Hello Dear Reader, here is a video to show anyone that you may know that is still in denial about there being an ‘Elite’ bunch of very, wealthy criminals in control of our lives.
The same ol’ names & faces are unsurprisingly present.
As an aside, do you ever wonder how they all seem to live to a ripe old age, in robust health ? Well, it certainly isn’t because they consume the genetically modified, chemically-laden, plastic foods that their chums produce.! I’ve heard that The ‘Highgrove Estate’ belonging to bonny Prince Charles supplies the British aristocracy with their organically grown supplies, so maybe the US’s royalty has a hotline to ‘Highgrove’ too.
Do you honestly think they would defile their own bodies with the junk that is fed to the dumb downed masses, ? not likely.
Please watch the following footage, love to you all, Janie, xxx

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