Hello Dear Friend, today sees the start of the world’s largest arms fair (DSEI) here in London lasting for three days. Activist’s have been protesting against this evil trade for the past week attempting to prevent it happening, although that wasn’t possible, they have made a lasting, noble impression on the rest of us, thank you people.
With our Dear Leaders itching for complete take over of the Middle East it seems apt to report on this today, but I must also say that Jeremy Corbyn, the newly elected leader of the Labour Party has always been against war and is on the board of Stop The War Coalition to this day. The powers that be are doing their very best to ridicule and humiliate him at every opportunity (which is every day when you own the media) They cannot believe that his opinions are being aired and available to a much wider audience than in all his past 30 years as an MP, it’s been magical to watch this man cause such fear to the war-mongers, bankers and the entire corporate world.


I just hope he never ventures withing miles of the Scottish Hills ! (Both John Smith…Prime Minister in the making before Tony Blair was ushered into that position, and Robin Cook, who was vehemently against going to war on Iraq met their demise whilst going for an innocent walk in the aforementioned location!) hmmmm ?
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The videos here let us know the astronomical amounts of money spent on weapons and war.
Love to you all, Janie, xxx

“Justice, being violated, destroys; justice, being preserved, preserves: therefore, justice must not be violated, lest vilated justice destroy us.” Manusmriti 1200 BC

Arms fair blocked! Report on Saturday’s big day of action
September 15, 2015
Following five days of disruption to the set up of DSEI, Saturday 14th September brought together the different themes from throughout the week, and a huge range of groups and individuals, to stand united against the arms fair. It was a packed day of workshops, speeches, performance, and effective action, with far too much to report on fully here.

Below gives a flavour of the day – you can find more photos and reports by searching #StopDSEI on Twitter.


As activists flocked in from across the country, the day kicked off at the Eastern roundabout, where members of the Occupy camp reflected on their experiences camping outside the Excel for the past week. Members of the camp worked with other groups to set up a welfare space and information point for the day, welcoming newcomers to join them in their ongoing occupation. This was followed by talks from members of a number of other groups, recapping on the various actions that had taken place on each of the past five days.

It seems there is only so long that you can be nostalgic about blocking the arms fair before – you guessed it – blocking the arms fair. As a lorry laden with equipment and destined for DSEI came into view, over 100 activists descended into the road admit chants of “repression starts here… lets stop it here!”.

Big happy crowd

With lock-ons quickly put in place, it wasn’t long until traffic destined for the arms fair was backed up as far as the eye could see, leaving the Eastern gate to the Excel Centre well and truly blocked!

Over at the Western entrance, more activists were starting to arrive including a ‘critical mass’ of cyclists against the arms trade.



…And it wasn’t long until that gate was fully locked down too, leaving the arms fair entirely inaccessible. Delivering weapons? Not today thanks.

critical mass westgaedlock westgate

What followed was a day filled with song, dance and talks from local, national and international groups, as the arms fair remained locked down. We heard first hand accounts on the links between companies exhibiting at DSEI and oppressive governments in places like Mexico, Bahrain, Egypt and Turkey. There was also an open mic throughout the day and a huge range of faith groups, musicians and poets ensured the energy of the crowd was kept up.

The crowd were defiant, blocking both entrances to the arms fair for five hours despite ever increasing police presence and intimidation. It was only as the number of police officers rose to equal, if not more, than the number of activists that they started to have any success in clearing the road. Even at this point, the crowd held strong as hundreds of activists sung “where is the love?” and many questioned police on why they had chosen the side of human-rights abusers, war criminals and arms dealers.

The final part of part of the blockade proved particularly hard to move, with courageous Belgian activists remaining locked on until industrial equipment was brought in to remove them.


Even after the road had been cleared, many remained outside the Excel sharing ideas, singing and making friends. As well as causing chaos for the organisers of the arms fair, the day of blockades had clearly been an empowering experience for many attendees, inspiring them to link up with other groups and continue to build a mass movement against the arms trade.

welcome refugee messages

Finally, as the sun set over the Excel Centre, protesters left their mark by hanging personal messages from over 2000 people calling on the Prime Minister to cancel the arms fair.

crowd move in where is love

Thanks to all involved in such an amazing day and week of action. As DSEI opens it doors this week, more demonstrations are planned, so keep checking our events page for more information.

Obscene waste of money & lives

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