Hi All, I suspect that for the very rich out there the scandalous ‘Carillion’ affair is yesterday’s news, but sadly, that’s not the case for the 20,000 hard working UK employee’s (43,000 worldwide) affected by this contemptuous, corrupt to the core, cosy liason between government & Carillion. What a devious scam ! How do these people sleep ?

It’s auditors, KPMG also sound like a shady outfit. They first failed to notice bank HBOS was about to collapse, failed to uncover £1.5bn black hole in Co-op Bank’s finances, involved in the grubby, South African Gupta family, they’ve been auditors for Carillion since 1999 & in March 2017 gave them a clean bill of health, I mean, does that sound dodgy or what ?

It’s not surprising to hear that Carillion came into being under Tony do-anything-for-money Blair’s stewardship. Though PFI (Private Finance Initiatives) contracts were introduced by PM John Major.
The entire seedy affair stinks to high heaven, ie; hedge fund Blackrock (George Osbourne’s pals) gained £ 800 million by betting Carillion would go bankrupt, other hedge funds benefitted too, so how come they knew in advance that this behemoth would fail so ignominiously & no one within the Treasury did ?

Laughing all the way to the bank, then some….

All the warning signs were there to see but our oh-so-caring Government not only chose to ignore the signs of profit losses they continued to throw tax-payers money at Carillion like drunken sailors giving them billions more for new contracts. But most of us know the level of corruption that is present within the political class with so many of them benefitting on the backs of the less well off that do all the hard graft, nothing new there, it’s being going on for centuries, big difference now is that they blatantly rub it in our faces, literally flaunt their greedy, fraudulent ways under our noses while simultaneously telling you & I we must fasten our belts !
Are they having a laugh ? They must be splitting their sides at our meekness & lack of retaliation.

As for the NHS & it’s massive financial woes which have led to refusing hip & knee operations to patients unless they are in excruciating pain, and yet the NHS wastes untold millions/billions to private contractors & suppliers unnecessarily ( all part of the over-paid Quango outfits created for the benefit of the ol’ boy’s network) I could go on but you get the gist. Love to you all, Janie, xxx

“Leadership by deception isn’t leadership. It’s fraud.” DaShanne Stokes