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Bilderbergers 2013 Update

Hello Dear Reader, here’s some great videos for you, as the 2013 Bilderberger meeting draws close information on the agenda is leaking out as shown in 2nd video. The chosen location appears to be out of bounds for peaceful protesters, almost impenetrable. Watch & see.

Also, there’s a worthy article by Stephen Lendman from describing the bilderberger’s close ties to google & their shared interest in regulating the internet. All Great stuff, love to you all, Janie, xxx

ps just added amazing article by Daniel Estulin from 2006

“The real menace of our Republican is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as ‘international bankers’. This little coterie….run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen…(and) seizes…our executive officers…legislative bodies…schools…courts…newspapers and every agency created for the public protection. John F. Hylan

Stephen Lendman
May 17, 2013
Its four-day meeting occurs annually. It’s a rite of spring. British political economist Will Hutton calls the group the “high priests of globalization.”
Powerful movers and shakers have their own agenda.They discuss key issues.
They do it year round. Once annually they meet face-to-face. They plot strategy to exploit the world’s riches. They want them for themselves.
They try to keep meeting dates, locations, and issues to be discussed secret. Word gets out. It’s official. Britain’s five-star Grove Hotel is this year’s venue. It’s a Hertfordshire, England hotel resort. It calls itself “London’s cosmopolitan country estate.”
It’s 18 miles from London. It’s 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport. It’s ideal for secluded meetings. Great pains are taken to keep journalists, activists, and other uninvited guests away.
On May 13, Infowars reporters Paul Joseph Watson and Jon Scobie visited the Grove Hotel. They claim to have “groundbraking” information.
Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is a regular Bilderberg attendee. Watson and Scobie said his company is “merging” with Bilderberg.
“Google’s annual Zeitgeist conference, which has been based at the Grove since 2007, immediately precedes the Bilderberg Group conference by a matter of days.”
“Backed up by prior research, we were able to confirm in conversations with hotel managers and others that the Grove is now a central base for Google’s agenda to control the global political and technological landscape.”
Bilderberg’s “being recast as ‘Google-Berg’ – partly because of efforts on behalf of activists to tear away the veil of Bilderberg’s much cherished secrecy, and partly as a means of re-branding authoritarian, undemocratic secret gatherings of elites as trendy, liberal, feel-good philanthropic-style forums like Google Zeitgeist and TED.”
In May 2012, London’s Telegraph headlined “Google invites the best and brightest into its Big Tent.”
It’s Google’s annual Zeitgeist conference. The Telegraph compared it to annual Davos World Economic Forum meetings. Major global figures participate in both.
Eric Schmidt thinks “privacy is a relic of the past,” said Infowars. He “plans to turn Google into the ultimate Big Brother.”
He and Bilderberg members share a common agenda. In part, it reflects a “collectivist, permanently networked world (without) individuality and privacy.”
Bilderberg’s grand design is one-world government comprised of rulers and serfs. It wants total unchallenged global control.
Infowars said its “inside source” listed the following June issues for discussion:
destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities within three years;
prolonging war on Syria by arming anti-Assad elements;
the threat of a global pandemic;
controlling 3D printing;
Internet control through “cyber resilience;”
establishing a ministry of truth; Orwell explained its mission and more, saying:
“The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.”
“These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink.”
Other Bilderberg topics include:
smart cities for mass surveillance;
diffusing austerity induced social protests;
preventing Britain from leaving the EU;
propping up the euro to keep the Eurozone intact;
minimal 2013 economic growth;
increasing central bank power;
transferring more wealth from ordinary people to corporations and super-rich elites; and
preventing a growing credit bubble from popping.
In 2007, Privacy International’s “Race to the Bottom” report addressed privacy rankings of Internet service companies. A previous article discussed its comments on Google, saying:
“….throughout our research we have found numerous deficiencies and hostilities in Google’s approach to privacy that go well beyond those of other organizations.”
It’s “an endemic threat to privacy. This is in part due to the diversity and specificity of Google’s product range and the ability of the company to share extracted data between these tools, and in part due to Google’s market dominance and the sheer size of its user base.”
“Its aggressive use of invasive or potentially invasive technologies and techniques” is unmatched.
It’s able to “deep drill into the minutiae of a user’s life and lifestyle choices.” It has no qualms about doing it irresponsibly.
It retains volumes user information. No limitations are placed on its subsequent use or disclosure. Users aren’t able to delete or withdraw it.
It retains all “search strings and associated IP-addresses and time stamps for at least 18 to 24 months, and does not provide users with an expungement option.”
It has other personal information on hobbies, employment, addresses, phone numbers, and more. It retains it after users delete their profiles.
It “collects all search results entered through Google Toolbar, and identifies all Google Toolbar users with a unique cookie that allows Google to track the user’s web movements.”
Information is retained indefinitely. It provides a permanent record. Doing so spurns OECD Privacy Guidelines and EU data protection law provisions.
Users can’t edit or delete records and information. They can’t access log information generated through various Google services, such as Google Maps, Video, Talk, Reader, or Blogger.
In 2004, Google also acquired the CIA-linked company Keyhole, Inc. It maintains a worldwide 3-D spy-in-the-sky images database.
Its software provides a virtual fly-over and zoom-in capability. It does so within a one-foot resolution.
It’s supported by In-Q-Tel. It’s a venture capital CIA-funded firm. It “identif(ies) and invest(s) in companies developing cutting-edge information technologies that serve United States national security interests.”
In 2003, its CEO, John Hanke, said:
“Keyhole’s strategic relationship with In-Q-Tel means that the Intelligence Community can now benefit from the massive scalability and high performance of the Keyhole enterprise solution.”
In 2006, former CIA clandestine services case officer, Robert Steele, said:
“I am quite positive that Google is taking money and direction from my old colleague Dr. Rick Steinheiser in the Office of Research and Development at CIA, and that Google has done at least one major prototype effort focused on foreign terrorists which produced largely worthless data.”
“I think (Google is) stupid to be playing with CIA, which cannot keep a secret and is more likely to waste time and money than actually produce anything useful.”
On April 29, 2009, Willem Buiter’s Financial Times article headlined “Gagging on Google,” saying:
“Google is to privacy and respect for intellectual property rights what the Taliban are to women’s rights and civil liberties: a daunting threat that must be fought relentlessly by all those who value privacy and the right to exercise, within the limits of the law, control over the uses made by others of their intellectual property.”
It should be strictly regulated, “and if necessary, broken up or put out of business.” It “lays the foundations for corporate or even official Big Brotherism.”
Google Street View’s addition to Google Maps, “provides panoram(ic) images visible from street level in cities around the world.”

“The cameras record details of residents’ lives.” They do so without permission. Personal privacy is violated.
It’s also done through tracking cookies or “third-party persistent cookies.” They assist interest-based advertising. It’s known as behavioral targeting.
In the wrong hands, information can be used “to put a commercial squeeze on people, but also to extort and blackmail them.”
In government hands, it enhances “a pretty effective and very nasty police state.”
Can Google be trusted to use this information responsibly? “Of course not.” It’s a business run by “amoral capitalists.” It seeks profits by any means.
Google and other Internet search engines “should not be trusted because they cannot be trusted.” Because of its size and dominance, Google’s “the new evil empire of the internet.” It’s a menacing “Leviathan.”
If true, partnering (merging) with Bilderberg enhances the threat. Institutionalized spying endangers everyone. Today’s technology exceeds the worst of what Orwell imagined.
Big Brother isn’t fiction. It’s watching everyone all the time for any reason. It does so with sweeping technological effectiveness. It makes Bilderberg’s ideal world more possible.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”
Visit his blog site at

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This article was posted: Friday, May 17, 2013 at 9:51 am

Excellent article by Daniel Estulin from 2006

The Bilderberg Club: a secret society
of the richest and most influential people
conspiring to achieve a world government

D. Estulin
The November-December, 2005 issue of the Kingston Eye Opener (Box 3514, Kingston, ON, Canada, K7L 5J9) published an interview of editor Geoff Matthews with Daniel Estulin, Communications Training Specialist, who wrote a book on the Bilderbergers:
Daniel, could you please define Bilderberg for our readers.
Bilderberg is not a person, but an idea. It is an idea centred on the perception of man as intrinsically evil. Humanity cannot gain its freedom from synarchism unless it defeats the idealism that it represents. It is the idea that creates the policies of state which rip up the tallest constitutions and drag humanity into war from the highest position of power. That is why it must be acknowledged that World War II has not been won in real terms. A single man and his clique had been brought down in this war at a cost of a hundred million lives lost, but the idea behind them had not been defeated. The idea has now come to roost in America, and has infested its platform of business, its economy, its institutions for learning, and finally, its highest position of government.

The 2006 meeting of the Bilderbegers took place June 8-10 at the Brookstreet Hotel, in Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa police officers were standing guard outside a dozen metal gates that served as security checkpoints a half kilometre from the hotel. But to approach the hotel property, even uniformed officers had to show their credentials to the half -dozen black-suited men working for a private security firm hired by the Bilderbergers.
Some of this year’s attendees were pictured on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen: from left to right, first row: David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission and former chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank; Frank McKenna, former Premier of New Brunswick and ex-ambassador to the U.S.; Gordon Nixon, President and CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada; second row: James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank; Richard Perle, assistant secretary of defence to U.S. President Reagan and advisor of present President Bush; Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Who was the most prominent individual involved with the founding of the Bilderbergers?
Without a doubt, Joseph Retinger, a 33rd degree mason. He was the political aide to General Sikorski, and served for the London-based Polish government-in-exile. In addition, at the age of 58, he parachuted into German-occupied territory outside Warsaw for some sabotage missions.
Due to his high-profile career, in the 1950s he was able to create contacts with numerous high-ranking military officials and political leaders. His main aim was to unite the world in peace. His peace dividend was to be under the control of supranational, powerful organisations. He believed that such organisations would be immune from short-term ideological conflicts erupting between governments. To Retinger, it was insignificant what dominated the economic ideology of a country. He believed these differences could be brought into line by powerful multinational organisations dictating and applying powerful economic and military policies, thereby creating a union and a bond between the nations.
Oh really!? I thought that it was Prince Bernhard of Holland who actually founded the secret Club.
Bernhard was a poster boy. A pretty face and a facade. In 1952, Retinger approached Bernhard with a proposal for a secret conference to involve the NATO leaders in an open and frank discussion on international affairs behind closed doors. Prince Bernhard, at the time, was an important figure in the oil industry and held a major position in Royal Dutch Petroleum (Shell Oil), as well as Société Générale de Belgique — a powerful global corporation.
In which ways (people, institutions, etc.) are the decisions of the Club “networked” and forwarded in the level of international organizations, the media, banks, states and governments in a way that they can be implemented?
You know, everywhere you look — government, big business, and any other institution seeking to exercise power — the key is secrecy. Meetings such as those of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the G-8, World Trade Organisation, World Economic Forum, Central Banks, the European Union Council of Ministers and the EU Commission, EU summits, government cabinet meetings, numerous think tanks, etc., are always conducted behind closed doors. The only possible reason for this is that they don’t want you and me to know what they are really up to. That well worn excuse for keeping things under wraps — “it is not in the public interest” really means that it is not in the interest of the powers that be that the public should know.
However there is, in addition, a network of private forums and meetings that take place where the secrecy principle extends to the forums and meetings themselves — by and large, we don’t even know that they are taking place, let alone what is being planned and discussed.
There’s the World Economic Forum at Davos in January/February, the Bilderberg and G8 meetings in June/July, and the IMF/World Bank annual conference in September. A kind of international consensus emerges and is carried over from one meeting to the next. But no one’s really leading it. This consensus becomes the background for G8 economic communiqués; it becomes what informs the IMF when it imposes an adjustment programme on Argentina; and it becomes what the US President proposes to Congress.
With what other international centres of power/authority does the Club cooperate and in what aspect?
Bilderberg controls the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, all the European Central Banks. Every prominent European commissioner has at one time or another attended a Bilderberger meeting. Every NATO general secretary is a Bilderberger. You see what we are up against.
Are there any other centres of power/authority that are considered opposite/rival to the Club? If yes, which are they and what do they stand for?
Bilderberg, in fact, is a foreign policy arm of an all-powerful and completely unknown group called “The Committee of 300” whose ancestors were the British East Indian Tea Company, whose main line of work didn’t have anything to do with selling tea but rather with moving drugs.
In fact, the entire world drug trade is controlled by the most powerful man and a few women in the world. All of them belong to the Committee of 300. I have spoken on several occasions with deep cover intelligence officers, both in Europe and the US, and all of them have given me a rough estimate of annual drug profit margins between US $500-$700 billion. Most of this dirty money is recycled through all the major stock markets, and then pocketed as a legitimate profit.
Who invites the people that attend the gatherings of the Bilderberg, and what criteria do the guests have to fulfil in order to be invited?
Bilderberg, from its inception, has been administered by a small nucleus of persons, appointed since 1954 by a committee of the wise men, which is made up of a permanent chair, an American chair, European and an American secretary and treasurer. The annual invitations are only sent out to important and respected people who, through their special knowledge, personal contacts and influence in national and international circles, can amplify the objectives and resources of the Bilderberg Group.
Nobody can buy their way into a Bilderberg meeting, although many corporations have tried. The steering committee decides who to invite — what the Guardian newspaper of London aptly calls a “Bilderberg person”, that hasn’t changed in 50 years of secret meetings — a Fabian Socialist (Translation: Fabianism believes in what it describes as “the democratic control of society in all its activities.” The key word is control of the individual. This as being best achieved through global government, a goal it shares with Communism) and a One World Order enthusiast.
What means do they use in order to keep their activity silent and away from the media?
Big time media is part of the world elite and with the slyness of a slave, they don’t need to be told by the Bilderbergers to keep the meeting secret. They do it voluntarily. The Washington Post, The New York Times, Grupo Prisa in Spain, Le Monde, The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, Toronto Star, the National Post to name just a few, fully realize the advantages of cooperating with the Bilderbergers.
They also know what will happen if they are to “betray” the most secret of secret societies. Newspapers live and die by the advertising they take in. Do you know how simple it is for Rockefeller, the Prime Minister of Canada, Etienne Davingnon, and other influential Bilderbergers to pick up the phone and tell GE, Siemens, Mercedes, Novartis, etc., to stop advertising in such and such media?
Actually, as all the biggest and the most powerful corporations in the world belong to the Bilderbergers, they police themselves. For those not entirely convinced what may happen to them, we have a case of Richard Nixon being destroyed in the false Watergate crisis for the entire world to see, as I explain in my new best seller on the Bilderbergers.
Or the case of Argentina being destroyed, again, for the whole world to see by the New World Order in the Falkland’s War because Argentina was willing to sell nuclear power, the cleanest, cheapest, and best source of energy to Mexico against the wishes of the Global Masters. So, Kissinger gave the order to attack.
If the President of the US can be put out of business, or an independent nation be subjugated, what chance, I ask you, does a newspaper have against the all-powerful Bilderbergers? So, the big-time media follows every direction and command without as much as a whimper.
What would you consider to be the more “curious coincidences” for some of Bilderberger recruits?
The most dramatic example of a “useful recruit” was the obscure governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, who attended his first Bilderberg meeting at Baden Baden, Germany, in 1991. There, Clinton was told what NAFFA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is by David Rockefeller, and that he was to support it. The next year, he was elected President. Tony Blair attended a Bilderberg meeting in 1993, became party leader in July 1994, and became Prime Minister in May 1997. John Edwards was invited to a Bilderberg meeting in 2004, several weeks later to be “chosen” John Kerry’s Vice Presidential candidate. The fact that Edwards wasn’t invited back this year suggests to me that his political career is over by the way he was discarded as an old shoe by the Bilderbergers.
What Canadians have participated in previous Bilderberg meetings?
There have been many over the years; this is just a partial list: Donald S. MacDonald, ex-Finance Minister; Conrad Black, Ralph Klein, Israel Asper of the CanWestCapital Group; Lloyd Axworthy, Isabel-Bassett, Parl. Assistant Finance Minister of Ontario; Jean Chretien, Marshall A. Cohen of Olympia & York; Stephane Dion, A.L. Flood, Chairman, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; Louise Frechette, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations; David Frum from the National Post; Peter C. Godsoe, Chairman and CEO, Bank of Nova Scotia; Allan E. Gotlieb, former Ambassador to the US; Michael Harris; Donald J. Johnston, Secretary-General, OECD; Preston Manning; Paul Martin; Stephen Harper; etc.
What are some of the Bilderberger objectives?
Amongst some of their more ambitious plans are the creation of a One World Government with a single globalized marketplace, policed by a world army; a single global currency financially regulated by a world bank; a universal church as an outlet to channel mankind’s inherent religious belief in the direction desired by the New World Order.
All other religions of the world will be destroyed; empowering international bodies to completely destroy all national identity through subversion from within. Only universal values will be allowed to flourish in the future; creation of “the post-industrial zero-growth society” (Translation: Zero growth is necessary to destroy vestiges of prosperity and be able to divide the society into owners and slaves. When there is prosperity, there is progress, which makes repression a lot harder to execute) which is meant to bring an end to all industrialization and the production of nuclear generated electric power (except for the computer and service industries.)
The remaining Canadian and American industries will be exported to poor countries such as Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, etc., where slave labor is cheap. One of the principal objectives for NAFTA will then be realized; empowering the United Nations until it becomes a demure, as well as a de facto, world government. Advancing this goal by creating a direct UN tax on “world citizens,” expanding NAFTA throughout the Western Hemisphere as a prelude to creating an “American Union” similar to the European Union; establishing NATO as the UN’s world army.
What are some of Bilderberger achievements?
Bilderberg proposed and decided to establish formal relations with China before Nixon’s administation made it publicly known policy. At a meeting in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden, in 1973, Bilderbergers agreed to increase the price of oil to $12 a barrel, a 350% jump, in order to create economic chaos in the United States and Western Europe, as part of the “softening up” policy.
In 1983, Bilderbergers got a secret promise out of the then “ultraconservative” President Ronald Reagan to transfer $50 billion of American taxpayers’ money to the Third World and communist countries through its favourite conduits, the IMF and the World Bank, in order to pay the interest the Bilderbergers owed on their loans to the Western banks. That pledge was more than kept and became known as the Brady Plan.
The Bilderberg-orchestrated decision of getting rid of Margaret Thatcher as British Prime Minister, because she opposed the wilful hand-over of British sovereignty to the European Super State designed by the Bilderbergers. And incredulously, we all watched as her own party sold her out in favour of the Bilderberg poodle — John Major.
In 1985, Bilderbergers were ordered to give full support to the Strategic Defence Initiative (Star Wars), long before it became the official policy of a US government, grounding it on the premise that it would grant unlimited riches to the Masters of the Universe.
At their 1990 meeting at Glen Cove, Long Island, in New York, they decided that taxes had to be raised to pay more towards the debt owed to the International Bankers. Bilderberg ordered President [George] Bush Sr. to increase taxes in 1990, and watched him sign off of the tax-hiking “budget agreement” that lost him the election.
The multimillion dollar sale of Ontario Hydro, whose owner at the time was the Canadian Government, was discussed for the first time at the Bilderberg meeting in King City, Toronto, Canada, in 1996. Shortly after, Ontario Hydro was broken up into five independent companies and privatised.
Leaked reports from the 2002 meeting stated that the war in Iraq had been delayed until March 2003 at a time when every newspaper im the world was expecting the attack to be launched in the summer of 2002.

Splintering of Canada
Splintering of Canada. This theme was originally scheduled for discussion in 1997, but unexpected Bilderberg media coverage in the Toronto Star, Canada’s leading daily during the 1996 meeting in King City, forced the globalists to postpone their plan to 2007.
Really!!! I think our readers would love to hear the details of the plan to destroy Canada!
The long and short of it is that the Bilderbergers planned the destruction of Canada through the Quebec referendum which they themselves organised, which also ties into a billion dollar scheme they concocted to steal Canada’s water supply through the Grand Canal project. Of course, to destroy Canada, these vile people needed NAFTA and GATT as a precursor to US-Canadian continental union by 2007. That’s the intended result. However, as you well know, not every plan, no matter how brilliantly set up, can be executed to perfection.
Do you remember Quebec’s supposedly “authentic” independence drive in 1995? It was all a hoax. Through my intelligence sources, I discovered that Quebec was to separate from Canada abruptly via a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, orchestrated by the Rockefeller-controlled Canadian politicians. Most of the key political figures on both sides, though apparently in “opposition” to each other, are connected to David Rockefeller such as Brian Mulroney, ex Prime Minister; Lucien Bouchard, separatist PQ leader brought into politics by Brian Mulroney; Preston Manning also controlled by the Rockefeller-Bilderberg combines; Jean Chretien, ex-Prime Minister, liberal party, controlled by David Rockefeller.)
Let me give you an example:
John Rae was a leading strategist for former Prime Minister Chretien’s election campaign. He was also an Executive Vice-President of Power Corp. and Paul Desmarais’ right-hand man.
His brother is Bob Rae, ex-NDP Premier of Ontario (who is now running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada), who appointed Maurice Strong to the chairmanship of Ontario Hydro, which he proceeded to dramatically cut in both skilled human resources amd generating capacity (to provide a future need for power from James Bay/Grand Canal.)
Paul Martin, former Canada’s Prime Minister, rose through the ranks at Power Corp., mentored by Paul Desmarais. He also attended the 1996 meeting of the-Bilderberg Group where the dismantlement of Ontario Hydro is hotly debated.
Jean Chretien’s daughter, France, is married to Andre Desmarais, son of Paul Desmarais, chairman of Power Corporation. Chretien’s “advisor, counsellor and strategist” for the past 30 years has been Mitchell Sharp, who brought Chretien into politics when he was Finance Minister. Sharp has been, since 1981, Vice-Chairman for North America of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. Chretien, like so many lackeys, attended the 1996 meeting of the Bilderberg Group in King City, Toronto.
However, there is much more.
Daniel Johnson, former leader of the Quebec Liberal party and Quebec Premier in 1994, also rose through the ranks of Power Corp.
Brian Mulroney needs no introduction. He is one of the most hated Prime Ministers in Canada’s history. He was also a lawyer and a lobbyist for Power Corporation and a member of the board of Archer-Daniels-Midland, a Rockefeller-owned conglomerate, which was headed by Dwayne Andreas who, like Rockefeller himself, is also a member of the Bilderberg Group.
Finally, you have Mike Harris, former Premier of Ontario, close friend of George Bush and Paul Martin. Harris, like his colleague Ralph Klein of Alberta, is also a Bilderberger.
So, the former federal Conservative Party (via Mulroney), the Liberal Party (via Chretien) and the NDP (via Rae) are all tightly connected to… Paul Desmarais and Power Corp. And we have the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, and the Prime Minister’s key aide all tightly connected to… Paul Desmarais and Power Corp.

Power Corp. co-chief executives Andre Desmarais, left, and Paul Desmarais Jr., right, leave with their father, Paul Desmarais Sr., after the company’s annual meeting in Montreal Thursday, May 11, 2006. Paul Desmarais Sr. was obviously one of the attendees at this year’s Bilderberger meeting.

If you have ever wondered why the same experts and politicians, though apparently representing opposing ideologies, always seem to appear on news, political debates, and current event programs, all pushing the same line, now you have the answer.
Who would benefit from Quebec’s separation?
The answer is the Bilderberg Group. The ultimate outcome was a planned Continental Union of the U.S. and Canada by the early 21st century, in which both would be regionalized. This would necessitate a new Constitution for the resulting United States of North America. A fundamental piece of this jigsaw puzzle was a little known “Grand Canal” water-transfer project, a scheme estimated to cost between $80 billion and $130 billion.
Never heard of the continent-wide “Grand Canal” project? GRAND being an acronym for Great Recycling and Northern Development — envisages a dike across James Bay and the creation of a new fresh-water lake through the impoundment of rivers that now empty into the bay. This fresh water would then be pumped back to the Great Lakes basin and beyond. (See the article “The planned destruction of Canada” in the March-April, 2002 issue of Michael.)
Not surprising — the Bilderbergers, the Canadian Government, and the media whores such as Conrad Black and Robert S. Prichard, president of Torstar Media Group (Toronto Star) and a 2005 Bilderberg attendee, aren’t too keen to publicize it!
When I found out about Rockefeller financing every Canadian politician, I went back and re-read everything I could get my hands on regarding NAFTA. There is a lot of talk in NAFTA about “free flowing water being free.” It is obvious, isn’t it! Then, why is it in the document? Because when you put up dikes, you can suddenly charge for the water.
Think of money. If you had your choice, if you could pull a genie out of a bottle, and the genie could grant three wishes, what would your three wishes be? Remember your goal is to make the most money possible? Number one, give me control over the sun. Number two, give me control over the air. Number three, give me control over water. Now, leaving our little genie aside, we know we cannot control the sun, nor can we control the air, but we can control water. On the scale of things that are required for human life, it is the most important element that can be controlled.
The Bilderbergers thought they could get away with another media blackout. Not to be. When Canadian media got wind of it, it quickly spread like wildfire. A trickle turned into a torrential downpour, and Canadians were on to them. It is one thing not to report the news, quite another to be an accomplice in the willful destruction of your own country. On record, that was their worst defeat ever.
Daniel Estulin

This article was published in the June-July-August, 2006 issue of “Michael”.

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