Hi All, you gotta laugh eh. WTF do the fanatical remainers think they’re doing ? They’re certainly not acting in the interests of the people like myself or 17.4 million voters of the UK. Get over yourselves. We understand your pockets will take a bashing & that your misguided dreams of globalisation has been shattered, but enough’s enough, satisfy yourselves tending to your country piles & castles & leave us to do whatever it takes to hold our government to its promise to fulfil the will of the people.
Don’t hold your breath though friends for this is truly a modern day ‘David & Goliath’ scenario. We are up against some of the most formidable intellectuals who are behaving like wounded animals’ & are desperate to save their pet-project from failing. The likes of Michael Heseltine, Ken Clark, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, Gideon Osborne, Kier Starmer….well you know who the traitors of democracy are, meet frequently to do everything in their power to keep us under the jackboot of the totalitarian EU. They’re seething with anger & frustration at the audacity of the plebs for voting to leave, when interviewed, they appear to be on the verge of tears !

Let me remind you of some of the unacceptable things these staunch remainer’s have said this past year:
“Britain should accept ‘easy migration’ from Europe, swallow EU laws & carry on paying billions to Brussels after Brexit.”(eh ?) Kier Starmer.
“Let the deluded fools who voted leave in the EU referendum die & die sharpish.” (charming !) Ian McEwan.
I will try my best to stop Brexit by any means at hand – whether it be a second referendum or a vote in the Lords.” Michael Heseltine.
“There are dozens of peers who want to stop, delay or ‘revisit’ the result”. (no kidding !) Baroness Wheatcroft.
Are the ruling elite without shame ? And still hardly a mention of ‘immigration’ to be heard from any of them. Maybe, living in a bubble, protected by their extreme wealth who have absolutely no contact with the great unwashed UK voters let alone the hundred’s of thousands of immigrants their policies have allowed to enter these once convivial shores annually, may have something to do with it ?

They’re untouched by dirty, overcrowded public transport, ask Sir Jeremy Heywood who’s chauffeur-driven car costs the taxpayer £75.000 a year &, who is, by the way, said to be the one really running the country, but not a peep about him in the press during this drawn out Brexit debate.

He’s a vehement Europhile who’s wife, Lady Heywood, also devoted to the EU, is managing director of Exor, a £5.8 billion investment company owned by one of the richest dynasty’s of Europe the Agnelli family. She attends regular business dinners held by Theresa May, where Jeremy Heywood gets to, not only invite the guests but decides who sits closest to the PM so controls who the PM gets to hear. Who would ‘o thought eh ?

Like most of these pompous remainers their recreations are the Royal Opera, Ballet & Theatre, how the hell do they represent ordinary people with now, very difficult ordinary lives ? Simply & obviously, they don’t.
The British people are at breaking point, ignore us at your peril, wages are a matter of supply & demand, if you reduce the supply of Eastern European workers, wages will rise & working conditions will improve to attract local staff. this was how it worked before the insanity of ‘freedom of movement’ was foisted upon us without public discussion.
We gotta keep the pressure up people, explain to our young about the true, nefarious intentions of the malevolent EU. Look around the rest of Europe, it IS NOT one big happy family, all rubbing along in a wonderful multi-cultural, gender-fluid, one-size-fits-all agenda. It’s a total farce & the jokes on us.

But the EU is but one life-sucking tentacle that is part of a much bigger scheme, if they succeed in tearing down all borders of sovereign nations, which is their plan, we will lose all semblance of our English identity & what’s left of our treasured culture. Because of the incredible technology they now have at their disposal we will find ourselves well & truly under the most ruthless, unprecedented dictatorship. We can & must prevent this insatiable monster, the EU, from realising it’s delusional ambition. Love to you all, Janie, xxx