Hello Dear Reader, please show this video to anyone you know that is still in denial that there exists an ‘Elite’ bunch of very rich criminals intent on having full control over us, our world & all that’s in it.
As an aside, have you ever wondered how these people remain in robust health into very old age ? It certainly can’t be because they consume the genetically modified, chemically laden crap that’s passed off as food for the dumbed down masses made by their chums from Monsanto.
I’ve heard that our bonny ‘Prince Charles’ provides the aristocracy with his sumptious, organically grown produce from his ‘Highgrove Estate’ to ensure their longevity. Maybe the US has a hotline to this toxic-free fare too ?
The same ol’ names & faces ( unsurprisingly ) make their appearance, I think they must all have clones as they are members of every secret society in existence & attend all of them regularly !
Please find time to watch, love to you all, Janie, xxx

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” H.L. Mencken


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