Hello there, this is my new, favourite person, Dr David Duke, yes he’s a tad too religious for some but boy does he tell it like it is ! You’ve gotta admire him for that eh. When you listen to him, no matter what country you’re from you’ll clearly recognize that everything he says is exactly what is occuring around you. He informs us precisely what we are up against and I truly believe him.

In the alternative fraternity you get fed so much misinformation which is often very convincing and it becomes almost impossible at times to be able to differentiate between truth and lies and I sincerely hope that Dr David Duke proves to be genuine, my heart tells me he is and that’s a good start.


The UK is in complete and utter turmoil though the smiling, media stooges delivering the official version of daily events on TV tell another story. No mention that our obscene interventions in the Middle East have caused the relentless stream of immigrants to our shores, complete denial that the 2,600 souls that have died since their benefits were cut had anything to do with ‘austerity’, perverts, liars and thieves given a seat in the House of Lords today !!! Douglas Hogg, an old Etonian who charged the British taxpayer £ 2,200 for clearing the MOAT of his country estate in Linconshire is but one, he also claimed £ 670 for the services of a mole catcher ! is he having a laugh on us do you think ?

Also, Jeremy Corbyn, a rare, peace-making MP is experiencing a serious character assassination at the hands of the press, journalist Ryan Sabey wrote yesterday that Ken O Keefe was a “nutter”, (he shared a stage with jeremy Corbyn awhile back). Now as we know Ken is an extremely caring man, he’s very passionate about helping those in need and exposing the evil perpetrators of murder and torture and his beliefs are along the same lines as Dr David Duke. Please watch below, love to you all, Janie, xxx

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

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