Hello Dear Reader, being in the last throes of our feigned ‘democracy’, the riots that occured here in the UK seem to me to be oh, so convenient in allowing the ‘powers that be’ to introduce their imperialistic tools of control that are predictably waiting in the wings to be used on the very next… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, ‘ don’t think it takes much to assume that the UK riots are part of a much bigger picture. They have served the ‘Elite’s purpose of ensuring that ‘Big Brother’ crowd control techniques will be used in the very next demonstration regardless of the cause. I have a collection of very interesting… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, sometimes, those of us on this path of enquiry as to what’s really going on can become overwhelmed with too much negative information which can lead to despondency. We all know about the myriad of things that are wrong with our once wonderful world but what can we do about it ?… Read More