Hello Dear readers, below is footage of a man who lives by what he believes in, John Harris. I’ve heard him talk several times & his information is very thought provoking, I’m sure you’ll agree.… Read More

Dear followers, please look at these Youtubes. Don’t ever let your loved ones ingest Genetically Modified/Engineered Food, just another way to steer you away from who and what you really are .xxx… Read More

Who Does Your Child Belong To ? This article highlights the direction in which child education is being steered globally. We just touch the surface – the agenda behind Every Child Matters. ( Namaste Publication Volume 11 Issue 4 ) 1/ We have to ask & ask again, what is this unhealthy & worrying fixation… Read More

(Australian Vaccination Network) For some time now, the government & the medical industry have tried to explain away the phenomenon of parental refusal to vaccinate. Parents continue to be accused of being ignorant, uncaring & stupid for refusing vaccines which the medical community claim will keep their children healthy. In an effort to set the… Read More

Did you know that apart from the brain encased in your skull you have yet another brain located in your gut .? Most people are unaware of the research carried out by Dr, Micheal Gershon, a professor at New York City’s Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Centre who sais “one hundred million neurotransmitters line the length of the… Read More