Hi Dear Reader, this is all so exasperating don’t you think ? And all soooo obvious to the common man that has to pay & live with the consequences of EU directives on open borders that destroy Sovereign Nations. All part of the New World Order objectives that have caused utter chaos across the globe.
Today’s news in the UK has announced the very predictable rise in ‘Council Tax'(originally called Poll Tax) to cover the costs of care for the elderly, education, pot holes etc;
But most of us are sick & tired of hearing about lack of funds available when millions of pounds of cash is magically produced to house & care for illegal immigrants (sorry, I mean 25 + year old child refugees) out of nowhere.

And still the Lord’s, Ladies, aristocrats & other establishment figures are screaming for a 2nd referendum to ensure their NWO, Communitarianism Agenda continues unabated. They occupy a parallel universe & would not last a single day living the life of those they are supposed to represent, they are fighting for their very existence because if we were ever allowed to leave the tyrannical EU they would lose overnight all of their obscene perks & privileges, not to mention their unimaginable, luxurious, lifestyle. Is it any wonder they are behaving like spoiled brats, they simply can’t get their snooty heads around the fact that the ‘serfs’ have spoken.
As for their supporters have they not seen for themselves the complete turmoil in the rest of the EU ? Also, we are in the midst of becoming part of a one world army & once our military has been diversified it really is the end of what’s left of the UK’s sovereignty (check out UK column‘s in depth work on this subject)

There is just so much more to address but gonna leave you now, please research for yourself, the truth is there for those with eyes & mind free of programming, it’s much more easier for us older ones to see more clearly, we know & remember what it felt like to live a life devoid of overwhelming layers of bureaucracy, where things worked, everyday life ran smoothly, of course we still experienced life’s usual ups & downs but nothing compared to the strains & stresses of life today.
So below is a glimpse into a large problem that is costing our country a fortune, just some examples of how mass immigration with the lure of free housing, health care etc; is destroying the UK. My old County of Surrey has been particularly affected by this orchestrated disaster due to it’s proximity to the M25 motorway. The words in brackets are mine (you’d never have guessed) Love to you all, Janie, xxx

“Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $45 billion a year in health care, education, and incarceration expenses. Ric Keller

Number of child asylum seekers in Surrey County Council’s care doubles in five years as more are being found in back of lorries.
Many become the responsibility of Surrey County Council because they are found at Cobham and Clacket Lane Services.
The number of unaccompanied child asylum seekers in Surrey County Council’s care has more than doubled in the past five years.
Clare Curran, cabinet member for children and families, said the number of children (25 year old males) seeking asylum in Surrey is now at around 130.

This number has risen from 60 at the end of March 2013, (now in the hundreds) now making Surrey the local authority with the third highest number of unaccompanied child asylum seekers in the country, behind Kent and Croydon.

Cllr Curran, county councillor for Bookham and Fetcham West, said the reason the number is so high in Surrey is that they are often found at motorway service stations.

She said: “For a lot of children (males with beards) seeking asylum we are the first place they come across. (lucky us)

” Clacket Lane and Cobham Services can often be the first time they are let out of their transport and so they can be left, or run off, there. ( In their brand new nike trainers)

“In Surrey, the majority are in the backs of lorries. In October nine children from Eritrea were found in the back of one lorry. Some of them had been travelling for weeks.”

When an asylum seeker under the age of 18 (no one’s allowed to confirm age so why are they lying) is found unaccompanied, there is a law in place that states the local authority that finds them has a responsibility to provide care and support for them. (EU directives)
Cllr Curran added: “Normally they are placed in the care of a foster family if they are young, but often child asylum seekers of older ages, 16 or 17, will not agree to that so they are placed in supported accommodation.”

She said the majority of children who are found are from countries with “dangerous political regimes” or “horrific war zones”. ( not so dangerous that they are desperate enough to stay in the first safe country they arrive in)

She said: “Collectively the biggest number come from the horn of Arica but we also find a significant number from the war zones of Iran, Iraq and other nearby areas.

“A lot of children come from Vietnam as well, where there is still a brutal regime. ( Westerners flock there for holiday’s)

“These children often come alone from far away places and will feel emotionally and culturally isolated here.” (Why not give somewhere else a try ?)

The cost of looking after these children has been estimated to be £4.5million (but no money for the struggling British) for the county council this year and with limited government funding, a lot of this falls to the Surrey taxpayer.(no kidding)

David Hodge, leader of Surrey County Council, said: “As you can imagine, finding the right care and support for these vulnerable young people – arriving alone from countries around the globe – is difficult and expensive work, especially when some may have experienced unimaginable horrors. (Like ex-army soldiers sleeping on freezing cold pavements with everything they own in a bin-liner, they too have experienced unimaginable horrors only difference is they don’t get a nice, cosy home to live in)

“This is a national problem but here in Surrey it’s significant with around 130 unaccompanied asylum seeking children in the county council’s care. Last year the issue led to an unexpected cost of millions of pounds for local taxpayers. (£55.000 per 25 year old immigrant child but only £500 per week spent on our weak & vulnerable elderly in care-homes)

‘Illegal immigrants’ detained at M25 Clacket Lane services

27 November 2016

Fifteen suspected illegal immigrants, including a family of three and a child, have been detained at a service station on the M25.
Surrey roads policing unit tweeted they were called to deal with the group at Clacket Lane services in Surrey on Saturday night.
Police said the group were detained on suspicion of entering the UK illegally.
The government said one of the 15 who claimed to be a minor had been referred to social services.

A spokesman for the Home Office said immigration officers were sent to the services between Junction 5 for Godstone and Junction 6 for Sevenoaks, Kent, after receiving the alert from Surrey Police.
He said: “A total of 15 people, presenting themselves as Iraqi and Iranian nationals, were discovered at the scene and are currently awaiting interview by immigration officials.”
Surrey Police said they would not be releasing any further information.

28 August 2015, 16:10 BST

28 arrested after ‘illegal immigrants’ found in lorry at M25 service station
Police have arrested 27 suspected illegal immigrants who were found inside a lorry at a motorway service station.

Police at Cobham Services in Surrey where 27 suspected illegal immigrants were found inside a lorry (@bigwheeluk/Twitter/PA)
Police have arrested 27 suspected illegal immigrants who were found inside a lorry at a motorway service station.

The discovery was made at Cobham Services on the M25 at around 10.50am, Surrey Police said.
The lorry driver was also detained.

A police statement said: “Surrey Police was called to Cobham Service Station at around 10.50am on Friday, 28 August following suspicions around a lorry parked at the location.
“On arrival 27 people were detained on suspicion of illegal entry .Ambulance crews also attended the scene and medically assessed the people.
“Surrey Police have now handed this investigation to the UK Visas and Immigration Service.”

Trucker Sean Ingham, 48, stopped off at Cobham Services en route to Kent from Manchester when he came across the suspected illegal immigrants gathered outside an Italian-registered refrigerated trailer.
He said: “I drove into the services needing a break and I saw what I thought was a demonstration in the car park.
“As I looked closer, I thought they looked like illegal immigrants. There were lots of police, three or four motorway police vehicles and dog vans, and two or three transits.
“The people all had sleeping bags round them or had big coats with them. It looked like they had come from an Italian-registered fridge trailer as it had Italian number plates.
“Just as I was about to leave immigration officers arrived, and they were taking down their names and taking their photographs, and then putting them into police vans.
“Some of (the suspected illegal immigrants) were smiling and talking (I bet they were). They were drinking bottles of water.”