Hi Dear Reader, is your head spinning with all the crap we’re being fed by the main stream media ? I know mine is. I force myself to listen & read the relentless lies & deceit they spew daily so as to stay informed of their version of reality.
And don’t get me started on the EU saga ! Unfortunately we have the likes of James o Brian in the UK using his privileged position as a radio host to carry out the work of the global elite i.e. the bankers by vehemently denying the very obvious (to most) fact that the millions of people that have arrived on our shores (God bless genuine refugees) are not in any way to blame for our children being crammed into classrooms alongside up to 50 pupils speaking numerous languages, our hospitals overflowing with thousands of overseas patients, our cold, damp streets being home to our destitute ex-soldiers & those most in need, the spiralling crime rate, the need to work around the clock to keep bailiffs from the door, all this woe & more has definitely not been helped by the disastrous, mass immigration programme that’s been foisted upon the brow-beaten European countries without debate.

Those of us that chose to leave the EU (despite knowing in our hearts that we would most likely never be allowed to) are constantly being told we are uneducated and worse. They couldn’t be more wrong. Most of us have discovered the true origins of the EU project & it’s Nazi roots. (material below is from Gunnar Bjornson Katehon.com)

The process of EU integration, from the outset, was coordinated by the CIA to create an anti-Russian geopolitical bloc in Europe.

But the CIA did not build the European Union from scratch. The most important contributions were made earlier by the Nazis. From a geopolitical point of view, the Third Reich, with its occupied countries of Europe and satellite states, represented a version of “united Europe.” Many Nazi achievements were later used by the Americans, which determined the aggressive anti-national and anti-Russian character of the modern European Union.

German historians have repeatedly published the Nazis’ documents containing plans for European integration. Gerhardt Haas and Wolfgang Schumann’s collection of documents was released in 1972 in East Berlin, titled The Anatomy of Aggression: New documents concerning the military goals of German imperialism during the Second World War. This book primarily cited evidence of large-scale plans for the economic integration of Europe under the Nazi leadership in the interest of European financial capital. Another German collection of documents on the relationship between the Third Reich and the process of European integration was released in West Germany in Munich in 1987. It was called Europe and the Third Reich and was composed by Hans Werner Neulen. It paid special attention to the political plans of the Nazi leadership to unify Europe. In 1985, Michael Zalewski, published the first volume of Documents the history of European integration, titled Plans for a Continental European Union: 1939-1945. It is not difficult to guess what kind of integration was at stake.

Historians have noted that such linguistic constructions as “European Union”, “European Economic Community”, and “European Confederation” which fill European media were first announced as official elements of state policy in the documents of the Third Reich.


This all ties in with the undeniable agenda to destroy every sovereign country & state and to bring them under the rule of a global dictatorship, & create a one world army & one world currency (carbon tax related.) And what I don’t understand is why the intelligent, educated people who are adamant that staying in the EU is imperative never mention the horrific events being played out across Europe as I write…EU suppression of Catalonian officials…economic meltdown in the Euro zone… chaotic immigration policies causing misery & distress to all (accept the very rich who’s paths never cross with an immigrant) & on it goes.
All we hear is what a wonderful Nation we are, welcoming all & sundry with open arms unless of course you’re an uneducated,racist bigot with your mind firmly stuck in a nostalgic past that voted to leave the technocratic tentacles of the ‘rotten to the core’ European Union.

As a direct result of the influence of these interests above, the decisions of the European Parliament have little, if any, influence on the laws and on the so-called “EU directives” imposed by the “EU Commission” on the lives of 400 million people in Europe .

At the same time, the elections for the European Parliament are little more than a masquerade, deceiving the people of Europe by portraying the EU structure as a democratic system.

The EU is Not a Democratic Structure

The basis of any democracy is the power of the people. If the executive power is no longer controlled by the will of the people, democracy turns into a dictatorship.

It is clearly evident that Peter Mandelson, Gideon Osborne, Tony Blair & their ilk, are,from the shadows attempting to destroy the last remnants of democracy left because they know how vital it is to keep the UK within the slippery clutches of the EU to realise the ultimate dream of a New World Order.
So desperate are they to retain their diminishing power & massive financial perks that they would sell their own mother. With shady, dishonest figures such as these along with most of the aristocrats using the bank-owned media to ridicule & scare the majority that voted to leave the treacherous EU into submission we automatically understand that we have been right all along, stay strong my friends.
Love to you all, Janie, xxx

ps It hasn’t escaped me that the divide & rule tactic is being used here but seeing & hearing for myself about the very real drop in the standard of living for so many ordinary people in the UK that I have to conclude that forced mass immigration is not helping anyone.

Machiavelli says that if as a ruler you accept that your every action must pass moral scrutiny, you will without fail be defeated by an opponent who submits to no such moral test. To hold on to power, you have not only to master the crafts of deception and treachery but to be prepared to use them where necessary. J. M. Coetzee