Hello Dear Reader, received the following from The Millenium Report, very good. I mean what’s more important than the very air we breathe ? It’s all very well meditating, protecting ourselves with organite objects, avoiding Monsanto contaminated food, filtering our water BUT if our air is being contaminated with substances possessing abilities to restructure human… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, talk about synchronicity after last post I received this info; pertaining to exactly what I was alluding to, that Google and their nefarious plans to use cutting edge technology to literally rule the world is gathering pace as we speak. There’s a whole report on it but this much I got from… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, after watching the unbelievable chaos at Calais recently I hope our Dear Leader Cameron is very proud of himself for ordering the obliteration of Libya in 2011. Gadaffi warned the West that it would be inundated with migrants and refugees if he was toppled from power and his country destroyed, he must… Read More

Hi All, I’m off for a few days, going to Glastonbury three day Conference, always excellent, good to meet with like-minded souls and to stay inspired despite the crap going on eh. I shoul be back to post by Monday so please check back, love to you all, stay strong, stay informed.Janie, xxx ““Be not… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, what a week eh, their cruelty to their fellow humans is unprecedented and unforgivable, at least in battles of old you came face to face with your enemy and knew what you were up against. But nowadays the proliferation of the use of drones takes warfare to another level. An extremely dangerous… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, ‘got a great video here, ‘had it a couple of days but it’s prefaced with a warning not to copy ??? But I seriously don’t think anyone would want to deliberately prevent this from reaching as many truth seekers as possible, so here it is, brilliant. Hadn’t heard of Patrick Wood before… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, forgive my delay in getting this posted. I saw it on David Icke’s site, written by my favourite journalist, John Pilger. He hones in on details that most people miss, you’ve got to love him. I know we’ve been informed many times in the past that the EU experiment would never be… Read More

Hello Dear Reader, think I’ve jumped the gun a bit over this Greek fiasco and ex financier Yanis Varoufakis is definitely not what I first thought him to be. As this video so brilliantly explains, he is a Trojan Horse being used by the same old bunch of of occultist’s at the helm of this… Read More