Hello Dear Reader, what a week eh, their cruelty to their fellow humans is unprecedented and unforgivable, at least in battles of old you came face to face with your enemy and knew what you were up against. But nowadays the proliferation of the use of drones takes warfare to another level. An extremely dangerous… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, ‘got a great video here, ‘had it a couple of days but it’s prefaced with a warning not to copy ??? But I seriously don’t think anyone would want to deliberately prevent this from reaching as many truth seekers as possible, so here it is, brilliant. Hadn’t heard of Patrick Wood before… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, forgive my delay in getting this posted. I saw it on David Icke’s site, written by my favourite journalist, John Pilger. He hones in on details that most people miss, you’ve got to love him. I know we’ve been informed many times in the past that the EU experiment would never be… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, think I’ve jumped the gun a bit over this Greek fiasco and ex financier Yanis Varoufakis is definitely not what I first thought him to be. As this video so brilliantly explains, he is a Trojan Horse being used by the same old bunch of of occultist’s at the helm of this… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, ‘been trying for ages to copy & paste today’s brilliant show on rt today, Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert’s views on the referendum that took place in Greece on Sunday with no luck, so please try to find it for yourself, so worth watching. His guest is Steve Keen from Kingston University… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, continuing on from my post on ‘Uber’ it turns out our suspicions are completely justified. Natural News have compiled the following information about just how sinister this ‘overnight sensation’ really is and it’s not funny. Their app monitors your every move even when it’s not in use. It’s exactly what truth speakers… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, please take the time to look at this video, it makes such a refreshing change to see human beings behaving lovingly to their animal friends and not dwelling on the cruelty inflicted on the world by the psychopaths and what a phenomenal person Anna Breytenach is, wow, it takes a lot to… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, before I post todays subject first I must express my deep sorrow for the horrific slaughter of yet more innocent civilians whilst on holiday in Tunisia & of course for what occured in Kuwait & France this week, unforgivable. The people behind these atrocities (not the programmed stooges we see in the… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, King Cameron of the UK is holding secret meetings with our comrades in Brussels to pretend that he’s going to give the plebs of his Kingdom a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or to leave it…pleeeeze, do you believe for one moment that the people of the UK will… Read More