Hello Dear Reader, you must congratulate yourself whole-heartedly for staying ahead of the game through researching websites such as this. It is becoming more crucial by the day that people like us continue to shine the light on the dark forces that are so intent on reducing our beautiful earth to a prison planet. They… Read More

My Dear Reader, being continually compelled to share what ever comes my way that will help save us from the dark energy that is present on our beautiful planet right now. I feel that it’s imperative to post these amazing videos of a wonderful, hybrid woman, bravely talking about her horrendous ordeals. Here she speaks… Read More

Hello Dear readers, David Icke has been at the forefront of almost every subject pertaining to the truth of what’s really going on, a true pioneer who has sacrificed the past 20 years of his life to unearth the lies & corruption at the heart of our so-called democracy. Regardless of what some may think… Read More

Hello Dear Readers, I am always so grateful when information such as what follows comes my way, it’s an incredible article by Leonard Horowitz & Sherri Kane which questions Assanges role in the WikiLeaks affair, is he a stooge for the NWO ? or programmed by one of their many means of mind-control ? or… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, please show this video to anyone you know that is still in denial that there exists an ‘Elite’ bunch of very rich criminals intent on having full control over us, our world & all that’s in it. As an aside, have you ever wondered how these people remain in robust health into… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, here is a video to show anyone that you may know that is still in denial about there being an ‘Elite’ bunch of very, wealthy criminals in control of our lives. The same ol’ names & faces are unsurprisingly present. As an aside, do you ever wonder how they all seem to… Read More