Hello Friends, where to begin ? ‘gonna continue on the subject of the destructive force of mass immigration that has been thrust upon the once pristine shores of the UK. It’s quite heartbreaking to witness the unbelievably detrimental changes that have occured here in the past few years. It is one of the most heinous… Read More

Hello there, because of my delay in posting I’ve gone overboard here. It’s mostly about forced immigration into European countries only, I mean, as much as I feel for anyone in need of help this has gone way too far for comfort. A question: if it’s sunni muslims leaving Syria why don’t they pop over… Read More

Hello Dear Friend, today sees the start of the world’s largest arms fair (DSEI) here in London lasting for three days. Activist’s have been protesting against this evil trade for the past week attempting to prevent it happening, although that wasn’t possible, they have made a lasting, noble impression on the rest of us, thank… Read More

OMG it’s been a very funny past few days here (UK) pacifist, left wing, Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the Labour Party by an overwhelming majority. The Eton boys are all-a-flutter, I mean what on earth are their arm dealing, banker friends gonna do for their next few billions of dollars if Corbyn’s… Read More

Hello friends, as the insanity of our leaders escalate by the day I can’t begin to know the full story behind the latest migrant fiasco but with what I already know about the satanic madmen in positions of power worldwide I can hazard a guess. The pictures & article here are from Aangirfan via Northerntruthseeker.… Read More

Murder of Holistic Practitioners – Yes, Really September 2, 2015Uncategorized Hello there, this is so important to know and to share with EVERYONE you can. This is really happening people. These clips will tell you exactly how lethal big-pharma has become. It is perfectly willing to ‘disappear” anyone who has proven the link between vaccines… Read More

Hi my friends, I’m thankful to be pointed in the direction of this excellent write up published by www.counterpunch.org a great discovery, check them out. It explains a lot as to how the British government have acquiesced to every demand from Israel and how they demonize and silence decent individuals ( Jeremy Corbyn, Ken o… Read More

Hello there, this is my new, favourite person, Dr David Duke, yes he’s a tad too religious for some but boy does he tell it like it is ! You’ve gotta admire him for that eh. When you listen to him, no matter what country you’re from you’ll clearly recognize that everything he says is… Read More

Hi there friends, we seem to have got ourselves into a bit of a pickle wouldn’t you say ? The drums of world war 3 beating louder, the elite behaving like wounded, cornered animals thrashing out more laws curtailing our freedom (oh but it’s for your own good, to protect you from “terrorism”) give me… Read More