with reporters in Moscow, continued to respond to reporters and made some off-air comments without realizing that his microphone was still on. He was then asked by one reporter if “the president is handed secret files on aliens when he receives the briefcase needed to activate Russia’s nuclear arsenal,” Medvedev responded:

“Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet… Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country… More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called Men In Black… I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.”


Western news sources reporting on Medvedev’s shocking reply about aliens stated that he was “joking” as he mentioned the movie Men In Black, which they wrongly assumed was a reference to the 1997 American sci-fi adventure comedy about two top secret agents battling aliens in the US.

Medvedev, however, wasn’t referring to the American movie but was, instead, talking about the famous Russian movie documentary Men In Black which details many UFO and alien anomalies.

Where Western news sources quoted Medvedev as saying “More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called ‘Men In Black,’” his actual answer was, “You can receive more detailed information having watched the documentary film of the same name.”

The reason(s) for Western propaganda news outlets deliberately distorting Medvedev’s words become apparent after his shocking statement, and as evidenced in just one example of their so called reporting on this disclosure of alien life already being on our planet where the title of one such article was “Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev makes a crack about aliens, and conspiracists promptly lose their minds.”

If anyone is “losing their minds” about aliens, it must be pointed out, it is certainly not Russia, but the Vatican, which in November 2009 announced it was “preparing for extraterrestrial disclosure”.

Equally, and apparently, “losing their minds” are US government officials themselves, such as former Pentagon consultant Timothy Good, and author of Above Top Secret: The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover-Up, who in February 2012 stated that former President Dwight Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens who were ‘Nordic’ in appearance and wherein a ‘Pact’ was signed to keep their agenda on Earth secret.

With the recent discovery in the Russian city of Vladivostok of a 300-million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel, and scientists, astronauts and YouTube users reporting increasingly strange happenings on the moon, the European Space agency reporting their discovery of a 1,000 ancient river on Mars, and UK and Sri Lanka scientists saying they now have “rock solid proof of alien life” after finding fossilized algae inside meteorite, the only ones who seem to be truly “losing their minds” are the Western, especially American, propagandists who for decades have covered up one of the most important stories in all of human history that “we are not alone.”

To if Medvedev will be able to convince the Obama regime to tell the truth about UFO and aliens at the WEF this week it is not in our knowing. What is in our knowing, though, is that with or without the US, the Kremlin will surely begin the process of telling the truth about that which we already know to be true.

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Bilderberg Boy Rules Britannia

Hello Dear Reader, it has come as no surprise to the awakened few that the overly, secretive Bilderbergs chosen one has been voted in to govern ol’ blighty for another 5 years. There was plenty of feigned amazement in the interviews that followed this inevitable result, but when the most corrupt and powerful figures of the world own the media and that media floods their publications with relentless pleas to the undecided voter to vote Conservative, is it really any wonder that the already, fear-filled, bewildered, doff-capping masses have succumbed to the remorseless propaganda machine.
Mind you they had no choice when Nigel Farage burst on to the political scene offering the down trodden people of Britain a way out of the catastrophic EU that controls parliament and the judiciary system. Cameron et al were forced to up the anti and awake from their position of over-confident complacency.

Hence the overwhelming use of every brain washing technique they could muster was employed. And boy did it work, very clever.

God help us all that’s all I can say. David cameron is more than willing to do his masters bidding and keep the UK engaged in perpetual wars. He’s also a staunch advocate of doubling surveillance and spying on our internet activities (see clip below)

He’s attended Bilderberg meetings that are extraordinarily secretive but we know they discuss every conceivable way to widen the gap betweem rich and poor (them and us) and that includes the creation of ceaseless wars, the withdrawal of money from the system, concocting newfangled methods to deprive benefit recipients of their payments, to continue the agenda of divide and rule amongst the gullible public, to flood the world with genetically modified food, to persist in geo-engineering the weather, skies and us, oh, and of course, to keep us in the dark for as long as possible by suppressing the knowledge that they are privy to that would alleviate the pain and suffering of humanity once and for all……you get the picture; he’s an out an’ out wrong’en as they say in London’s Eastend.


Cameron’s right hand man, who I’ve mentioned before is Jeremy Heywood. Now he really is an enigma and apparently Cameron doesn’t make a move without consulting him first, there’s a good article below concerning this. He just happened to work for Blair and Gordon Brown so he’s been skulking around in the shadows for a long time and has been instrumental in the prevention of the release of several very important enquiries, i.e the Chilcott enquiry (Iraq war)

It’s enough to make you want to give up eh, but could you ever forgive yourself for going out without a fight ? I know I couldn’t, that’s why it’s so important to me to share as much information with you as I possibly can, while I can, see what Cameron said about his plans to take internet surveillance to unprecedented heights.

Also below is the bilderberg agenda for 2014 and confirmation of their next occult meeting of 2015. Love to you all, Janie, xxx

“”There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.” George Orwell “1984”

Befor all that, here’s a bit of humour for you, xxx

Things David Cameron Said About Internet Surveillance

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has sparked controversy by saying that should he win the upcoming general elections, his government would push through new legislation allowing law enforcement access to the content of private, encrypted Internet communications. It is unclear at this point how Mr. Cameron thinks the implementation of such a law –which could necessitate creating “back doors” to Internet messaging apps — would work Mr. Cameron made the remarks in reaction to last week’s terror attacks in Paris, where 17 people were killed by Islamic extremists. The PM came under withering criticism from Internet privacy campaigners, who warned of government overreach.

Here are 5 things Mr. Cameron said:
13 JAN 2015 11:23
1 Expand Existing Laws

Cameron made the point that existing legislation that allows interception of metadata – which refers to the basic details surrounding a conversation but not the content of the conversation itself – needed additional legislation to make sure the government continued to hold this power after the law’s sunset clause in 2016. His proposed new legislation would encompass metadata.

2 Security Above All Else

More contentiously, Cameron said the government needed a legal framework to intercept all content of Internet-based communications. “In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which, even in extremis, with a signed warrant from the home secretary personally, that we cannot read?” This is what has privacy activists up in arms, because it hints at “back doors” in encrypted communication services.
3 New Platforms, New Threats

Cameron said that up until now, U.K. governments have had the legal power to “read someone’s letters and listen in to someone’s telephone calls.” This power now needed to be applied to mobile communications over the Internet, he said. This refers to messaging apps which provide end-to-end encryption for users.
4 Not A Rubber Stamp

Cameron stressed that the interception of Internet-based mobile communications could only occur in extreme circumstances with a personally signed warrant from the home secretary.

5 Technology Can’t Get Ahead Of The Authorities
Cameron said that the government should not be in a situation where even if it had a warrant, it could not gain access to the content of messages because they’re encrypted or because the companies who carry the conversations themselves don’t have access to them. This is increasingly a worry for authorities in the U.K. and elsewhere.

Cabinet secretary has David Cameron ‘by the balls’, says former Tory adviser
Prime minister does nothing without Sir Jeremy Heywood’s permission, claims Dominic Cummings


David Cameron, above, has no political priorities and operates through a system of chaos, according to Dominic Cummings.
Patrick Wintour, political editor

The cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, has David Cameron “by the balls” and the prime minister does nothing without Heywood’s permission, according to the former Conservative special adviser Dominic Cummings.

Speaking at an event organised by the IPPR thinktank, Cummings said: “Heywood is more important than anyone in the cabinet, apart from Cameron and Osborne and arguably more important than Osborne. He sits right next to the prime minister. He has him completely by the balls and Cameron does not do anything without Heywood’s permission.”

Jeremy Heywood

Giving a deeply unflattering account of a dysfunctional government machine driven by a short-term media agenda and crisis management, he added: “He is not just a policy adviser to the prime minister” pointing out the new chief operating officer for the civil service will be answerable to Heywood and not to Cameron.

Cummings was the former special adviser to former education secretary Michael Gove, and has been scathing about the prime minister before, but not in such revealing terms.

He claimed Cameron had no political priorities whatsoever and had always operated through a system of chaos.

Live Election live: Osborne and May return in new Cameron cabinet
Shock results deliver Tories overall Commons majority and claim leadership scalps of Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage. Our political team guides you through the fallout
Read more
“It’s the nature of the Cameron team. Quite simply, chaos is all they have ever known. They operate in a bubble in which it is at most 10 days planning or more usually 48 hours or 72 hours. There is no long-term priority. There is no long-term plan. The central people operate in that kind of culture. They don’t think anything can change. They just think that is politics. His most important advisers are Ed Llewellyn and Craig Oliver – both of them are totally and utterly useless. It is not their fault. They are just in the wrong job. The fault lies in Cameron putting them there.

“If you have a prime minister who has no sense of priorities and cannot manage his way out of a paper bag, and his two chief advisers who don’t know what they are doing with Craig Oliver running round with a ridiculous grid which is worrying about Twitter and the news cycle for the next three hours, of course it’s going to be a farce.”

The Cabinet Office system also does not work properly and does not connect properly with the No 10 machine, he said. “It is not abnormal. It is normal. You might think somewhere there must be a quiet calm centre like in a James Bond move where you open the door and there is where the ninjas are who actually know what they are doing. There are no ninjas. There is no door.”

He said that there were no incentives in politics to produce cooperation between government departments, so that during a spending review the departmental strategy is to treat the Treasury as a hostile entity and not to tell the Treasury or Downing Street anything.

“The Treasury knows all departments have got money … hidden away form the centre and from ministers, but if you tell the Treasury where it is they will ask for it. It encourages lying and cheating. Why would you ever tell the truth about where the money is?

“People are not encouraged to think of this as a collective exercise. There is no collective priority setting. It is particularly bad with Cameron there because there are no priorities with Cameron whatsoever.”

He claimed the Treasury did not have the skills needed to cut budgets effectively: “They have never worked in business where you have to cut costs by 35% a year they say: ‘oh my god’ when they have to cut by 3%.”

Austrian police have confirmed the date of the 2015 Bilderberg meeting. The security for the annual conference will take place from June 9th-14th. The meeting itself will take place from the Thursday to the Sunday of that week, June 11th-14th, at the exclusive Interalpen Hotel, in the mountains near Telfs.

The police have stated that they will be undertaking just the one single security exercise for the Bilderberg conference and for the G7 summit taking place nearby at Schloss Elmau in Bavaria, Germany, from the 7th-8th June.


The location for the 2015 annual conference of the Bilderberg Group has been confirmed. The yearly transatlantic summit, which is attended by senior politicians, bank bosses and the heads of some of the world’s largest companies, will be held at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, a luxury hotel and conference centre in Austria.


The Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol is a “five-star hotel conference centre” tucked away in the mountain forests a few kilometres west of the Seefeld ski resort, and conveniently close to Innsbruck airport. The hotel is part of the privately-owned Liebherr Group, a giant Switzerland-based manufacturing conglomeration, owned by the billionaire German Liebherr family.

According to the hotel’s Meetings & Events brochure, “the hotel lies at an altitude of 1,300 metres in an exclusive setting in the Tirolean Alps and offers panoramic views of magnificent mountain peaks.” The isolated, Eagle’s Nest style venue has a 400-capacity conference centre with “a magnificent Alpine backdrop” and state-of-the-art conference facilities.

The location of the 2015 conference has now been confirmed by Austrian police. It will be the third time the Bilderberg summit has been held in Austria, and 27 years since the previous occasion. The 1988 conference was also held at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol; the 1979 conference was held in Baden, just south of Vienna.

It’s thought that the 2015 conference will be held in early June, although the exact date has yet to be confirmed. The hotel is fully booked on the first two weekends of June (4th-7th and 11th-14th).

Participants at the 2014 conference in Copenhagen included: Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP; Paul Achleitner, the Chairman of Deutsche Bank; Stephen Poloz, the Governor of the Bank of Governor; Robert Dudley, the Group Chief Executive of BP; Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google; Douglas Flint, the Group Chairman of HSBC; Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF; and Peter Sutherland, the Chairman Goldman Sachs International.

Austrian police have confirmed the date of the 2015 Bilderberg meeting. The security for the annual conference will take place from June 9th-14th. The meeting itself will take place from the Thursday to the Sunday of that week, June 11th-14th, at the exclusive Interalpen Hotel, in the mountains near Telfs.


The police have stated that they will be undertaking just the one single security exercise for the Bilderberg conference and for the G7 summit taking place nearby at Schloss Elmau in Bavaria, Germany, from the 7th-8th June.

The location for the 2015 annual conference of the Bilderberg Group has been confirmed. The yearly transatlantic summit, which is attended by senior politicians, bank bosses and the heads of some of the world’s largest companies, will be held at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, a luxury hotel and conference centre in Austria.

The Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol is a “five-star hotel conference centre” tucked away in the mountain forests a few kilometres west of the Seefeld ski resort, and conveniently close to Innsbruck airport. The hotel is part of the privately-owned Liebherr Group, a giant Switzerland-based manufacturing conglomeration, owned by the billionaire German Liebherr family.

According to the hotel’s Meetings & Events brochure, “the hotel lies at an altitude of 1,300 metres in an exclusive setting in the Tirolean Alps and offers panoramic views of magnificent mountain peaks.” The isolated, Eagle’s Nest style venue has a 400-capacity conference centre with “a magnificent Alpine backdrop” and state-of-the-art conference facilities.

The location of the 2015 conference has now been confirmed by Austrian police. It will be the third time the Bilderberg summit has been held in Austria, and 27 years since the previous occasion. The 1988 conference was also held at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol; the 1979 conference was held in Baden, just south of Vienna.

It’s thought that the 2015 conference will be held in early June, although the exact date has yet to be confirmed. The hotel is fully booked on the first two weekends of June (4th-7th and 11th-14th).

Participants at the 2014 conference in Copenhagen included: Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP; Paul Achleitner, the Chairman of Deutsche Bank; Stephen Poloz, the Governor of the Bank of Governor; Robert Dudley, the Group Chief Executive of BP; Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google; Douglas Flint, the Group Chairman of HSBC; Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF; and Peter Sutherland, the Chairman Goldman Sachs International.

The agenda for the 2014 Bilderberg conference in Copenhagen has been released. The key topics for discussion this year include:

Is the economic recovery sustainable?
Who will pay for the demographics?
Does privacy exist?
How special is the relationship in intelligence sharing?
Big shifts in technology and jobs
The future of democracy and the middle class trap
China’s political and economic outlook
The new architecture of the Middle East
What next for Europe?
Current events

The top discussion point – “Is the economic recovery sustainable?” – is certain to be focusing on the huge transatlantic free-trade agreement currently being negotiated between the EU and the US: TTIP.

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Project Soul Catcher and the Rise in Transsexualism

Hello Dear Reader, am I glad to be back ! phew, blog was suspended for the past week, thought I’d had it there for a bit.
Have some fantastic but very difficult for some to absorb information concerning just how far ‘they’ have reached technology wise, wow !
It’s actually taught me a bit more too as I hadn’t realised the extent of ‘their’ determination to reduce the entire human race into clones.


But from further research on the amazing Dr Joseph Chiappalone I come upon this information about “Project Soul Catcher” from an ex-military person who’s just as astonished at his discoveries as you, know doubt will be. If you, like me, have been puzzled by the extraordinary rise in the number of transsexualism (a disturbance of gender identity in which a person is convinced that his or her sex is the opposite to his or her physical state..Bailliere’s Nurses’ Dictionary) then puzzle no more ! I believe the following explanation is very likely to be true. So many more dots begin to connect. These are very exciting times, absolutely no need to fear, if you haven’t already go to Ken Rohla’s website for advice on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from ‘their’ pernicious claws.

14q7x1z5360jl 2
When we truly realise the magnitude of what is occuring it then becomes clearer as to how ‘they’ are able to slaughter babies and innocent people anywhere and everywhere they choose, they really do not have a soul !

As I said, this material will not be for everyone, especially those who actually believe their governments care about them, that’s fine follow your heart always, sooo pleased to be back sharing with you, love to you all, Janie, xxx


“Now you need to know a bit about cloning. Cloning techniques… since ’38 we’ve been, 1938, they’ve been making cloned people. There’s eight countries making clones. I have a doctor friend and all he does is treat the clones. George Green: Interview transcript

More of Dr Joseph Chiappalone

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The Veil Has Slipped – We Know What You’re Doing To Us

Hello Dear Reader, I’m still doing my homework on Dr Joseph Chiappalone but what I’ve heard so far is truly mind blowing and resonates with me a lot. I think he will for you too, check him out. Some of his information and experiences may be a bit ‘out there’ for some, see what you think.

After hearing him speak, a lot more of the shit happening on this planet will make more sense, he’s very convincing and really appears to be completely genuine, very interesting to say the least.

According to him there are hundred’s of thousand’s of hybrid replacements ready to supplant the humans that ‘they’ plan to kill off.
At first I was uncomfortable with the notion that our planet will expire along with the universe in the not too distant future. But all the signs are there that this may very well be true.

We only need to take a look around to know that people just aren’t the same anymore, the stuffing’s been knocked out of them, they’ve become mentally unbalanced with the stress and strain of modern living, life is literally being sucked out of them. This is why it is imperative for you to remain fully connected to yourself, your inner self, all the answers are within, if only we’d stay still for long enough to listen. When we have nurtured that failsafe alliance to our consciousness, our soul, we become unavailable to the wicked, evil, entities that would love nothing more than to drain you of all of your precious energy. Be alert my friends, this is truly occuring here on earth right now. Love to you all, Janie, xxx


“The future of war is going to look really, really weird. The “super soldier” research that DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is working on right now is unlike anything we have ever seen before. If DARPA is successful, and if the American people don’t object, the soldiers of the future will be genetically modified transhumans capable of superhuman feats. Jim Stone

Here are just some examples of DNA mixing going on right now:

Goats that produce spider silk in their milk
Mice that sing and tweet like birds
Super salmon
Banana vaccines
Phosphorus-friendly pigs
Chicken-humans laying eggs with cancer-fighting proteins
Cows that make human milk
Scorpion cabbage
Human organs being grown in pigs
DARPA’s supersoldier


We are in for a lot more than those who actually believe in the medical benefits of DNA manipulation bargained for. All these examples are leading us down the road to the real Transhumanist agenda:
Transhumanism is the application of science to the condition of man to achieve characteristics of immortality, omniscience and omnipresence, among others, and to produce a God-like race of post-humans. (Patrick Wood)
Yes, there are people who are actively attempting a complete takeover of humanity in order to set themselves up as supreme beings. To transcend physical boundaries by intermixing any DNA that so-called scientists think is appropriate, discard the precautionary principle as ‘too dangerous for proper evolution,’ full speed ahead, meld man, machine, computer, and eventually, transcend to Godhood. It doesn’t matter if it works, it doesn’t matter if it is sane, it is a plan in the works. And the people who are involved think that they know how to create a better man.
Here is a bit of the history of Transhumanism and its ties to eugenics:
Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous who authored Brave New World, first used this word (1957): Transhumanism. Huxley was a member of the British Eugenics Society, eugenics being the foundation of Transhumanism.
Eugenics is a science dedicated to a Darwinist philosophy applied to humanity, that the strong should thrive and evolve, while the weak are culled and eradicated.
Eugenics rests on a necessity of there being superior and inferior genetic pools in the human population. It might be very socially unacceptable to speak publicly of there being some races, ethnic or cultural groups who are inferior to the rest, yet in secrecy this is exactly what elite Eugenicists believe.
The public is guided to love the idea of Transhumanism by being persuaded that it is not a goal attached to race or ethnicity, but simply a means of bettering all of humanity. This is quite untrue.
Elite Transhumanists have no desire to “evolve” all humankind, their goal is one which seeks to advance only their own bloodlines and to leave the rest in disadvantage to them so that these unfortunate ones have no choice but to become their slaves, their lab animals and their labor force.
“The lowest strata are reproducing too fast. Therefore… they must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive; long unemployment should be a ground for sterilization.”
– Julian Huxley
And wouldn’t you know it, the Rockefeller Foundation can be found providing funding for the eugenics movement:
In 1927, the Rockefeller Foundation provided funds to construct the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics in Berlin, which came under the directorship of the appropriately named Eugen Fischer. Adolf Hitler read Fischer’s textbook Principles of Human Heredity and Race Hygiene while in prison at Landsberg and used eugenical notions to support the ideal of a pure “Aryan” society in his manifesto, Mein Kampf (My Struggle).
What was termed in its early stages as a pure “Aryan” society, is now being repackaged as a pure “Transhumanist” society in which DNA is programmed to conform to the design of a scientific dictatorship, and sold as the salvation of man. The New Age of ascention. Same story, new box. When will we learn?
And the motivation for all of this? As usual, there are many:
Human transcendence
Eternal life – immortality
The justification? That’s easy: Progress always requires sacrifice. To quote a famous activist:
Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Even a superficial look at history reveals that no social advance rolls in on wheels of inevitability. Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals. Without persistent effort, time itself becomes an ally of the insurgent and primitive forces of irrational emotionalism and social destruction. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action. (MLK Jr.)
Except in this case, it is not the beneficiary of the technology’s sacrifice that is required, but the sacrifice of dedicated and ignorant servants and an unwitting populace. We sacrifice our health, wealth, and minds to the slavery of junk science that says it is okay to maim, torture, and impoverish millions so that a few may gain. It is okay to run widespread experiments on humanity so that a few may benefit from those experiments and transcend to a God-like state and rule over the universe. It doesn’t matter if you believe it, or if I believe it. It doesn’t have to be rational or sane. What matters is that people with enough money and power to go forth with this agenda do believe it, are working steadily towards it, and know how to market it in order to get the public to accept it as beneficial.
Transhumanism is being sold to the public as bringing forth a new age of enlightenment. This story is as old as the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden, where Lucifer, masquerading as the angel of light, tells Eve that he knows a better way. It is also being touted as an extension of Darwinism: another step in the evolutionary process – the better, scientific way, because the slow, biological way is simply too dangerous and inherently unpredictable.
Humans are about to decommission natural selection in favour of guided evolution. Darwinian processes gave humanity a good start, but Homo sapiens can be improved. Owing to advances in genetics, cybernetics, nanotechnology, computer science, and cognitive science, humans are set to redefine the human condition. Future humans can look forward to longer lives, enhanced intelligence, memory, communication and physical skills, and improved emotional control. Humans may eventually cease to be biological and gendered organisms altogether, giving rise to the posthuman entity. Human enhancement will irrevocably alter social arrangements, interpersonal relationships, and society itself. And there’s also the added potential for nonhuman enhancement.
Much better to trust in man and his scientific knowledge to create a better evolutionary path, and manipulating our DNA is that way. And just who comes to mind as an expert at manipulating DNA and public perception?
The Monsanto Connection
Remember when Craig Venture of Atlas Venture created Synthia, a synthetic life form, and partnered with Monsanto?
Monsanto and Atlas Venture
And now Monsanto has recently signed a deal with Atlas Venture for funding of, well, who knows? Monsanto does. And Monsanto isn’t telling. But we do know that it will most likely be some sort of “disruptive innovation” because that is Atlas Venture’s specialty. “Atlas Venture is an early stage investment firm dedicated to financing disruptive innovation in Life Sciences and Technology.”

Well, it appears that Monsanto and Atlas Venture are working on a new type of genetic engineering using RNA. Is this the disruptive technology that I mentioned in my article cited above?
Generations of high school kids have been taught that only about 3 percent of the human genome is actually useful—meaning it contains genes that code proteins—and the rest is “junk DNA.” Cambridge, MA-based RaNA Therapeutics was founded on the idea that the so-called junk is actually gold, because it contains a type of RNA that can flip genes on inside cells, potentially offering a new approach to modulating diseases. RaNA is coming out of stealth mode today and announcing a $20.7 million Series A financing led by Atlas Venture, SR One, and agricultural giant Monsanto (NYSE: MON). Partners Innovation Fund also participated in the funding.

What is RaNA Therapeutics?


RaNA Therapeutics is pioneering the discovery of a new class of medicines that target RNA to selectively activate protein expression, thereby enabling the body to produce desirable proteins to treat or prevent disease. RaNA’s novel therapeutics work by precisely activating the expression of select genes within the patient’s own cells, increasing the synthesis of therapeutic proteins. The company’s proprietary RNA targeting technology works epigenetically to make it possible, for the first time, to increase the expression of therapeutic proteins with exquisite selectivity.

This has the potential to turn on and silence, with a great degree of accuracy, gene expression in anyone’s body. For example,
220px-Tortie-flame“The patchy colours of a tortoiseshell cat are the result of different levels of expression of pigmentation genes in different areas of the skin.”

Monsanto is not working at “Curing world hunger through biotechnology.” That is a successful smokescreen and marketing slogan gone viral. Edward Bernays, the father of marketing propaganda to the masses, would have been proud.
The Inevitable Conclusion
Remember the definition of reprogenetics in the beginning of this article? Reprogenetics is the genetic engineering of man to create a human race according to scientific design. Well, it is 2013, and we now have the tools to silence and turn on genes through RNA manipulation. And it’s coming to us courtesy of Monsanto, the chemical/life sciences company that brought us Agent Orange, PCBs, and most of the genetically engineered ingredients in 80% of the processed foods we eat every day.
We know that a pseudo-scientific agenda called Transhumanism, which is bankrolled by some very rich and influential people, is intended to change us as a species, knows no bounds, is set to replace biology as we know it and is inexorably connected to eugenics. We know that this Transhumanist agenda is well on its way to changing the world in ways that we cannot fathom, and we know that Monsanto is involved through its research and application of DNA manipulation techniques in our food supply. Happy eating, America…

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Murdering the Minds of the Masses

Hello Dear Reader, before I continue I would like to thank you all so much for your very encouraging comments, however, everytime I attempt to reply to those of you that have asked, the email comes back to my inbox as undelivered !!! Don’t know what’s going on but just wanted you to know that I do try to answer you.

The media here is in a frenzy of meaningless activity, reporting the stream of lies spewing forth from the mouths of our political leaders, all of them of which (media & politicians) have sold their souls to the devil long ago. It’s a complete farce, Cameron & Milliband only agree to hold talks with a carefully, handpicked audience of brain dead voter’s. Neither of them have any intention of leaving the Babylonian, behemoth that is the EU, and yet, Cameron, fervently promises that a referendum will be held in 2017 for the people to decide !!!
Well we all know how that ended in Ireland ! The majority voted out of the EU so they were forced to hold another referendum which was blatantly rigged to agree to remain ! This leads to the main post’s here about mind control, I’ve only listened to the first half of Jo Marshalla’s video (it’s 2 hrs long) but apart from the irritating interjections of his audience (speakers take note, please announce to your congregation at the beginning for them to wait ’till the end of your lecture before waffling away) it’s worth looking at.

Here too are films of evidence of mind controlled thugs (bailifs) trained to consider law-abiding, ordinary working class people as the sworn enemy of the state ! what on earth are they thinking ? They are so full of aggression and can’t wait to unleash it onto their already down trodden victims. It’s a travesty. If you know anyone in need of advice on how to deal with these hooligans please go to I have given you this information on previous post’s too, they’re simply, amazing guys.
Can you believe the vast numbers of the human family that are seriously asleep ? Well when you realize the extent of mind control methods being employed by those in control it’ll become quite clear. Please watch youtubes, love to you all, Janie, xxx

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.” 1974 Congressional Testimony of Dr. Jose Delgado

The Media’s Use of NLP & Mind Control

Bill Hicks/Alex Jones

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons Dr Patrick Flanagan

The Mechanics of Mind Control – Tools for the Awakening Jo Marshalla Ph.D

Get Out of Debt Free

Bankers Thugs at Work

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Another Paedophile Escapes Justice

Hello Dear Reader, apart from the hilarious, desperate attempts of the political parties to inveigle their slippery way into the hearts of the British people (election 7th May) we have yet another example of a blatant cover-up of an establishment figure who is so obviously guilty of gross sexual abuse against young boys, Lord Greville Janner, it beggars belief.

He has been deemed unfit to stand trial for his vile crimes because of dementia, but just one week prior to his diagnosis he signed a letter saying that he wanted to remain a peer ! A title bestowed upon him by the great upstanding Engishman Tony Blair ! What on earth allows them to think they can continue to get away with their evil deeds for evermore ? And to tell lie after lie to the brow-beaten masses ? Me thinks their rotten games are up. In a very short time their house of cards will tumble and they will be replaced with just men and women who will be capable of ridding this once noble country of the cancerous, malicious elite once and for all.

You just couldn’t make this up !

Spot Satanic Clues !

I would like to send enormous waves of love to the displaced people of Libya and eleswhere who have been forced from their homelands and in to making wretched decisions to take to the sea to escape, because of the catastrophic bombing campaigns inflicted upon them by the West, God bless you all.
Love to you all, Janie, xxx

“When the tyrant has desposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.” Plato philosopher 428-348 BC

The article that follows is from philosophersstoneviewsfromtheboat

The silence of Greville Janner, Part 1
April 21, 2015 — Francis Carr Begbie

Lord Greville Janner

If Britain’s leading law officer thought she was putting an unfortunate episode to rest when she tried to quietly drop her most difficult case then she was in for a rude shock — people are in no mood to let the child rape charges against Lord Greville Janner go unanswered.

The explosion of outrage at this inexplicable decision has ensured that, for once, it will not go unchallenged. The injustice is too overwhelming, the double standard too glaring and the incompetence is too blatant.

Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecution, admitted that there was evidence to charge the former President of the British Board of Jewish Deputies on 22 counts of indecent assault and buggery over decades dating back to 1969 but that her department had botched the case. She said dementia — diagnosed by four doctors — meant that a fair trial could not go ahead.

The scale of the — alleged — depravity takes the breath away. It is said that Janner was at the center of an organised child sex ring that passed around dozens of children from council care homes. And that he used his position as a prominent politician to give him indemnity.

Ms Saunders has achieved something she cannot have predicted — she has united a whole range of voices against her. They include the Home Secretary, the investigating police force, the police and crime commissioner and even her own immediate predecessor. That is not including the voices of the victims.

(It should be pointed out that one noticeable exception to this chorus of condemnation is Allan Green, who is also Jewish, and was the Director of Public Prosecutions when Janner was first investigated in 1991. He has chosen not to comment on the matter.)

Readers of the Occidental Observer will be interested in the ethnic dimension to this whole tale and that is fascinating, but first we must set out the background and a good place to start is with the Director of Public Prosecutions herself, a no-nonsense Scottish feminist called Alison Saunders.

From the beginning of her tenure she has had an unswerving goal of increasing the numbers of convictions of men for sex offences and has not been too fussy about how she goes about it. She wants the law changed so that future rape suspects will have to prove a victim said yes.

Her office had already been enthusiastically behind a police sweep called “Operation Yewtree” in which White male suspects, many from the world of show business, have been prosecuted for offences from decades ago. The most lurid accusations centred on a DJ called Jimmy Savile who was conveniently deceased. But other entertainers ended up in prison.

At the same time there has been a slew of stories about paedophile sex rings in high places. Victims have come forward with serious accusations about senior politicians such as Liberal Democrat Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan, a former Conservative — and Jewish — Home Secretary. Like Savile, both are also deceased.

So that is the background, and it is here that the law of unintended consequences kicks in. For in this new climate, victims found themselves being listened to. And as new accusations triggered new investigations, it has inadvertently brought others back to life. This is where we return to Greville Janner.

As with Jimmy Savile, rumours had abounded about Janner for years but as with Savile, he seemed so well connected as to be untouchable. Janner’s alleged role first emerged more than two decades ago, during the 1991 trial of a director of a children’s home in Leicestershire called Frank Beck.

During the trial, Beck made a sensational accusation. He said “One child has been buggered and abused for two solid years by Greville Janner.” Another witness also told the court that Janner “regularly sodomised” him when he was in care, aged 13.

Up till then the Leicestershire MP was held to be above reproach. He was a married father of three, a pillar of both Anglo-Jewish life and the Labour Party. He was a past president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, vice president of the World Jewish Congress. He was also president of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism, and chaired the All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group.

Lord Janner (right) with David Cameron
A product of one of Britain’s finest private schools Janner went to Trinity Hall, Cambridge and was elected President of the Union. He attended Harvard Law School before effectively inheriting his father’s Labour constituency in Leicester. The crowning achievement of his career was the founding of the Holocaust Educational Trust for which he was ennobled by Tony Blair in 1997.

However the evidence was persuasive. A letter was shown to the jury that was sent from Janner to the boy. The boy was able to describe Janner’s home, the bedrooms they shared and personal details of Janner’s habits. In addition another boy told the court that Janner, a member of the Magic Circle, would groom boys who had been impressed by his magic tricks.

The accusations were dismissed and Janner was welcome back to Parliament to huge cheers from his parliamentary colleagues.

But in today’s climate of more scrutiny for sex abuse allegations, it has now emerged that two investigations in 1991 and again in 2007 into Janner were mysteriously dropped. The former Chief Constable of Derbyshire police, an investigating detective in Leicester at the time, told The Times newspaper that that there had been “credible evidence” against the MP but the case had been stopped on the orders of higher ups.

When the prosecutor decided that Janner should not be prosecuted because in 2009 he had been diagnosed with dementia, it seemed to go against not only precedent but the facts of the matter.

It would certainly be interesting to know when Janner’s diminution of faculties set in. He looked fine when he made a long complicated speech in the Knesset a year after his diagnosis, and has since voted 210 times and spoken eight times in the in the House of Lords making a lengthy speech there — about Israel — in late 2013.

In fact this might be his undoing. Campaigners are reportedly demanding full details of Lord Janner’s recent written letter to the House of Lords indicating he did not wish to step down as a serving peer.

“I don’t see how you can sign a document relating to membership of the House of Lords if you have dementia,” said one MP.

Not everyone believes the accusations against Lord Jenner. His own family stand loyally by him. Fellow barristers such as Jonathan Caplan QC have written to The Times questioning his treatment, and his own community have stuck by him. He still makes charity appearances for Jewish causes.

Yet in ensuring that Janner is not prosecuted, the Director of Public Prosecutions seems determined to exercise a degree of fastidiousness that has been noticeably lacking in her anti-rape crusade.

There are also many precedents — a man was convicted in his absence in Exeter in 2010 of abusing six young girls. Like Lord Janner the defendant was suffering from advanced dementia.

It is also interesting here to compare the parallels with the case of Jewish billionaire and child sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein and the accusations against Alan Dershowitz. One wonders if that case too will ever come before a jury.

The evidence against Janner seems at least as strong as that against Savile — so why do we assume Savile was guilty and Janner is innocent.

Frank Beck, who was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for essentially the same crimes that Janner is accused of, died three years after the verdicts. Some of the alleged victims have died or disappeared.

For Lord Janner the whole affair has cast a shadow over a life filled with achievement on behalf of the Jewish community. No-one has worked harder in seeking financial restitution for Holocaust victims. And it is his creation of the moneyspinning Holocaust Educational Trust that has earned him the everlasting gratitude of his community.

Two years ago and four years after the dementia diagnosis he was fit enough to travel to Israel to receive his ultimate accolade from his people — the opening of a kindergarten named after him, The ceremony was attended by the British Ambassador.

Lord Janner once said in respect of accused Nazi war criminals that there are some crimes so horrendous that the passage of time can do nothing to diminish them. So when a 90-year-old man said to be a former concentration camp guard called John Demjanuck was sentenced to life, Lord Janner expressed grim satisfaction.

Demjanuck was convicted on the testimony of 11 concentration camp survivors who identified him after 70 years. Surely the testimony of the remaining 20 of Janner’s — alleged — victims, after 20 years, are just as credible.

Perhaps the last words should go to an alleged victim. This young man told the Sunday Mirror “They say he can’t stand trial because he can’t defend himself and he will not understand what is happening. As children, we could not defend ourselves and did not understand what was happening. It did not stop us from being abused.”

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GMO’s and Transhumanism

Hello Dear Reader, the remorseless bombing of civilians in Yemen is just one of the current, wanton wars being waged across our world by the industrial military complex. If that’s not bad enough to deal with there’s another very serious war being waged against our minds and bodies.
Todays clips are about both the GMO’s in the soil/food and the very air we breathe…. and transhumanism. As you’ll discover the two are intrisically linked. Dr Senneff has spent many years researching the cause of the massive rise in neurologigal diseases mainly autism, her findings will astound you.

At the end of this post is a video discussing Morgellons Disease which has been found to be connected to genetically modified organisms, nano technology is being used to alter the structure of humans. We know we are being sprayed with toxic particles and being force fed GM foods is it any wonder so many of us are suffering the dire consequences. The unfortunate people with Morgellons are being told by their doctors that they have psychological problems, so not only do they endure ridicule and ostracism but also the agonizing pain and fear of this horrendous condition.

There’s quite a mix here but all tentacles of the same diabolical mindset of evil. Love to you all, Janie, xxx

“By transferring genes across species barriers which have existed for aeons between species like human and sheep we risk breaching natural thresholds against unexpected biological processes. For example, an incorrectly folded form of an ordinary cellular protein can under certain circumstances be replicative and give rise to infectious neurological disease.” Dr Peter Wills theoretical biologist.

Dr Stephanie Senneff

Chemtrail Scientist Murdered After Radio Interview

In this 4-part series, journalist, environmentalist, and author of “Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds,” Claire Hope Cummings speaks out on behalf of the natural world, and for a new approach to solving the environmental, social, and philosophical problems inherent in our present food system.

Claire Hope Cummings explains that the Capitalist system often relies upon “the mentality of scarcity” model to increase profits.

In agriculture, this mentality of scarcity takes many forms, including that of major seed companies restricting the uses (through utility patents) of their GMO seeds (non-GMO seeds can not be granted an utility patent); thus, by restricting supply, drive up their monetary value.

Formerly, what may have been freely available to reuse for future harvests, or for breeding research by farmers, or public institutions, may no longer be available for such purposes. For some, this is how capitalism—at its finest—operates.

But, we are not talking here about industrial widgets, we are talking about the control of seeds. Cummings, warns in her book, “whoever controls the future of seeds controls the future of life on earth”. Should any private entity be granted the right to control the future food supply?

Kristen Meghan

Two GeoEngineering Activists Are Putting The Gov’t in a State of Panic – You Won’t Believe The Evidence We Gathered Against Them
by Lisa Haven

Bobby now you have witnessed streaks of white trailing across the sky, stretching from horizon to horizon, ultimately turning our once beautiful blue heavens into a murky haze. We can no longer ignore the fact that our skies are being heavily polluted with aluminum, barium, strontium, lead, arsenic, and more. All of which attribute to a whole host of health problems.
The truth is the government has been spraying deadly chemicals in our skies in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have also been using geoengineering as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapor.
We’ll now we have 110% undeniable proof that our government is purposefully supporting this experimentation on the population. In the video below I interview two hardcore geoengineering activists, Marie Snow and Cori Gunnels, who not only got their name put on the map because of their encounter with mysterious chemical fibers (read about that here), but also because they have been collecting tangible data making the case to prove once and for all, that we are being littered by geoengineering chemicals in our food, water, and our bodies. We dive through many blood samples, rain samples, air particulates samples, and discuss their personal encounters with the various branches of government who ultimately gave them the run-a-round.
If you were a skeptic before, I can assure you, that you will NOT be after hearing what they have to say to the people in power…

HAARP-Chemtrails- How They Are Changing you

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Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference 2015

Hello Dear Reader, following on from my revisit to Rob Potters work I was linked to Cobra’s Conference that took place in Taiwan earlier this year (2015). It always amazes me how frequently synchronicity occurs these days (they say, synchronicity is meaningful coincidence, I like that) Anyway, I was thrilled to have been nudged in this direction as it’s answered a few questions I had about the financial situation (last half of youtube). Very enlightening, you’ll love it.
Also, here’s a quick video on more of the cabals shenanigans, though I don’t fully go along with Malaysia’s flight MH17 crash it’s an interesting take.


Have you read about the Australian government’s plans to stop welfare payments to parents who refuse to vaccinate their children ??? Come on ! I mean if they’re such a good idea why would you have to enforce such restrictions on people to receive them ? It’s a no brainer eh. But the sheer audacity of these bully boy thugs truly is unbelievable. David Icke‘s put a lot of info; on his site about this. I’m off to see & hear Ian R Crane’s talk as part of his latest tour around the UK. He gives most of his waking life over to trying to wake people up, he’s unstoppable & a huge source of information, thank you Ian. Please help support the work of these phenomenal people, they really do deserve our help, they have worked incredibly hard to bring this knowledge to us, I think you know that, love to you all, Janie, xxx

“Mental slavery is mental death, and every man that has given up his intellectual freedom is the living coffin of his dead soul.” Robert G. Ingersoll 1833-1899 American political leader and orator.

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