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The UK government has established a secretive new police unit with the powers to detain anyone for any length of time without any due process.

The shadowy unit called the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) was covertly established in 2006. The unit includes the services of police psychiatrists. Why ? For one very good reason, and one reason only: psychiatrists operate above the law. They can detain ANYONE AT ANY TIME AND FOR NO MORE REASON THAN THEIR STATED OPINION THAT THE PERSON MAY BE A DANGER TO THEMSELVES OR OTHERS.

Once forcibly detained by a psychiatrist a person can be legally locked away forever and subjected to despicable “treatments” such as psychtroptic drug regimes, lobotomies and electric shocking of the brain. They are not entitled to a trial of any sort, they need face no criminal charges.

A person incarcerated by a psychiatrist has no rights whatsoever. Even Stalin had to produce his prisoners in court eventually. The miserable occupants of Guantanamo retain the certainty that one day they will face justice, or at least they will have their day in court; the occupants of psychatric prisons have no such comfort.
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