Hello Friends, just about hanging onto my sanity here, website was sabotaged for awhile then I had intruders in my home placing things differently…still I suppose it’s to be expected when your whole purpose is to get the truth out there eh ?
My web guy could only do so much & it’s a miracle he’s got it back up & running but it looks totally different so bear with me for a bit.
Anyway I’m back again, no harm done. The biggest story of late (no disrespect to the never-ending atrocities against Palestine) is the ‘false flag’ downing of The Russian Metrojet airbus.

I know we should never jump to conclusions when real people have been sacrificed but after reading the many conflicting reports from well meaning journalist’s I’ve concluded that this one here by Jim Stone (Co-creating Our Future on Planet Earth) is the most plausible account so far.

The abhorrent acts of the satanic cabal at the helm of planet earth has no limits, they will continue destroying all semblance of life in the world until every person alive today is under their control, lock, stock and barrel. We must never allow that to happen, we must do everything within our power to dismantle their hideous scheme. Have to go now, love to you all, Janie, xxx

““When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”
? Mahatma Gandhi


Airbus Plane Wreckage Proves Russian MetroJet Sinai Crash is a Hoax

Make no mistake about it this world is a Zionist one. The multi-trillionaire arch-Zionist agents, the Rockefeller and Rothschild cabals and their collaborators, control all elements of the human experience.

They can manipulate it all and know well that virtually all people will follow their lead; all people will submit and comply. They will trust the spewing of the arch-Zionist criminally minded media complex, even if this violates the senses: even if it defies all logic.

Moreover, regarding the purported crash of the Russia-based Airbus A321 it doers defy all logic: in fact, to the extreme.

How is this a plane crash? How in a million years? Where is the evidence of an impact zone?


It’s just a bunch of airplane junkyard refuse dumped there. Conveniently, the logos are fully available for all to see. Where is the charring of the wreckage as would be expected from this crash, one that would involve a virtually full load of jet fuel? Why is there no burning of vulnerable matter such as the foam?

No fire has touched this fuselage component, not in the least degree. Notice the rather clean separation of the riveted aluminum material. Too, aluminum is vulnerable to burn and can readily be burnt as well as melted by the temperatures achieved by kerosene-based jet fuel.

There is charring in other plane crashes where the jets are fuel-laden. Why not here?



Here is yet another clean break of the fuselage. Obviously, this is an airplane scrapyard element, where the fuselage was dismantled in advance, cut apart with heavy or other equipment. These is no possibility that this is a residue of a real plane crash.

A clean break and symmetrical, non-traumatic fracture is hard evidence of strewn wreckage


Once again, what a clean cut it is, free of any evidence of fire or char. No one can find this plausible. It looks like it has been placed there, because that is precisely what had occurred.

Regardless, the G-forces of a descending, out of control Airbus are massive. This would lead to significant destruction at the ground level. There would be, therefore, an impact zone. Plane crashes cannot be faked. They are either real or staged. There is no impact zone before that tonnage of weight, that is there is no scarring of the earth. Thus, instead of a real crash this is a fake: a mere hoax.

Egypts-Prime-Minister-Sherif-Ismail-looks-at-the-remains-of-a-Russian-airliner The-remains-of-a-Russian-airliner-which-crashed-is-seen-in-central-Sinai-near-El-Arish-city-2


The Egyptian ministers and other ‘officials’ can be seen inspecting the wreckage. How does this make it real?

This is a distraction. Where are the bodies, body parts, and other clear and evident elements? Where in the world is the luggage that could be attributed to some 224 people? Where is that strewn luggage?


Instead, all that is seen is images such as the above: mere components of what is an obviously mechanically crushed plane. Not a bit of charring, staining, or dirt-related impact or other expected consequences is anywhere to be seen.

How is adding in a Russian Jew or two supposed to make it more real? Where is Zionist agent Shein, now? He’s not dead. Is he hunkered down in the Zionist strip?


Photo: The harrowing picture reportedly shows tragic 38-year-old Iurii Shein and his daughter Anastasiia Sheina, aged just three

The Zionists have been caught in the act, in the Israeli entity causing great corruption in the land, marked by fake shootings and stabbings. It is all to disguise the real agenda of these hideous ones, which is the extermination of the natural natives of the region: the Palestinian people.

It’s a psyops act as well. See the numbers: 217 passengers die, along with 7 crew: and 17 of the passengers being children.

It’s the same standard arch-hoax story of a large jumbo jet “vanishing from radar,” while descending at an incredibly high-speed of some 6000 feet per minute. Image the G-forces of this impact. Then, once again, why is there not an impact zone?

Here is an example of an impact zone from a massive crash, in this case, apparently, that of a Iranian jumbo jet:


Notice the massive carving out of the earth from the crash impact. There is always an impact zone which follows the laws of physics, as is seen in this zone from the crash of a fighter jet:


That is a significant zone of impact, one not seen to any degree in the purported crash of a Russian jet in the Sinai.


Yet, incredibly, the world keeps saying it is a real crash, whether East or West, even Oriental. Of note, PressTV claims this is a real crash despite obvious evidence of fraud and deception.

This means that every element of this ‘crash’ is a fake, including the so-called grieving relatives. They are mere actors, paid in full to play out the role.

Relatives and friends of those on the Metrojet flight that crashed in Egypt comfort each other while gathering to grieve at a hotel near St. Petersburg's Pulkovo airport outside St.Petersburg, Russia, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015. Russia's civil air agency is expected to have a news conference shortly to talk about the Russian Metrojet passenger plane that Egyptian authorities say has crashed in Egypt's Sinai peninsula. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

Relatives and friends of those on the Metrojet flight that crashed in Egypt comfort each other while gathering to grieve at a hotel near St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport outside St.Petersburg, Russia, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015. Russia’s civil air agency is expected to have a news conference shortly to talk about the Russian Metrojet passenger plane that Egyptian authorities say has crashed in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

Will anyone stand up and speak the truth, proclaiming loud and clear what is real and what is false? Can anyone fathom the coordination of all the Western and Eastern powers, all the agents of the cabal, to foist this fraud upon the whole world? Will not even a single person come out and speak the truth, which is the fact that all these airplane crashes are fakes?

Here is additional fraud disseminated by these fakes. Let us review it in order to demonstrate the fraud even more profoundly:

The wife of the co-pilot of the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt says her husband had complained about the plane’s condition, according to a Russian TV channel.

State-controlled NTV ran an interview Saturday with Natalya Trukhacheva, identified as the wife of co-pilot Sergei Trukachev. She said that a daughter “called him up before he flew out. He complained before the flight that the technical condition of the aircraft left much to be desired.”

Imagine the power the Zionist criminal cabal holds, that it is able to spread such corruption in the land, even to tarnish the reputation of jetliners and airline companies: all to perpetrate a fraud? Is distraction and controlling the Sheeple of such value to this cabal that it would create such havoc?

No one can make sense of it, not even those who are fully aware of such tyrants.

Jim Stone
Video of shoot down definitely authentic

I finally got a high bandwidth connection and looked at all the pictures and video. It is not opinion. The shoot down video was definitely authentic. Also, the engines really were blasted off both wings. Some jet engines can drop off the plane in the event of catastrophic failure (as a design feature) to help prevent passenger injury from flying parts. Both engines do not appear to be anywhere near the main wreckage, and appear to have fallen by themselves far from the wings. This proves a missile strike, which sheared them off the plane, because only that will provide enough of a shock to cause this to happen.

RUSSIA IS NOT STUPID, AND KNOWS THIS. If I know it, they know it and they are keeping their mouths shut until they can put enough of the plane back together to find out exactly where outside the plane body the missile exploded. When they have their answer, it will include the make, model, and serial number of the missile, who provided it, who was likely to have had it, the whole 9 yards, and at that time appropriate action will be taken. This type of analysis takes a while, so it might even be months before we get the final answer. I am not going to be as careful as the Russians, because my hit rate is well over 95 percent anyway, I do not need the details. Here it is in a nut shell:

The aircraft has certainly been brought down by an explosion. No if’s or buts. With almost 100 percent certainty, it was a missile that did this. And it was an intelligent missile that can analyze a plane and know where to hit it perfectly to assure destruction, it was not a simple heat seeker going after a hot spot. And only scant few nations have such missiles, and in that area, only Israel had them in stock ready to go as part of their national defense, and if it was not Israel firing this from Israeli soil, it was Israeli/American provided. Obviously Egypt has a decent version of this type of missile as well, but it can be flatly stated they certainly did not do this.

The type of missile that did this could never have been hidden from Egyptian forces in the area unless it was done with American style expertise, NO WAY would any rag tag band of jihadists do it. NO WAY would any rag-tag band of jihadists know it was a Russian plane and NO WAY would they have ever filmed it, this was done by the pros and the story line is a complete ruse. It was stated early on that there was no way ISIS did it and that there would not be a missile because the missile video did not get released to the public via any venue ISIS uses. That is another smoking gun, no rag tag band of jihadists did this, no rag tag band of jihadists got accurate info on what the plane was, yet there it is, plain as day on video getting nailed, it is definitely real, and that leaves TWO OPTIONS: America and Israel. No way out of it.

Ok, now they are coming around.
First they said it was mechanical. Then they said that for some mysterious reason, the plane broke up in the air. Now they are saying it was a bomb in the cargo bay. I’d call that possible, but not the most probable. I still say missile, but if they at least say bomb that will be enough.

Why would I say missile and not bomb? Because of where the fuel went, the damage characteristics, airport security, and the problems with getting a bomb aboard in addition to the fact that there is video of this plane exploding in the air. Whoever did this knew exactly where the plane would explode to get video of it, and that requires either a very high degree of sophistication, or complete control of the situation via line of sight and a missile launch. The fact that Israel and America are ISIS, and have missiles that can do this finish my initial conclusion.

I would not be surprised if it was a bomb, but still see a missile as more probable. If it was a bomb, it will be possible to figure out. And if it was a bomb, the first question should be: Did an Israeli “security firm” provide the “security” (NOT) for the airport?Israelis have a history of providing “security” that is really just cover for clandestine ops. If it was a bomb, this should be the first thing asked. The fact ISIS took credit for this says it all anyway, yeah, we at least have a bomb now, someone took credit, and who is ISIS?

It will be easy to know if it was a bomb or missile. This is easy to determine. If it was a missile, there will be penetration markings where the bent metal turns inward on the plane. If these markings exist, it will prove a missile. And if Russia does the investigation, this will not be hidden. They found these markings on the wreckage from TWA-800 but the whitewash was so extremely well done that they did not become huge public knowledge (though the alternative media did catch this).

Why would this all come around in the MSM to the way I said it had to be right from the start, this time? Because Russia is not stupid, is not controlled, and the MSM just can’t get away with lying about it this time. I am sure that if this plane was shot down over America it would have been a pilot suicide, or “whirl winds” off of another plane’s wing tips that caused it and Russia would not have been allowed any closer to the crash than the Canadian border.

We now have bodies and wreckage spread out over an area that is 8 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide, just like what happens on the ground when someone throws confetti. If it was a bomb in the cargo hold, it had to have used advanced explosives, you would never do that with a pressure cooker.