“As government regulations grow slowly, we become used to the harness. Habit is a powerful force, and we no longer feel as intensely as we once would have about the constriction of our liberties that would have been intolerable a mere half century ago.”
Judge Robert Bork – 1927

My Dear Friends, I love to write about all of the topics covered by my posts as I find it quite unbelievable that despite the wealth of knowledge out there & on the internet there are still so many brother’s & sister’s in the dark as to what is truly happening in the world, our world.
So I’m compelled to add my voice and to share the latest updates about what the manipulator’s of this planet & OUR BODIES, have in store for us.

This often requires the sharing of information that can negatively affect some people . We can feel quite helpless against this seeming avalanche of constant lies, the suppression of our freedoms & the numerous ways in which the “powers that be” seek to undermine our spiritual & physical health.
I frequently hear “ yes, we know all these things are happening but what can we possibly do about it ?.”

I would like to reassure you & to tell you that by far the single most important thing you can do right now (2010) is to look after your body !!!
It’s critical for you at this stage of the game to protect & strengthen yourself against the very real threats of EMF’s( Electro-Magnetic-Frequency’s) , G.M.F’s (Genetically Modified Foods) , airborne contaminants, the relentless media coverage of “terrorists” which create fear that directly affects the nervous system & much more.

A war is being waged for our bodies, minds & our consciousnes. They know (by “they” I mean the “elite”, the “illuminati”, the architects of the “new world order”, whatever name you choose for the cold-hearted lunatics running planet earth.

They know exactly how much potential the human being holds. They know exactly just how powerful our thoughts are & that thoughts affect the nervous system directly, hence the never-ending play on our emotions of fear & confusion by their manufactured “war on terrorism” .
They know exactly what the miraculous capabilities of the human brain are.
They know exactly what damage is incurred to our D.N.A. through GM & highly processed foods, pharmaceuticals, vaccines & the like.

These gross attacks on our psyche & our systems have been planned for a very long time (see Report from Iron Mountain & Zeigeist Posts).
The speed at which these plans are now being implemented means that they are very worried about us waking up !. Worried about more of us taking back our personal, potent power & recognizing our innate capacity for living peaceful, happy lives…………………

More to come:
Love, Janie xxx

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