Hello again my curious friends, hope you’re having an OK festive season, I think I must read to much because I seem to be in a permanent state of questioning everything. One minute I learn that our thoughts are extremely powerful, the next minute I read that thoughts are part of the matrix mind control programme ? All I know is that by dwelling on my heart centre I am usually led to what is true and what isn’t, but it’s a constant battle but one I instinctively know I must persist with.

Well if that hasn’t confused the f..k out of you ‘don’t know what will hee hee.

I ordered some DVD’d from last year’s Alternative View (AV6) Conference which, unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, it’s organised by the great Ian R Crane who is doing so much to hold those in power to account, I applaud men such as Ian. Anyway, in one of Ian’s talks he showed a clip painting a very depressing scenario of things to come (already here to a great extent) by a film director who, conveniently killed himself along with his wife and child before completing a film called “Gray State”.
Part of the film depicts the very near future that’s in store for us if we don’t resist the insidious, surveillance agenda which has advanced to such a level already (listen to Edward Snowden) and also the very oppressive, militarised police-force…..I won’t go on as much is repeated below. Suffice to say it is not that astonishing to those of us ahead of the game but a must see all the same.
Let’s hope we can manifest huge changes in the coming New Year, I stay optimistic always.

At the end of this post is a more light hearted clip for you.
Love to you all, Janie, xxx


‘Gray State’ Movie Writer/Director Found Dead! Wrote Martial Law – FEMA Camp Movie! Another Watchman Brought Down?


By Live Free Or Die – All News Pipeline

A writer and director of the controversial ‘Police State’ – ‘Martial Law’ movie called “Gray State” has been found dead in an apparent murder/suicide along with his wife and 5-year old daughter according to this breaking news story. Screenwriter David Crowley, along with his 28-year old wife, had not been heard from since Christmas.

With ‘watchmen’ and US Patriots/Veterans now under what appears to be a well-coordinated assault to silence them, were the deaths of Crowley and his wife and child another such move by a NWO now desperate to continue their long-held plans?

The controversial movie ‘Gray State’ featured a post-collapse America descended into a full-fledged police state with FEMA camps, martial law and Americans rejection of the ‘police state’ en masse, frustrated with government lies and corruption and a movie that many say strayed too close to America’s future reality. Were these deaths REALLY murder suicide or something MUCH more sinister? The 1st video below from xrayultra gives us the story of the death of Crowley and family in more detail while the 2nd video below is the viral ‘official concept trailer #1’ for Gray State. More below videos.


Featured in the trailer are scenes of US military patrolling American streets, cameras in private homes, the introduction of mandatory RFID chips used for identification, tracking and more as well as economic collapse.

The film covers elements of conspiracy about FEMA camps which refer to the militarized police state response to civil unrest including forced detention camps and the liberal use of deadly force against unarmed people.


The film concept was more than 5 years in the making and after going public on Facebook in 2011, a popular trailer was released in August 2012 and now has nearly 1 million views.


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