Hi Again Friends, did you see the X Files last night ? It blew me away, the level of disclosure is unprecedented. So what’s their game ??? Do they think that most people seeing it would simply view it as fiction as usual ? The law of the universe states thet ‘they’ must divulge the… Read More

Hello Friend, ‘been away for a bit, tried not to read the controlled newspaper’s or watch the propagandist instrument of choice, TV, but I did hear about the latest man-made virus sweeping across South America, Zika ! My first thought was of course, that this has been manufactured deliberately to ensure that the debilitating energy… Read More

Hello Friends, the loathsome act of war, the blowing apart of human beings and the depth of cruelty inflicted upon my fellow men, women and children causes me great anguish. Do not look at 2nd picture here if you’re in denial of exactly what insane damage is done to the innocent of the satanic ritual… Read More

Hello again my curious friends, hope you’re having an OK festive season, I think I must read to much because I seem to be in a permanent state of questioning everything. One minute I learn that our thoughts are extremely powerful, the next minute I read that thoughts are part of the matrix mind control… Read More

Hi There Friends, can’t handle the preposterous situation in Syria at the moment but will return to it shortly. Here’s a quick but interesting newsletter from theoutsidersclub that narrow’s down the list of the insatiable elite at the top of the greed pyramid, the same entities that control all war’s and mayhem infecting the entire… Read More

Hello my awakened ones, I revisited a favourite book of mine the other day and I’ve typed a couple of paragraphs from it here for you to read. You’re first thought will be that these words were written recently as they reflect perfectly what is happening today in 2015, but you’d be wrong. It was… Read More

What an unholy mess we are in eh. Our ernest efforts to prevent the “Honourable Gentlemen” of Britain to see sense have been unsuccessful, not that we are surprised at the vote for more bloodshed, it has always been a foregone conclusion for the psychopaths desperate to see their billion dollar war toys unleashed onto… Read More

Hello my awakened friends, it appears that we, the speakers of truth, are being targeted at an unprecedented rate, I’ve spoken to several others and they too have been under attack from unseen forces, websites hacked, warnings to keep quiet & to stop what they are doing ??? But I’m afraid that for those of… Read More

Hello Friends, just about hanging onto my sanity here, website was sabotaged for awhile then I had intruders in my home placing things differently…still I suppose it’s to be expected when your whole purpose is to get the truth out there eh ? My web guy could only do so much & it’s a miracle… Read More