Hi There my friends ( yes I’ve changed my intro; will in future just say what I feel on any given day) I have just returned from the worse talk I have every attended, what a waste of precious time, they called it a truth movement exposing those in control, well if they’re representative of the opposition to the control freaks in power than God help us all !!!

The Uk is becoming more farcical by the minute, the appearance of Lord Janner at the Magistrates Court, Westminster to face 22 charges of child abuse is a case in point. Upon entering the court he said “ooh this is wonderful” …maybe he mistook it for the House of Lords where he has collected £ 300 a day for just showing up until recently. It is said he is suffering from dementia, yawn, yawn.

And the pathetic attempts to denounce Jeremy Corbyn who has risen from the ashes to be the strongest contender to lead the Labour Party. The status quo and corporations are shaking in their boots as this would mean an end to so many of their perks. Talk about character assassination ! it’s gone through the roof, so far to no avail. You’ve got to laugh.

But today’s post is concerned with the pernicious escalation of the surveillance industry. Who gave them the power to infiltrate every aspect of every person’s life ??? I know I didn’t. And anyone who believed the official version of the events of 9/11 are as equally to blame for our total lack of privacy as the MI5 and the NSA. For it was immediately after that blatant false flag incident that they rolled out new laws (that had been waiting in the wings) to stifle all and every civil discussion on what really occured that day, under the pretext of “Terrorism” what a joke.
So take a look at these youtubes and also look up RT Today’s Whistleblower Documentary, very good. Love to you all, Janie, xxx

“Governmental surveillance is not about the government collecting the information you’re sharing publicly and willingly; it’s about collecting the information you don’t think you’re sharing at all, such as the online searches you do on search engines… or private emails or text messages… or the location of your mobile phone at any time. Mikko Hypponen



What a travesty !

Glenn Greenwald running rings around UK government stooge, priceless

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